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Do Tantric Massages Include a Happy Ending?

Tantric massage is a wonderful kind of erotic massage. Done by beautiful masseuses, this massage will have you feeling refreshed and pleased all over. But what can you expect with a tantric massage? What about happy endings? Let’s explore some of the ways tantric massage can benefit you.

What is a tantric massage?

Tantric massage is an erotic massage that uses aspects of tantra philosophy. This includes things like energy flow, rhythmic breathing, and centering techniques. Your masseuse will not only work your body but help you work your mind and energy. You’ll reconnect with your body, boost your libido, and have all of your muscles soothed at the same time. It’s a completely thorough massage that will leave you feeling completely revitalized.

What is a happy ending?

Happy endings are when a massage ends in a climax. It’s a common aspect of adult erotic massage and a very popular one. The great thing is that happy endings are perfectly legal in the UK and you can absolutely have one at your discretion. Our beautiful masseuses give the best happy endings in London. They’re attentive and focused on your pleasure entirely. Nothing is done with disinterest or only half way.

The two combined makes for a great time

You can combine a refreshing tantric massage with a happy ending for an amazing time. Have your whole body worked from head to toe. Feel more in tune with yourself. Then let your masseuse massage and touch all of your erogenous zones, working you up to an explosive finish. Every aspect is all about making you feel good and you’ll be craving it again and again.

But it’s not a requirement

Happy endings are entirely at your discretion and it’s perfectly okay to have just a tantric massage. Your masseuse is happy to give you an incredible finish or let you relax and take in all the sensations of the massage. There’s no wrong choice here. It can be great to experience just a tantric massage and then come back again to combine it with a happy ending. Don’t feel pressured just because it’s an erotic massage.

And it’s not the same as sex

Happy endings are not the same as sexual intercourse. It’s all about your masseuse’s hands and how she massages and rubs your penis. Tantric massages and happy endings feel incredibly sensual and sexual. You’ll definitely be aching to be pleasured by the end of your massage. But it isn’t sex and your masseuse won’t engage in sex with you.

Focus solely on your lingam

Lingam is the Sanskrit work for penis. There is a tantric massage that focuses entirely on massaging the penis and the areas all around it. You can absolutely enjoy this special tantric massage and finish with a great happy ending. This massage is all about getting your masculine energy to flow, bringing your libido back into full force, and making you feel good. Lay back and enjoy the pleasure of a gorgeous woman wrapping her warm hands around your penis, massaging and rubbing it. It’s a great way to feel good about your masculinity.

Enjoy your pleasure and satisfaction

It’s so important for all of us to enjoy pleasure and feel satisfied. Tantric massage and happy endings are great ways to explore those feelings and really embrace them. You deserve to feel as much pleasure as possible. And you deserve to feel sexually satisfied. A tantric massage with a happy ending will get you to both of those places. Lay back and enjoy the feeling of your sexy masseuse’s hands all over your body. Let her pleasure you and give you an incredibly satisfying finish.

Enjoy her beauty and sensuality

One of the best aspects of erotic massage is getting to admire a beautiful woman the whole time. All of our masseuses are absolutely stunning and you won’t regret booking with any of them. She’ll wear beautiful lingerie that will show off her sexy body. Your masseuse will be something to admire and watch the whole time she’s massaging and working on your body. It’s so wonderful to be able to lay back, relax, and just drink in the beauty of our gorgeous goddesses.

Benefits and long-term effects

Tantric massage has so many great benefits for you and your body. It has every benefit of a regular massage plus some you probably wouldn’t think of. All massages have the benefits of lowering stress, soothing muscles, lower blood pressure, and even better sleep. A tantric massage is going to give you all of that. And on top of it all, you’ll have an improved libido, more confidence, and feel more in tune with your body. So many of these benefits will last for a long time and repeat massages will just keep them going.

Improving your libido

It may sound far fetched that tantric massage can improve your libido but it’s really true. We all know that our libido suffers when we’re feeling stressed or exhausted. A tantric massage can take away all of that stress and make us feel refreshed. Because it’s about honoring our bodies, it will help your masculine or feminine energy flow again, especially in your erogenous regions. You’ll be feeling like you can take on the bedroom and conquer it once again. Your libido will be free of pressure and expectations with a happy ending from your gorgeous masseuse. Enjoy every moment of the sexy atmosphere and feed that libido.

