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Are There Different Types of Tantric Massage; What Should I Try?

Tantric massage is an incredible way of combining tantra and massage. It is a great way to reconnect to your body and feel good about yourself again. There are some different kinds of tantric massage and you may be curious about what you should try out. Let’s explore!

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is the combination of parts of tantric philosophy and the art of massage. It’s a way to combine things like breathing techniques and body connections while also having your muscles massaged and soothed. It’s a perfect way to connect with your body and start feeling good again. If you’ve been struggling with specific kinds of stress, feel out of touch with your sensual side, or want to try something different, tantric massage is a great option for you.

Different types of tantric massage

Did you know there are a few different kinds of tantric massage? Primarily there is the full body tantric massage. This is an all-over kind of massage that uses tantric practices to take your massage to a whole new level. Along with that are yoni and lingam massages. Each of these massages focus on the genitals and exploring your feminine or masculine energies. You’ll have a great time no matter what kind of tantric massage you try.

Deciding what to try

You can combine a full body tantric massage with a yoni or lingam massage. Lingam massages are all about the penis while yoni massages focus on the labia and vagina. Enjoy being massaged from head to toe and then having time devoted to your most erogenous zone. You’ll be feeling the bliss in no time. You can also simply try a full body tantric massage and enjoy the tantric practices and be feeling amazing and stress-free afterwards.

Trying tantric massage for the first time

If you’re new to tantric massage, keep an open mind. Some of the techniques may seem a little silly or odd to do at first but, trust us, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be enjoying yourself. Rhythmic breathing is a powerful tool of body reconnection and stress-relief. Breathing in tandem with your gorgeous masseuse will take it to a whole other level. You’ll be feeling contentment and at peace with yourself and your body.

Explore a lingam massage

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis and the lingam massage focuses on the penis and surrounding areas. Lingam massages are all about getting your masculine energy to flow and honor that sacred area. Through gentle touch and massage, your beautiful masseuse will work your thighs, lower abdomen, and your penis. It’s a sensual and sexual massage that will have you feeling incredible. It’s a great massage for anyone who needs to feel sexy again and get reacquainted with what makes them feel good.

Explore a yoni massage

On the flip side is the yoni massage, which is all about the labia and vagina. The yoni massage focuses on feminine energy and honouring it. It’s all about getting that great energy to flow again and help you feel sexy and beautiful as a woman. Gentle touch, warm hands, and firm massage will have you feeling amazing. It’s a sexy and sensual massage that is amazing for any woman feeling disconnected from themselves or wanting to try something mind-blowing. Yoni massages are so unique and different than anything you’ve ever tried.

Feel the energy of your body

Because tantric is grounded in tantra philosophy, there’s much energy and breathing work involved. This helps you feel focused and grounded in your body. If you’ve never done this kind of work, you’re in for a real surprise. You’ll be tingling all over and truly in the present moment. Feel the energy flow through your body as your beautiful masseuse works her hands all over you, kneading your muscles. You’ll get to enjoy the amazing body that you have at the same time you get to admire your masseuse’s body. Tantric massage will have you feeling like a whole new person.

It’s not all about sex though

Tantric massage can be very sexy and sensual but it isn’t about having sex. Even with a lingam or yoni massage, the focus isn’t on a happy ending – although that can happen. Tantric massage is all about building that body-mind connection and feeling good in your own skin. Your masseuse is ready to lead you on a mind blowing adventure as she works your body from head to toe and gets your energy flowing. You’ll be feeling sexy and ready to go and simply enjoy how that feels. No pressure, no expectations, just enjoying yourself.

Everyone can get a tantric massage

Tantric massages are great erotic massages for any adult. They’re all about feeling your body, being in the moment, and getting rid of stress. Soothe your muscles with a sexy masseuse. Let go of that stress and worry for a while. Feel good about yourself. You deserve to get the best tantric massage in London. No matter what you look like, your gender, or your age, you can get a tantric massage. Our masseuses have worked with all kinds of clients and can adapt easily to your needs.

