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Does a Tantric Massage Have Therapeutic Benefits

We’ve all heard of tantric massage, with its exotic traditions and sensual nature, but does a tantric massage have any therapeutic benefits? You’ll be happy to know that this incredibly popular form of massage is more than just adult entertainment. A tantric massage is a bona fide form of massage with real therapeutic benefits. Tantric massage has been used since time immemorial and has improved the lives of an unknowable number of people throughout history. When you choose to have a tantric massage you are participating in sensual and energetic practices that have been in place since the 6th century. If it didn’t feel good and it wasn’t good for you, it would not have lasted so long. Let’s explore the many therapeutic benefits of tantric massage and how it can help you live a fuller, more enriched life.

Tantric massage is a perfect example of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. The purpose and practice of tantric massage has remained more or less unchanged for centuries. Tantric massage is just one facet of Tantra, an ancient health and wellness philosophy that originated in India and Tibet. Tantra has its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, but modern Tantra does not require any sort of religious or spiritual affiliation. Simply put, Tantric massage is for everyone and its benefits are many.

What it is

Tantric massage is a full body, full contact erotic massage. It is performed by trained professionals who have studied in the tantric arts. Tantric massage aims to connect to the recipient with their own body as well as helping them connect to a sense of divinity and healing. Tantric massage, especially Yoni massage, has been used as a form of postnatal care around the world for a very long time. Tantric massage can also address sexual dysfunction, issues with past trauma, and issues of intimacy. One of the primary concepts of tantric massage is the unlocking or dislodging of congested sexual energy within the body. What we perceive as sexual hang-ups or troubles with body image or intimacy, translate to energy blockages that can be moved and relieved through tantric massage. Tantric massage is sensual and joyous and remarkably comfortable to experience with a masseuse.

What it isn’t

Despite tantric massage being readily available and very popular, it is often misunderstood. Tantric massage is considered quite taboo by most people because of its sensual and sexual elements. Much like most erotic massages, tantric massage has an optional, but recommended, happy ending. For many the idea of paying for such an intimate experience is off-putting. People often assume that tantric massage is inherently sexual, which is inaccurate. It is inherently sensual, in the sense that it does influence and affect libido and focuses on arousal through numerous techniques. A tantric massage is a happy medium between going to a strip club and hooking up with an escort. There’s some touching, but it’s not sex, but it’s sexy enough that it is satisfying.

All pluses and no minuses

Tantric massage is the sort of experience that you need to have to fully understand. It’s hard to articulate exactly how sensual, yet exhilarating, a quality tantric massage can be. Add to that the multiple therapeutic benefits and there’s really no reason not to indulge. If the thought of being naked or nearly naked with a stranger is hard to stomach, remember that our masseuses have seen it all and they are not there to judge. In fact many clients share with us that they leave their sessions feeling better about their bodies and better about themselves because of the boost that such an intimate form of massage gives them. Tantric massage effectively has no downsides so let’s dig a bit deeper into what the therapeutic benefits are, specifically.

The sexiest form of self-care

Yes, you read that right, tantric massage counts as self care. Whether or not you think that self-care is something frivolous and silly, there’s something to be said for catching a bit of “me time” and doing something that makes you feel good. Taking care of yourself comes in many forms and with the increasingly frenetic pace of life in the twenty-first century, we all need some down time. Likewise, getting a professional erotic massage is a playful, safe, no-strings-attached way to get some human contact. Dating is hard and stressful, particularly with issues of Public Health as they are. Why not skip the relationship part but still get some sensual touch and great conversation?

Good for what ails you, inside and out

Tantric massage is a legitimate form of massage and despite its focus on eroticism, it is still a therapeutic musculoskeletal massage. The hands of a beautiful woman are the perfect place to put your tired and aching body at the end of a long week. Not only will she leave you feeling like a well-seasoned side of beef,  she will no doubt lift your spirits with her compassionate ear and kind nature. Mental and physical health are inextricably linked even though they are often spoken of separately. Tantric massage provides therapeutic care and relief to the physical body through the actual massage. But it also provides mental health support through relaxation and energy alignment. Spiritual health cannot be overlooked either, and regardless of your beliefs the intimate and holistic nature of tantric massage does give an overall sense of euphoria and hope.