Releasing stress is healing

Everyone talks all the time about how stress is bad for us. And it’s true. Stress can wear us down, make us feel tired, and even contribute to getting sick. Tantric massage is one of the best ways to get rid of all of that stress. Eliminate any negative energies you’re holding onto. Heal your body through the sexiest way possible. Enjoy yourself while also taking care of your body. It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make.

The purpose of tantra and reconnection

You may be wondering what the whole point of this is. An erotic massage should just be about feeling sexy and happy endings, right? Tantric massage brings the element of body reconnection because it’s incredibly important to feel at home in our bodies. It can help us figure out when something isn’t feeling right or what makes it feel good. Understanding how our bodies work, what makes them feel good, helps be better people and lovers. If you know exactly how to turn yourself on, you’ll know how to learn how to turn other people on.

Doing tantric massage with your partner

Couples tantric massage is an amazing way to connect with your partner. Whether you choose to explore at home tantric massage or hire two beautiful masseuses to take care of you both, doing tantric massage together will teach you so much about each other’s bodies. You’ll be focused solely on each other, focused on creating pleasure between each other. Partnered tantric massage is a great way to rejuvenate a sex life or bring something new to the bedroom.

Ladies can enjoy tantric massage too

We have many female clients that love getting tantric massages with happy endings. Believe it or not, there are special tantric massages just for your yoni. You’ll get all the same benefits as anyone else and be aching for release by the end of it all. Come enjoy looking at beautiful women, feel their hands all over your body, and have your own delightful happy ending. You will wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

Give yourself the best tantric massage

You deserve getting the best tantric massage in London. Combined with the best happy ending, you’ll be ready to incorporate this massage into your self-care routine. Revel in luxury and pleasure for an hour. It’s the least you can do for yourself. Come admire sexy women, feel their hands all over your body, and have an incredible orgasm at the end of it all. There isn’t a single better gift you can give yourself.

Beautiful private flats for your appointment

All of our masseuses work from luxurious private flats. Out call appointments are only done at luxury hotels at a masseuse’s discretion. Our private flats are decorated to five star luxury so you wouldn’t miss a thing. From soft scents to gentle lighting and comfortable furniture, you’ll be transported to a place of luxury and serenity. All of our flats provide plenty of privacy and discretion for you. You’ll simply look like you’re visiting a friend to anyone nosy enough to watch you.

Gorgeous and professional masseuses

Our masseuses are all professional masseuses. That means you’re going to be getting an authentic tantric massage and an incredible happy ending from us. It’ll be the best tantric massage you’ve ever had. Our masseuses look just like their pictures and who you book with is exactly who will be taking care of you. Don’t worry about paying for something you’re not getting. You’ll have an incredible tantric massage, an explosive happy ending, and a beautiful masseuse to take care of you.

Private and conveniently located

Body to Body London masseuse are located all over London. There isn’t a location where you can’t find a masseuse. Many of our masseuse’s flats are even located near tube stations so you won’t have to travel far for the best tantric massage in London. We keep it simple and easy to find a gorgeous masseuse to give you an incredible massage. There’s no signage, no obvious reason why you’re visiting. You can feel confident visiting your chosen masseuse.

Our appointments are all about you

Each appointment is an hour long and focused entirely on you and your pleasure. From beginning to end, your masseuse is dedicated to taking care of you. You’ll begin with a quick chat about concerns, interests, and limitations. Then off to a warm shower where you’ll wash away the day before being led to a comfortable massage table. Your sexy masseuse will massage you for the rest of your time, working her warm hands all over your body until you’re ready for an incredible finish.

Book an tantric massage today

We keep it simple and easy to book with us. Just browse our website and decide what sexy masseuse you’d love to have touch you all over. Then give us a quick ring and we’ll get you set up with an appointment. We’re located all over London so you won’t have trouble finding someone near you. Then head to your appointment and enjoy yourself! But don’t wait – we book quickly and you’ll want to be on top of that list.


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