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Does a Nuru Massage Have a Happy Ending?

A nuru massage is a mystery to many people. But for those in the know, it is a glorious way to be rid of aches and pains whilst getting some sexy, sensual touch. Nuru is quickly becoming one of the most popular massage styles available in London. But what is Nuru Massage? Why is it so popular? And possibly, most importantly: Does a Nuru Massage have a happy ending?

Nuru Massage is a highly sensual and exciting experience. But what makes a Nuru Massage so special?

  • Just like a body on body massage, Nuru Massage is full-contact and is nude or semi-nude.
  • Instead of oil, a Nuru Massage uses an organic lotion made from Japanese seaweed.
  • Nuru Massage gel Is flavorless and odorless and highly nourishing for the skin.
  • During a Nuru Massage the masseuse uses their whole body and body weight to massage the other person.
  • Because the massage is nude it has an intense visual component and both people can enjoy watching the other as well as the sensations of their bodies rubbing together.

Whatever you call it, it’s sexy

The distinction between exotic and erotic massage is subtle but Nuru Massage fits into both categories. Exotic massage refers to forms of massage that originated in non-western, or “exotic” locations. Erotic massage refers to forms of massage that are designed to titillate and arouse. Examples of exotic massage include: Nuru massage, Tantric massage, Lingam massage, Yoni massage, Shiatsu massage. Some examples of erotic massage are:Body on body massage, Aqua massage, or Sensual massage. Like Nuru, some of these massage styles can fall into both categories. Not all exotic massages are erotic and not all erotic massage are exotic.

The best Nuru Massage in London

Unlike some London massage agencies, we thoroughly train our masseuses. Nuru Massage is one of the more sophisticated and expert-level massages available for our clients but it is very popular. Nuru is so sensual and exciting to feel and watch, and the gel makes it so slick and effortless. No wonder everyone wants to try this sexy Japanese massage in London. Not only is it incredibly sensual and arousing, it is truly relaxing and rejuvenating. The active ingredients in the Nori seaweed gel are bursting with skin healthy minerals and organic compounds.  The gel is non-comedogenic so it won’t give you spots, and it absorbs easily into the skin. Our masseuses will take great care of you from beginning to end, giving you their full attention and the full benefit of both their training, and passion for massage.

Feels good, and it’s good for you 

Nuru Massage tends to be very deep and satisfying, meaning that if you have legitimately sore muscles, Nuru Massage will soothe them. Let’s not forget the value of human touch. Intimacy may be a strange thing to conflate with a massage with a stranger,  but sensual touch has incredible healing properties.  A Nuru Massage will give you time and space to relax through focussed physical pleasure. The greatest benefits and perks of Nuru Massage are its erotic components. Not only is your body getting a deep-tissue rub down, you can watch your masseuse’s naked body on yours. You don’t have to be a self-proclaimed voyeur to know that that’s a sight you want to see. All of our Nuru masseuses are stunningly gorgeous and perfectly fit.

Does it always have a ‘happy ending’?

If you wish to finish the session with an orgasm, that’s great, but is not a requirement. In London, and across the UK, happy endings are legit and legal, but not expected, per se. Most clients opt for the orgasm, but not all do. Some struggle to finish for a variety of reasons, others are stressed they’ll finish too soon. Whatever you choose, your masseuse will be happy to accommodate. If you do want to finish with a bang, your masseuse will spend the last 15 to 20 minutes focussed on getting you there.

  • Did you know? Depending on the limits that have been set by your masseuse you may or may not be permitted to touch her during the massage. Many of our masseuses are comfortable with mutual massage where you are invited to mirror her massage techniques and touch her as she touches you. 

Choosing your Nuru goddess

Regardless of your stance on happy endings, you’ll want to choose your Nuru goddess with care. Spend some time on our website, in the masseuses’ profiles, and find a masseuse who is to your liking. (Not every masseuse does Nuru Massage) When you call in to book your session we will confirm the type of massage with you and provide you with the name and location of a nearby incall massage expert. Upon arrival, our massage sessions begin with a detailed consultation to discuss the session. Then the client pays the masseuse directly and takes a requisite shower before the massage begins. Once the details and Logistics have been discussed, your Nuru massage will commence.

Be in the moment with Nuru Massage

Your masseuse will spend time slowly awakening and arousing your senses. One of the challenges of receiving a massage is being still and relaxed and present in the moment. Our minds are so overwhelmed with unnecessary stimuli, it can be healing to slow down and be present. Focus on the sensations as she touches your body and block out everything else. Since Nuru Massage is a full body massage, expect that she will touch you from head to toe. You may be eager for sexual touch, but your masseuse will set the pace. Remember, she is an expert at building tension and arousal! Focusing on the happy ending won’t make it happen any faster.

The ladies love Nuru Massage

If you assume that all Nuru Massage clients are men, you’ve got it all wrong. Nuru massage is popular with women of all sexual orientations. Women tend to appreciate the beauty in other women in a way that is not inherently sexual. For those who are sexually attracted to their masseuses, it is a fantasy come true. Either way, the lyrical, almost horizontal dance-like quality of Nuru seems to appeal to women. Having a gorgeous woman rub against your body sounds like a great idea, no matter your gender or preferences.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re thinking about getting a Nuru Massage, and whether yours will have a happy ending, there’s no need to hesitate. Our gorgeous masseuses are simply a phone call away. Call us today to have all of your questions about Nuru Massage answered and to get your first of many sessions booked.

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