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5 Common Concerns for First Timers


If it is your first time going for an erotic massage you may have certain concerns. This is normal, however in reality there is nothing to be concerned about at all.

It’s common to feel a little apprehensive or anxious about your first erotic massage experience. Wondering whether you’ll do or say something wrong can actually spoil your physical enjoyment of a sensual body rub in London

If you want to explore tantric touch or sensuous massage, letting go of these common concerns will help put your mind at ease.

1. When do I strip off?

Your masseuse will explain what to expect, and will ask you to remove your clothes in preparation for body full massage benefits.

2. Is it good to talk?

When you are focused on deep relaxation the last thing on your mind should be whether or not to make small talk.

A tantric massage is all about the pleasure of touch and requires very little in the way of verbal communication. It’s fine to ask a few questions, relating to your erotic experience, but general chit-chat is best avoided.

3. Should I apologise for my body hair?

Some people are naturally more hairy than others. If you consider yourself to have excessive body hair and feel uncomfortable about this you do not have to discuss your concerns with your masseuse.

An experienced masseuse has seen everything. What you consider to be a perceived flaw will barely register with her. The same applies to birthmarks, pimples, moles, dry skin, and anything else that you may worry about.

4. Do I just lie back and let it happen?

Your experienced tantric masseuse is trained to take care of all of your touch sensitive needs. Their focus is concentrated on your health, wellness and pleasure. If you’re anxious about whether or not you need to assist your therapist by moving a part of your body, relax and let your masseuse be your guide.

5. Is it ok to speak up?

If a technique feels uncomfortable or too much pressure is applied, it is perfectly ok to speak up and say so. Your massage is your opportunity to be completely satisfied.

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