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Exploring the Benefits of Lingam Massage for Men’s Sexual Health

Massage is full of many benefits, and erotic massage is no exception. Lingam massage is specifically all about men’s sexual health. If you’re curious about learning more, we’ve got all the information to understand the benefits of lingam massage.

Lingam massage is unique

If you’ve never heard of lingam massage, you may wonder what it is. Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis. And lingam massage is the tantric method of massaging the penis, testicles, and surrounding areas. It’s all aboonouring the masculine energy that flows through the penis and testicles. Lingam massage is a gentle and soothing massage that can be very arousing simultaneously. It’s different from other kinds os since it focuses on just one area rather than the entire body.

Tantric massage is wonderful

Lingam massage is a type of tantric massage. You may be familiar with the premise of tantric massage, which works the whole body, and various breathing techniques to bring a person or couple to higher levels of orgasm and sexual pleasure. Since lingam massage is specific to the penis, all of the attention is focused on this one area bringing you an incredible amount of benefits just to your penis. If you have any issues, or just want to explore something very unique, a lingam massage is the way to go.

Explore the benefits

Lingam massage has many benefits for men and their sexual health. If you’re struggling with anything from erectile dysfunction to orgasm too quickly, a lingam massage can help you out. It may sound like it’s just about having an incredible orgasm, but a lingam massage benefits the rest of your body. Those tantric techniques are rooted in ancient Indian practices and are designed to heal you from body to toe, physical to spiritual.

Getting rid of stress

The best reason to get any kind of massage is stress relief. And a lingam massage is no different. Your erotic masseuse will focus on relieving your lingam and surrounding areas of all stress through gentle and firm touches, pushing that stress out of your muscles and penis. We all know that stress is one of the biggest causes of illnesses and other conditions. So getting rid of it from your lingam will help you sexually across all different kinds of conditions.

Improving your stamina

Since lingam massage flows between soft, gentle touches to firm, harder strokes, it teaches you body how to enjoy touch and pleasure without reaching a pinnacle. Alternating these states of relaxation and excitement builds your stamina. The stronger your stamina is, the longer you’ll last in the bedroom. You’ll be able to go for longer and enjoy more sex without reaching orgasm too quickly.

Better erection, better orgasm

Through these states of relaxation and excitement, the lingam is able to sustain an erection for longer and longer. And by putting off the peak of excitement and delaying orgasm, you end up having an even better one. Lingam massage is great for men who want to stay harder for longer and deepen their sexual experiences. If you want to have better orgasms, lingam massage is a great way to explore how to get there.

Great for improving sensitivity

If you have found yourself not having as much sensitivity as before, you may need a lingam massage or two. Having an erotic masseuse work your lingam and areas will force you to pay attention to her touch and slowly remind your lingam that soft touch is just as arousing as firm strokes. Improved sensitivity will bring you greater pleasure whether that’s solo or with a lover. Restore feeling to your lingam with a gentle massage and begin to remember what it means to feel good and pleasured.

Better blood circulation

We all know that great blood circulation leads to great erections. A lingam massage will help that blood flow easier and better, helping you sustain a better erection for longer. Good blood flow will keep your penis and testicles healthy and happy. You’ll be ready to tackle the bedroom faster and longer with improved blood circulation.

Increase your libido

Many men find that regular lingam massages help improve and increase their libido. If you’re struggling with a low libido and don’t want to pursue chemical fixes, a lingam massage may be the right thing for you. The combination of energy flow and gentle touches will have you reconnecting with your sexy side. And since lingam massage includes breathing techniques to help you stay focused, you’re sure to keep that libido going for even longer.

Sexual health is more than medical

We’ve talked a lot about medical benefits of lingam massage but lingam massage is a tantric massage which means that its focus runs deeper than the physical body. Your sexual health is also about your relationship to your sexuality, your willingness to explore yourself, and how you think about your body. Lingam massage is a great way to improve these relationships and open your mind to different ways pleasure can manifest.

Explore spirituality

It’s impossible to explore lingam massage without acknowledging the spiritual aspects of the practice. If this is something you’re drawn to in your day to day life, it makes perfect sense to continue exploring it in your erotic massages. Lingam massages will help you focus on being present, being in the moment. Frequent lingam massages will help you cultivate mindfulness and sharpen your focus.

Increase sexual energy

Lingam massage is rooted in tantric practices which centres on improving the flow of energy through the body. Sensual tantric massages work the whole body which helps energy flow through you from head to toe. Lingam massage focuses on your sexual energy rooted in your penis and allowing it move freely. If you’re feeling frustrated with your sex life, you may have blocked sexual energy and need to have it massaged back into movement.

Encourage full body healing

Tantric practices are all about healing. Healing energy flow, getting rid of blocks, and helping you realign yourself. Lingam massage is believed to help you heal from various traumas and get in touch with your spiritual self. It’s designed to help you reconnect to the sexual part of yourself too. Just because your masseuse’s hands are focused on your lingam, the massage is truly all about full body healing.

Deepen connections with your lover

Lingam massage is a great practice to explore at home with your partner or lover. Have them massage your lingam using various techniques. The goal is to explore what feels good, not bring you to orgasm immediately. Aim for a 10 or 15 minute session before ending it. See if you can orgasm without ejaculating. Either way, the intimacy you’ll cultivate with your lover is absolutely priceless. You’re sure to both learn a lot about each other.

Learn to be more present

We’ve mentioned that lingam massage is a great way to be in the moment and focus on what is happening to your body right then. This is an important skill since it can carry over to having sex with your lover. Sharpen your skills of focusing and being present with your lover with lingam massages. You’ll be able to pay more attention to what is happening right now instead of thinking about work or kids. Being more present will only improve your sex life and make you more attentive to your lover.

Improve your connection with your own body

From breathing techniques to focusing on being in the moment, lingam tantric massage is all about being present. Lingam massage will encourage you to be right here in your body and not let your mind wander anywhere else. If you’re feeling like you’re out of touch with your sexuality or just haven’t been feeling great about your body, a lingam massage can help revitalize those connections. By having someone else gently explore your lingam, you can feel their adoration and begin to believe that you deserve to be adored and worshiped.

Explore lingam massage

Now that you know all about the wonderful benefits of lingam massage and how it can help your sexual health, you’re ready to explore lingam massage. There are two ways to do just this – explore at home with a partner or hire a professional erotic masseuse. Both routes are great options and can bring you some different benefits depending on what you’re looking for. If you want to deepen a connection with a lover, doing it at home is a great route. If you want a top tier experience, a professional may be the way to go. Either way, you’re sure to have a great time and feel great about your lingam and sexual energy afterwards.

At home lingam massages

If you and your partner want to explore lingam massage at home, there are just a few things you need to get started. First and foremost is a great massage oil. Find something that smells great to you both, isn’t too cheap, and warms nicely. No one wants to be touched by cold hands and oil! Lay on your bed and let your partner sit between your legs. Let them slowly touch your legs and thighs, working their way up to your lingam. Don’t direct them, let them explore your body and figure out what motions make you feel good. It doesn’t have to last long the first time since this all about exploration and connection.

Professional lingam massages

If you’re interested in a more professional route, an erotic masseuse is a great option. You can have a lingam massage after any kind of full body massage, enhancing the entire erotic massage experience. You’re sure to have an incredibly pleasurable time with a professional masseuse. Erotic masseuses are trained in the art of tantric massage and will know exactly what kind of touch and motions they should use to bring the most benefits and pleasure. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a professional to get the best experience possible.

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