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5 Benefits of Nuru Massage for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Nuru massages are a great body to body massage that will help you feel soothed and refreshed. Like other massages, Nuru massages have their own wonderful benefits that will help you feel better. Whether it’s for your mind, body, or spirit, a Nuru massage will get you feeling amazing and ready to take on the world. So what are these wonderful benefits?

Massages are good for us

Getting any kind of massage regularly is good for our bodies. But did you know it’s also good for our minds and spirits? It’s true. Regular massages can help our minds find peace and relaxation more easily and can also help us heal our spiritual connections to ourselves. This is called the mind-body-spirit connection. Each of these things affects the other in turn. If our body isn’t doing well, we don’t feel good in either mind or spirit. Our thoughts may be clouded; our emotions are down and sad. Each of these things can influence each other. A Nuru massage can help improve each of these elements in turn and thus make us feel better overall for a good period of time.

Nuru massages are exotic, fun, and sexy

In case you don’t know what this fun massage is, a Nuru massage is a full-body massage. It’s also a body to body massage, meaning that your masseuse uses her entire body to massage yours. It’s extremely sexy and extremely fun! Nuru massages are from Japan and use a special gel made from seaweed to eliminate all friction instead of a traditional massage oil. This seaweed gel is great for your skin and will leave you feeling soft and moisturised. Nuru massages are a great massage to get if you’re interested in trying body to body massages are just want something different in an erotic massage.

Let’s talk benefits

We all know that massages come with wonderful benefits, so we get them! From relaxed muscles to a quiet mind for a few minutes, massages bring us many great things. But what about a Nuru massage specifically? What does it bring to the table that other massages don’t? It has erotic and spiritual elements so surely it brings something unique to the table. Let’s dive right in and explore five benefits of a Nuru massage for every part of your being.

1. Tension free, relaxed muscles

Let’s face it – massages are all about loosening up our muscles and feeling good. Nuru massages are real massages, even if they’re very fun and sexy at the same time. Expert hands push tension out of your body, and relaxation settle over you like a warm blanket. As your masseuse begins to use her body to massage yours, you’ll breathe deeper and slower, feel your muscles relax, and enjoy yourself. All of the tension you’re carrying around will just melt away. By the end of your Nuru massage, your body will feel amazing and you’ll be left feeling relaxed for the first time in a while.

2. A fun, sexy atmosphere

Nuru massages are exotic massages but they are also erotic massages. There’s nothing sexier than having a professional and gorgeous masseuse get naked and climb on top of you to massage every inch of your body. Erotic massages are the only way to enjoy this kind of atmosphere and it’s something we should all indulge in from time to time. With the slippery Nuru gel, you’re sure to have a few laughs as your masseuse slides up and down your body. And the sexy atmosphere will only intensify the longer your massage goes on and the closer you and your masseuse get. You’ll be left aching in only the best ways possible by the end of your Nuru massage.

3. Relaxed, peaceful mind

Nuru massages are an hour long and it’s a wonderful hour indeed. As your massage begins, you’ll slowly descend into a peaceful state that will force any busy or stressful thoughts right out of your head. You’ll be able to think of nothing else other than the beautiful masseuse on top of you and how her hands and body feel massaging your muscles. Your mind will be relaxed, quiet, and empty of all thoughts. And, with consistent massages, you’ll find that it’s an easier state for you to reach on your end. Your mind will begin to crave this quiet state and you’ll naturally find yourself relaxing and emptying all thoughts just like you do in a Nuru massage.

4. Soothed and moisturized skin

Because Nuru massages use a special seaweed gel, your skin is left feeling soft and moisturized like it never has been before. The special seaweed properties are absorbed into your skin and leave behind nothing but nourishing vitamins and minerals. Nuru gel will soothe every inch of your skin and you’ll not want to stop touching yourself afterward. If you struggle with dry skin, itchy skin, or even just don’t lotion as much as you should, Nuru gel will help you with all of these issues.

5. Take care of all of you

We often think of massages as good only for the body but that simply isn’t true. Massages are excellent for the body, the mind, and the spirit. We’ve already mentioned how Nuru massages are great to help relax and bring peace to your mind but what about your spirit? Spiritual healing isn’t something many people think of right away when they think of massage but it’s something to consider. The state of peace that settles over your mind and body as you relax goes deeper than your skin and muscles. It will soothe your inner self. Taking time for yourself, and indulging in a Nuru massage, means you’re putting yourself first and valuing yourself. This will also heal your spirit. Take care of every aspect of yourself, not just your muscles, with a Nuru massage.

Plus all the benefits of massages…

Don’t forget that a Nuru massage is a real massage so it also brings all the benefits of a massage to the table. This means that you’ll experience things like better sleep, lower blood pressure, and even an improved immune system with regular Nuru massages. Massages can also help you with anxiety and depression, lift your mood, and help out with your confidence. And erotic massages are special because they can help with libido issues too. Nuru massages bring all of these wonderful benefits together in a very special package. You’re sure to get so many amazing things out of a Nuru massage.

Don’t forget the power of touch

Touch is such a powerful thing for humans. Being touched can mean everything from “I respect you” to “I love you”. Whether it’s a firm handshake or a long close hug, we use touch to communicate a lot of things to each other. Since massage is all about being touched, and being touched all over, we can harness its power for good healing and reaffirming ourselves. Being touched in a massage helps us feel connected to another person which can improve any feelings of loneliness.

Enjoy every aspect over and over

A good thing to do for yourself is to book regular appointments. Getting regular Nuru massages will help bring you all of these great benefits over and over. Many of these benefits will even get stronger with time and repetition. You may find that your anxiety continues to decrease as you get more Nuru massages. Your libido or sexual dysfunction may improve and become better. And you’ll continue to enjoy all the other amazing benefits over and over again with your regular appointments. Whether you book them weekly or monthly, give yourself the gift of a Nuru massage again and again.

Put yourself first

It can be hard in this busy, chaotic world to put ourselves first, even if it’s just for an hour or two. Booking yourself a Nuru massage means making yourself a priority. Take care of yourself and put yourself first for once in your life. Reap all the wonderful benefits of a massage through something fun and sexy. A Nuru massage is an excellent way to take care of yourself. You’re going to feel amazing afterward and will wonder why you haven’t done this sooner.

Feel good about yourself

Remember that mind-body-spirit connection we mentioned earlier? Through Nuru massages, you’ll heal this connection and strengthen it over time. This means that your confidence will develop, your general mood will improve, and your body will function at its best. Getting regular Nuru massages will help you feel good about yourself in all areas of your life. Your mind will be more at ease, your body comfortable and relaxed, and your spirit healed and unbroken. Taking care of every element of our being can be hard sometimes which is why there’s nothing better than an erotic Nuru massage to make sure everything has been pampered.

Give a Nuru massage a try

Whether you’re new to erotic massages or have just never had one, consider giving a Nuru massage a try. It’s a unique experience no matter what and you’re sure to come out of it having learned a little something new about yourself. Discover the possibilities of what an erotic massage can make you feel with a luxurious and sensual Nuru massage. Enjoy the feeling of a nude masseuse working her body all up and down yours. Book one with a professional erotic masseuse and give it a chance to bring relaxation and peace to your mind, body, and spirit.


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