A four hands massage in London is a must try experience.

If you know how great it feels to just have two hands erotically massaging you then imagine what four must be like!  

Two gorgeous nude women touching, teasing and caressing your naked body in the most stimulating ways.

The Body 2 Body Bucket List

Many people have what is known as a bucket list, this is a list of things they would like to do before they kick the bucket.

One experience I recommend every body adds to their list is having a sensational erotic four hands massage.

You + Two Sexy Nude Women = Fun Time

The name to this massage can actually be a little misleading, it should really be called four hands two bodies massage, as there will also be sensual b2b action involved too.

Just sit back for a minute and picture the thought of two very sexy smiling women joining in union to give the ultimate body rub in London.

Two smooth naked bodies moving up and down your body. Naughty hands will be let loose and touching all areas of your torso.

A massage with you, me and my friend

Now if the thought of just me massaging you tickles your taste buds now imagine my friend getting involved and moving her hands all over your body too.

A four hands massage in London is available to those who like to be lifted to heaven by two lovely angels.

Imagine the ending when two beautiful women focus on massaging your most sensitive parts while gazing deep into your eyes.

Two goddesses giving a pleasure tantric massage in London. I

f you like the sound of that then why not make a booking with me and my friend.

All three of us our about to go to heaven.

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