Couples tantric massage

If you have a partner, you can both get a tantric massage! This is an amazing way to connect with your partner and just have a fun time together. Your masseuses will work in tandem to create amazing experiences for you both. You’ll be massaged, soothed, and rubbed down all over. Breathing in rhythm with not just your masseuses but your partner too will have you feeling blissful. And why not watch each other get a yoni or lingam massage? You’ll both be ready to hit the bedroom the moment you leave. Tantric massage is a great way to spend an afternoon as a couple.

What are the benefits?

There are so many different benefits to tantric massage. Stress relief is the top benefit our clients like to mention. Washing away all of their worries and being in the moment is just amazing for them. Other benefits include improved sleep, lower blood pressure, and higher confidence. You’ll be feeling these benefits, and more, for days after your tantric massage. Tantric massages are so good for your entire body and emotions that you’ll be planning to come back for another one every single week. Take care of yourself, inside and out, with the best tantric massage in London.

Why should I get a tantric massage?

It’s hard to list every single reason that you should get a tantric massage but let’s try. First, tantric massages are full body massages so they work every single muscle on you, front and back. Combined with a lingam or yoni massage, there’s no part of you that goes untouched. Take care of your whole body in one go! Next, tantric massages are great for you emotionally and spiritually. Reconnect with your body and feel good in your own skin. Get a tantric massage to feel good about yourself, take care of your body, reduce stress, and feel sexy!

Enjoy reconnecting with yourself

Our world is so busy and full of stress that we never really rest anymore. It can be hard to carve out time for ourselves. Book an appointment and get the best hour of your life with a tantric massage. You’ll reconnect with your body and your emotions and feel great about it all. Through rhythmic breathing, sensual touch, and a beautiful masseuse leading the way, you’ll feel confident and amazing afterwards. Just an hour of your time can have you feeling recharged and refreshed. Tantric massage will become the best part of your self-care routine.

Reduce stress, improve your sleep

As mentioned, so many benefits of tantric massage are about stress reduction. Reducing stress does so much for our bodies in so many different ways. Stress is terrible for our health and if we don’t take steps to get rid of it, our bodies will suffer. Getting a tantric massage with a sexy masseuse is one of the best ways to reduce stress. So many things in your life will improve, including your sleep. You’ll rest better, feel more refreshed, and ready to take on the day.

Improve your libido

Believe it or not, tantric massage can really help your libido. Whether you’ve been going through a dry spell or are just feeling shy about your body, a tantric massage is key to bringing the sexy back into your life. Starting with an incredibly beautiful masseuse in lingerie, you’ll be feeling the sensuality the moment you arrive at your appointment. Feel her hands rub all over your body, her body brushing against yours. Watch her work your muscles from head to toe. And throw in a lingam or yoni massage to get that libido really going. You’ll be aching with pleasure in no time.

Professional and real masseuses

All of our masseuses are professionally trained in the art of tantric massage. You’ll be getting not just a real massage but the best tantric massage in London. And every masseuse looks just like their pictures. The gorgeous goddess you pick out for your appointment is exactly who will greet you at the door. All you have to do is book an appointment today and you’ll be on the way to the best tantric massage you’ve ever had.

What to expect at an appointment

All of our appointments a full hour. This gives you and your masseuse so much time to work together and have an incredible experience. Your appointment will always start with a chat about any concerns or limitations you may have. Then you’ll take a warm luxurious shower to wash away the day and off to the massage table to go. Your masseuse will work her warm hands and premium massage oil all over your body and start using those special tantric techniques.

Discretion and privacy matter to us

Our beautiful masseuses all work out of five star luxury flats for your privacy and discretion. It simply looks like you’re visiting a friend! No shady massage parlours or signage here. You won’t miss a thing in our masseuses’ beautiful flats. Every sense will be caressed and soothed the moment you enter. And all of our masseuses are conveniently located all over London so you won’t ever have to travel far for the best tantric massage in London.

Out call massages are only done at select luxury hotels. They are done by each masseuse’s discretion. She will meet you at the hotel and give you your massage in a beautiful hotel room.

Book a tantric massage today

It’s simple and stress free to book your tantric massage with us at Body to Body Tantric. Just browse our masseuses online and then give us a ring to let us know who you’d love to have touch you all over. We’ll help you set up an appointment that works for you. Then all you have to do is arrive and have the time of your life. Don’t wait! We book quickly and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the best tantric massage in London.


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