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Do Body to Body Massages Differ by Country?

Body to body massages are a popular kind of erotic massage. Erotic massages are sensual and relaxing with an erotic element to them. Body to body massages are the top tier of erotic massages since it is one nude body massaging another nude body. There are a few different kinds of body to body massage with different influences behind them.

Influences from other countries

Massages have a long history in many different countries around the world. Many of these massages are categorized as exotic or erotic while others are just considered a type of massage. So what makes something exotic or erotic?

There can be overlap between the two but the main difference is that exotic body to body massages have origins typically in the eastern part of the world. Japanese and other Asian cultures are the primary influences for exotic massages. Some of these massages, like Nuru massage, can also be erotic.

The differences are subtle

While the origins of body to body massage can differ by country, the basics are the same. Japanese Nuru massage uses a special gel instead of massage oil. Aqua massage uses water and soap. And regular body to body massage uses a massage oil. All of these body to body massages have different approaches to the general concept but the result is the same. A sexy, erotic massage given to you by the best masseuses in London.

Body to body massage

Body to body tantric massage is what it sounds like. A masseuse uses their whole body to massage your whole body. Plenty of soothing massage oil is used to eliminate any friction, keeping things slick and sexy. The masseuse is nude and slowly moves from using her hands to her whole body to give you a deep, pleasurable massage. It’s a sexy and erotic experience while also having your muscles relaxed and soothed.

Aqua massage

Aqua massages are B2B massages that typically start in the shower with plenty of luxurious body wash. The masseuse will suds you up all over and massage your muscles as the warm water runs down you both. Eventually, you’ll move to an inflatable mattress where more water and body wash help the masseuse slide her body all over yours. It’s a unique and erotic sensation.

Nuru massage

Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese B2B technique that uses a special seaweed gel called Nuru gel. The Nuru gel is an organic massage gel that is used instead of massage oil. It has similar properties since it gets your skin slick enough for the masseuse to rub her body all over yours. It is also beneficial to your skin since it is full of vitamins and nourishment. Nuru massage can be a little messy but isn’t that half the fun?

Benefits of body to body massage

No matter what kind of body to body massage you decide to explore, you’re going to get plenty of benefits. First are the physical benefits. Your muscles will be massaged with care, taking away any aches and pains you may have. Massages are also great for improving your blood circulation. Our luxurious massage oils are also beneficial to your skin. Second, are the more hidden benefits. This includes things like stress and anxiety relief, libido improvement, and confidence boosting. Yes, having a massage can boost your confidence! Being doted on by a sexy woman for a whole hour will make anyone feel like they’re on top of the world.

The intimate benefit of touch

Along with all these other benefits is the benefit of being touched. Being touched by another person is very important to all of us, even if we don’t necessarily think of it that way. A body to body massage provides an hour of intimate touch. Being touched by other people helps remove stress and anxiety but also helps you connect to what intimacy feels like. If you’re out of touch with intimacy in your life for whatever reason, a body to body massage is a great way to get back in touch.

Lay back and enjoy the sensations

The best part about body to body massage is that both you and the masseuse are nude. This gives an extra layer of sensation to the massage as they rub their body all over yours. Your skin will feel warm and slick with our luxurious massage oils as your masseuse pampers your body. Your muscles will get worked and massaged deeply, whisking away any aches or knots you may have. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy every moment of your body to body massage.

Feel the heat

Body to body massages are intensely erotic. A beautiful nude woman rubbing her body on yours is sexy as hell. This is one of the best parts of body to body massages, no matter the type. B2B massages may start out slowly with your shoulders and back but eventually, your whole body will be attended to. And that also means your erogenous zones. Just think about a sexy nude woman spending time at your most sensitive places, turning up the sensuality.

Body to body massages are unique

No matter the kind of body to body massage that you’re interested in trying, they are all unique and different from a regular massage. The erotic element is the most obvious difference since having a naked woman use her whole body to massage you is extremely sexy. The experience overall is simply different than a regular massage. There’s more intimacy, a different sense of closeness with your masseuse, and more opportunity to just feel sexy and desired.

