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The Connection Between Lingam Massage and Male Multiple Orgasms

The male multiple orgasm is sometimes thought of as a myth, but it’s achievable. Lingam massages are an excellent way of experiencing multiple orgasms and are incredible erotic massages all on their own.

Lingam massages are a unique tantra massage

If you’ve never heard of lingam massages, you’re probably wondering what in the world it is. Lingam is the Sanskrit word for “penis”, and a lingam massage is a tantric massage. So this wonderful tantric massage is all about your penis, testicles, and surrounding areas. It can even include massaging your sacred spot, the prostate. Lingam massages are about celebrating your masculinity and helping blood and energy flow through you cleanly.

Tantra is about body-mind-soul connections

Tantra is an ancient Indian spiritual practice that has been incorporated into erotic massage over the years. Through things like meditation, grounding, and breathwork, tantric massages help release and rejuvenate energies in your body. This helps you feel great, let go of tension and stress, and be ready to take on the day. Tantra is also designed to help you realign your body, mind, and soul so that you feel more connected with yourself and strengthen those relationships. It’s important to do this so that you feel more confident about yourself.

The male multiple orgasm

It can seem like a myth or just something people make up to sound impressive, but the male multiple orgasms are very real. Lingam massages are an amazing way to achieve such a thing since they work on bringing pleasure to the body without necessarily achieving a physical orgasm. It is important to have an open mind about what an orgasm can feel and look like, and you’re sure to experience something unique. Over and over again.

The refractory period

The main thing men can battle when trying to achieve multiple orgasms is their refractory period. This is the downtime after an orgasm where you won’t be able to stay hard or achieve an erection. Everyone’s refractory period is different ranging from a few minutes to several hours. How long it takes is largely out of your control. But, essentially, a lingam massage is meant to help you avoid having one in the first place so you can have an orgasm again and again.

Lingam massage and multiple orgasms

Lingam massage is a beautiful ebb and flow of pleasure and backing off. Edging is absolutely a part of lingam massage meaning you’ll be brought to the brink of orgasm over and over again. If you’re able to, you can prevent yourself from finishing but still experience that all-over body orgasm. You can do this several times over and really drown in pleasure.

Expand your idea of what an orgasm is

If you only think of orgasms as ones in which you ejaculate, you won’t recognize the other kind of orgasm you may be having. Full-body orgasms are very real and are something you can experience during a lingam massage. Essentially, it’s an orgasm without ejaculation. You get to feel all the pleasure of an orgasm without “finishing”. This will enable you to have another orgasm very quickly.

The movement of energy

In tantric practice, there is the belief that a man’s sexual energy is stored in their penis. So when a masseuse begins to massage your penis, they are releasing that sexual energy and helping it flow better. Lingam massage is about approaching your own lingam with a sense of sacredness and respect because of this energy. If you can visualize this, it will help you feel more connected to your lingam and enjoy the massage even more.

Utilize your pelvic floor muscles

Another way to help achieve multiple orgasms is to use your pelvic floor muscles to physically stop yourself from ejaculating. Combined with a lingam massage, you’ll be able to experience pleasure over and over again. This is a skill that can take some practice so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time. Worry less about getting things perfectly and focus more on what is happening right now during your massage.

Practice your breathing

Tantric massage utilizes breathing techniques to help a person focus on the moment. But it can also help you focus on your body and orgasm. Keep breathing slowly when you feel yourself reaching erotic peaks of pleasure. This will help you stay grounded and not tip over the edge into an orgasm. If you want, you can even breathe in tandem with your partner who is massaging you, forging a deep intimate and erotic connection.

Visualize your orgasm

It may sound cheesy but this is a really great exercise to practice. If you can visualize your whole body being wracked with pleasure, it can help you achieve a delicious orgasm. Think about energetic sensations rushing through your body when you are very close to a physical orgasm. This will help you experience the body orgasm instead. It’s essentially the same feeling, just without any kind of ejaculation.

It can be a skill

Learning how to do all of this is a bit of a skill. It may take several tries to master multiple orgasms during a lingam massage. But don’t worry, you’re sure to have a lot of fun practicing in the mean time! Lingam massages aren’t meant to be absolutely perfect every single time and are a great tool to achieve multiple orgasms. Enjoy what is happening and worry less about doing everything right to have multiple orgasms.

It’s not just about the penis

Lingam massages explore other areas of your body, including the perineum and prostate. Both of these areas are very sensitive and can cause delicious orgasms in a non-traditional way. Relax your body and let your masseuse or lover explore these regions slowly and gently. You may be surprised at how pleasurable both of these areas feel to you. This a great way to have full-body orgasms without having your penis directly stimulated.

Exploring the sacred spot

The sacred spot is also known as the prostate. This gland is what secretes the liquid that makes up your semen. But when it is stimulated, it can give you an immense of pleasure without ejaculation. You can stimulate the sacred spot internally or externally depending on what you’re comfortable with and ready to explore. A gentle touch is all you need to feel good and help bring you a new kind of orgasm.

Get lost in the moment

It’s okay to go into a lingam massage session with the goal of multiple orgasms but don’t feel disappointed if it doesn’t happen. You should be enjoying the experience for what it is. Tantric massage really is about being in the moment and feeling what your body is doing right now. It’s not about trying to conquer your body or wrestle your orgasms into submission. It’s about seeing what feels good now, what makes you pleased now. Enjoy yourself and the multiple orgasms will come in time.

Explore solo or with a partner

Lingam massage is something that you can practice on your own or have your partner involved. Both ways are wonderful ways to connect to your sexuality and your body. Doing a lingam massage with your partner will help build connection and intimacy between the two of you. If you’re practicing on your own, go slowly and focus on the way your hand feels. What strokes feel good and what don’t. And with a partner, let them explore your body and figure out what makes you shudder in pleasure and what pushes you to the brink.

Use plenty of lube

Rubbing the sensitive skin of your penis for a long period of time can sometimes cause irritation. So it’s important to use appropriate lube to prevent that. Warm it up for an even better sensation. Lube will bring more pleasure to your lingam massage and help you enjoy every moment without worry. Don’t hold back and let yourself have plenty of lubricant to keep things feeling great.

Have a mind-blowing orgasm in the end

After spending time doing a lingam massage, you’re sure to be ready for the final orgasm. With all that edging and slow approach, you may find it very easy to have your final orgasm. Typically, this orgasm is deeper and more pleasurable after a lingam massage than a regular orgasm. You may find that you have better orgasms after a lingam massage for a while, in fact! Enjoy yourself and wrap up your lingam massage with an absolutely mind-blowing orgasm.

Enjoy with a professional

If you want to have the very best lingam massage with someone who understands when to back off and help you achieve those multiple orgasms, consider hiring a professional erotic masseuse. These women are trained in the art of massage and certainly know what they are doing. A professional lingam massage is an amazing experience and absolutely worth trying at least once. You’re sure to learn a lot about your body with just a single session.


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