Just lay back and relax

Our masseuses are not only the most beautiful in London, they are highly skilled and knowledgeable in stress management and total relaxation. Science tells us that relaxation is more than simply taking a deep breath and sitting down for a few minutes. Complete relaxation requires the coordination of the mind and body. Your tantric masseuse will be able to help you achieve a state of relaxation unlike anything you’ve known by attending to your body and helping you calm your mind.

Get back your libido

A sluggish libido is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it’s one of the most common issues that our clients have. There are so many factors that can contribute to a change in libido, such as medication, ageing, mental health, and many others. Many men expect to feel vibrant and virile well into their 70s or 80s but not every man is Hugh Hefner. If you hope to be chasing skirt in the old folks home you need to feed that libido now. Keeping your libido healthy and hungry helps to stimulate the production of testosterone in the body which contributes to the health and wellness of every man. Put a little spring in your step with a visit to your favourite erotic masseuse, but give us a call because they bookup quickly!

Improve your circulation

It’s a no-brainer that massages are good for circulation and circulation is good for erections. If you are a man who is challenged with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, tantric massage can have great effect on these conditions, especially through multiple sessions. A tantric massage can help with delaying orgasm as well as expediting it.  It can also improve stamina through sensual edging techniques. This is why a single tantric massage appointment is a great start to experiencing the ongoing benefits of this time-honoured sensual tradition.

Body issues aren’t just for the ladies

We do have a great number of female clients but the majority of our clientele are men. A common bit of feedback that we receive from our male clients is that they felt better about themselves, and about their body, after each and every session. Furthermore,  that same self-confidence compounds over the course of time, with many of them attributing an improvement in their self-worth to the time they spent with an erotic masseuse. Body issues and negative self-perception are things that can hold people back from experiences like erotic massage. Rest assured, that you do not need to be of any particular physique, flexibility, or ability to have a tantric massage. Spend an hour or more with your tantric masseuse and you will leave her care walking taller and feeling on top of the world.

The happiest of endings

 After you have been rubbed and pampered for at least an hour, you will no doubt be ready for a spectacular finish. The concept of a happy ending at the end of a tantric massage is quite common and is almost always the case. Not every client elects to have the happy ending, some people enjoy the stream of denial or feel that on some essential level not partaking in the climax fuels them. No matter which way you go or how you want your session to end, your masseuse will guide you through the session and take you through the finish line.

Clear out the cobwebs

Another therapeutic benefit of tantric massage is improved alertness and cognition. Nothing sets your head straight quite like a triumphant climax with a beautiful woman after a lengthy and sensual massage. If you want to feel like a million bucks, you need a tantric massage. It’s like hitting the reset button for your whole self. You’ll feel better about the world around you, who you are,  And your physical body will be happily turned to mush. A tantric massage is a great way to acutely respond to stress. It is also a wonderful tool to have in your mental and physical health toolbox. Making tantric massage and its therapeutic benefits part of your ongoing self maintenance routine is something you will not regret.

Finally get a good night sleep

The sleep that you have after a tantric massage is uniquely deep and satisfying. Because of the reset effect on your parasympathetic nervous system that tantric massage has, the refreshment that you feel will not just be about energy you have to spend. It will also be reflected in the need for  deep sleep and the ability to achieve it. There’s nothing quite like a great night’s sleep and each and every one of us needs one. Chances are, you work too hard, for too long, for not enough money, and you deserve an incredible massage and a good night’s sleep, at the very least. Treat yourself, because if you don’t, who will?

No regrets

You can justify your desire for a tantric massage  through its therapeutic benefits, but you don’t have to. There’s really nothing to justify as tantric massage is a legitimate form of massage that has real, tangible, and ongoing benefits. When you open your mind and open your body to tantric massage, you are giving yourself the gift of sensual freedom that is soul restoring. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel good, and if a tantric massage feels good for you, that is something you should do. Honour your desires and appetite while giving your body the care and attention that it needs to be happy and healthy. When you give yourself a tantric massage experience, you give yourself an experience in healing, something that each and every one of us needs.


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