What an ending!

Since body to body massages are very erotic, many clients choose to have a happy ending. This isn’t required so if you’re not interested just let your masseuse know. Either way, you’ll enjoy a luxurious hour of attention and devotion from a sexy masseuse. She’ll work your muscles and take care of your whole body with her whole body. That means not ignoring your erogenous zones with special attention. After an hour of a beautiful woman rubbing her body on yours, you’ll be ready for an explosive finish.

How to pick what kind to try

If you’ve never had a body to body massage before, you may want to start with the most simple kind. This will introduce you to what a B2B massage is like with our massage oil. It’s still special and unique so don’t worry about that. Once you’ve gotten a taste, you’ll back to try the other kinds.

Give aqua massage a try if you love taking sexy showers. Your masseuse gets right in there with you! And Nuru massage is a wonderful alternative if you want to try a unique sensation with the Nuru gel instead of massage oil.

Combine it with another massage

You can combine body to body massages with other kinds of massage including lingam and yoni massages. Each of these massages are tantric techniques that focus on the genital regions. Having your lingam or yoni focused on means you’ll experience a whole new form of release and relaxation. Giving special attention to these areas will boost your libido and create a new connection between yourself and your body.

Try it as a couple

Body to body massages are growing in popularity for couples to get together. Imagine watching your partner get rubbed all over by a sexy nude woman. You’ll want to take them home right after your massage! Body to body massages can increase intimacy between both of you and give you the opportunity to try something new together. Couples who get massages together often find that it improves their sex lives and their relationships.

What kinds of B2B massage can I get in London?

We offer several different kinds of body to body massage including Nuru massage, Aqua massage, and regular body to body massages. All of these massages are perfectly legal and above board in London. Our agency works hard to ensure that you have not only the best experience but the safest and most discrete one. All of our masseuses are trained in the art of massage so you’ll be getting a real massage.

Will I be nude for a body to body massage?

Yes, both you and your masseuse will be nude for a body to body massage. This provides the best way for the masseuse to slide her whole body over your whole body. Don’t be nervous or shy about what your body looks like – everyone is welcome and deserves a real massage. Our masseuses have seen it all and are professionals first and foremost. Your body deserves to be taken care of and pampered, no matter what shape or size it is.

Location matters

Our masseuses are in different locations all around London for your convenience. They work out of their own private flats that are kept to a five star standard of luxury. You’ll be treated to flickering candlelight, delicious smells, and a warm and relaxing atmosphere that rivals a spa. All of this adds up to a sensational experience that will only increase and deepen your relaxation. Where our masseuses work from matters to us immensely not only for your own comfort but for everyone’s safety and discretion.

Preparation can help

It doesn’t take much to get ready for a massage but here are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll want to eat lightly before your massage and make sure to have enough water that day. Massages can dehydrate you. Also, use the facilities before your massage to avoid any interruptions.

At the beginning of your appointment, you’ll have a conversation with your masseuse about what both of your expectations are and any limitations you may have. This is also when you’ll discuss happy endings and pay your masseuse up front. A quick shower is required but then you’re off to massage heaven.

Discretion is important to us

While body to body massages are legal in the UK, there is still a stigma and taboo around erotic massages. We offer in call massages that allow you to go to a masseuse’s private flat where she’ll take care of you. Our masseuses are located conveniently all around London. You’ll look like you’re just visiting a friend, nothing sketchy.

Out call massages are also offered at the discretion of our masseuses themselves. Safety and discretion for everyone is important to us.

Book your body to body massage with us

We keep the booking process easy and stress-free. Browse our masseuse’s profiles and decide what kind of body to body massage you’re interested in. Then just give us a ring and we’ll help you set up an appointment. Our sexy masseuses can book quickly so don’t take too long to make a decision!


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