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Four Hands Massage: A Synchronized Experience

Have you ever imagined laying back and letting two women rub all over your body? You sure are now! This is a real massage and an incredibly erotic one. Known as a four-hand mass, this is about making you feel good and wrapping you up in as much erotic pleasure as possible. But how do you get one, and what should you look for? Let’s talk all about this sexy massage.

Four hands are better than two

This erotic massage is all about pleasure and making you feel amazing. Whether you hire two professional tantric masseuses or are lucky enough to have two beautiful women wanting to pamper you, you’re sure to have an incredible time. Imagine four hands rubbing your body in tandem, massaging and soothing your muscles. All your stress will melt away, leaving nothing but sexuality and sensuality.

It’s a full body massage

As erotic as it is, four hands massages are still real massages. You should have a sexy time while getting one of the best massages of your life. Let the two beautiful women work on every knot and sore spot on your body. They won’t just be caressing and fondling you but taking care of your body. But a full body means both sides of your body, from head to toe. So those four hands are going to roam together and touch every single inch of you.

Double the benefits in half the time

Since a four hands massage is a real, very sexy one, you will get all the benefits of a massage simultaneously. All that relaxation will come with beautiful women rubbing on you. You’ll only think about one aching body part by the end. You’ll get the benefits of better sleep, lower blood pressure, and improved circulation. And your libido will be on absolute fire – but who wouldn’t after a four-hands massage?

An absolute delight at-home

If you’re lucky enough to have two sexy women agree to give you a four hands massage, don’t turn that down! Even better if they get along great and can work together to give you the best massage possible. A four hands massage is an amazing way to explore things erotically at home in the privacy of your bedroom. You can do anything you want as long as everyone agrees. Just imagine how the massage can end with the three of you nude in bed. What happens after is all up to you and your ladies!

Setting the mood and a little prep

Four-hand massages need the same preparation as any other erotic massage. Take the time to set the mood just right. Whether it’s flickering candles and romantic music or dim lights and pulsing beats, set the atmosphere to encourage the energy to flow the right way. Invest in some premium massage oil that you all like the smell of. Throw an extra sheet or towel on your bed to keep the oil off your mattress. Then get ready for the massage of your life.

Dress the part

If you’re giving the massage, this is a great time to flaunt your sexiest lingerie. Highlight the curves of your body with straps, or go for more feminine touches of lace. Doll up your face with your favourite makeup. Whatever makes you feel hot and sexy is going to be perfect. Or, if you’re feeling even more daring, give the massage nude from the beginning. You’re going to have as much fun as the man you’re massaging, so why not dive right in?

Easing into the massage

If you’re one of the lucky ladies giving a four hands massage, don’t worry too much about technique and your own experience. Take your time and slowly ease into the massage. Light touches and long strokes will help get the blood flowing. Use plenty of massage oil to keep things friction-free. Don’t hesitate to take turns working on different parts of your man’s body or working together for extra excitement. Start with him on his stomach so you can both work on his shoulders, back, butt, and legs before flipping him over for even more fun.

Massaging techniques

You don’t need to be an expert to give a great massage, but here are a few tips and strokes to use if you’re feeling a little clueless.

  • Use long, sweeping motions with your hand flat to encourage blood flow and gently massage muscles.
  • Use your fingertips and knuckles for more precise massaging.
  • Try circular movements, both large and small, in specific areas. Use your whole hand or just your fingertips depending on the area.
  • Focus on knots and tender spots for a few minutes before moving back to general massage.
  • Don’t use too much pressure and listen if your man says something doesn’t feel quite right.

Synchronize your movements

Another technique both masseuses can try is massaging opposite parts of your body simultaneously. Each of them may work on one leg or one shoulder. With smooth, lingering movements, you’re sure to feel like they’re taking care of you. Both masseuses will fall into a tandem and quickly take care of every ache and pain. These synchronised movements will help you descend into bliss and feel amazing.

Body to body massage

This might be a little tricky to coordinate with two masseuses, but with a little imagination, this kind of massage would be wild. Body to body massages are when a masseuse uses her entirely nude body to rub and massage yours. She’ll use everything from her breasts to her butt to slide and massage your muscles. Just imagine what it would feel like to have two stunning women use their nude bodies to massage yours. Your muscles might be relaxed, but other parts of you will be throbbing for more.

Try a lingam massage

A lingam massage is a tantric massage that focuses on a man’s penis and testicles. Try this kind of massage with all four hands to drive him wild. Use long slow strokes, varying pressure and grips, and don’t let him finish. It’s all about teasing and getting his sexual energy flowing. Massage every inch of the area gently and carefully, then slide down to his legs or chest to give him a break. Then start that sexy cycle again until he’s panting and ready for more.

Enjoy the sexy atmosphere

One of the best parts of the four-hands massage is the sizzling hot sexy atmosphere. The sexual energy will flow between all three of you, and y; you’re sure to be aching for a spectacular finish. There’s nothing wrong with leaning into this and having a sexy fun time with each other. Whether it’s just laying back and watching two beautiful women massage your body or exploring mutual touch and massage, you will have an amazing time. It’s all about pleasure, and you might as well indulge in as much of it as possible.

What kind of ending do you want?

It’s probably best to decide beforehand what kind of ending the three of you would like. That way, everyone is on the same page, and there are no surprises for anyone. Whether it’s just a cool down, a happy ending, or something even more adventurous, make sure everyone is on board so you can have the best time possible. Then catch your breath afterwards with some snacks, drinks, and a nice chat. The end of your massage should feel just as great as the beginning.

Explore a four hands massage

Now that you know all about four hands massages, get yourself some fabulous ladies and give it a try. All three of you will have a fabulous time touching and exploring each other’s bodies. Have fun with mutual touching and massaging, and let the heat of the moment lead you to whatever new adventure open ups before you. Four hands massages are incredible for everyone involved, and you’ll all have an amazing time.


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