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Four Things You Need to Know About Four Hand Massage

There’s nothing more exciting than having a perfectly fit and beautiful woman massage your body all over, leaving nothing untouched. Now, what if you could double that fun and have two gorgeous women taking care of you? A four hands massage might just be the thing for you! Before you book that appointment, here are four things you need to know about four hands massage.

What is a four hands massage?

A four hands massage is exactly what it sounds like. Two beautiful masseuses work together to give you the most pleasurable massage you can imagine. A full body massage, and a four hands massage will have you tingling all over. You’ll get to feast your eyes on not just one but two absolutely beautiful and desirable massage goddesses. Every ache and pain will be swept away by the pleasure these women will bring you and you won’t be worrying about a single thing. A four hands massage is an amazing way to treat yourself and take care of your body.

1. Four hands are the ultimate indulgent massage

If you’ve never tried a four hands massage, you’re in for a mind-blowing experience. A four hands massage is the ultimate erotic massage. Having two sexy masseuses who work together to massage, rub, and caress your body all over will leave you melting in pleasure. Feast your eyes on our stunning masseuses as they work in tandem to bring you to heights of pleasure you’ve only ever dreamed of. If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself or celebrate an accomplishment, a four hands massage is the way to go. You’ll be feeling the pleasure for days afterwards.

2. You want masseuses that work together

While you’re welcome to pick your masseuses, we recommend reaching out to us and letting us help you find the right goddesses to work together. We want to ensure you have the time of your life and that means making sure your masseuses are going to work together smoothly to please you. All of our masseuses are perfect, sexy, and flirtatious so you’ll be getting an incredible pair of women no matter what. The better they work together, the better your four-hands massage will be. Plus, what’s more fun than watching two women have fun with each other while they take care of you?

3. All the benefits of a regular massage but more fun

The amazing thing about our masseuses is not only are they stunning but they are highly trained in the tantalizing art of erotic massage. You’ll be getting a real professional massage from our masseuses which means you’ll be getting real benefits. Our masseuses’ divine hands will work your muscles, soothing aches and pains away. They’ll get your blood flowing, leaving you aching for the best kind of ending. Plus you get all the great benefits of a regular massage such as better sleep, lower blood pressure, and even a better libido. How can you say no to that?

4. The happiest of endings

If you opt for a happy ending with your four hands massage, you’ve done yourself a massive favour. After an hour of two seductive women working their bodies all over yours, you’ll be ready for an explosive finish. A four hands massage is nothing but an hour of tantalizing build-up that will have you aching for your masseuse’s hands to touch you in the most erotic way possible. The mind-blowing finish will have you wondering why you’ve never done this before. We’re sure you’ll agree that there’s no better way to end your erotic massage.

You’ll love a four hands massage

We’re confident that you’ll have an amazing time getting a four hands massage. All of our beautiful masseuses are incredible at taking care of our clients. You’ll be getting the best four-hands massage in London, no matter what. Your world-class massage will be just the thing you need to take care of every ache and pain you may have and get your libido going. You’ll be feeling chuffed and ready to take on the world after a four hands massage. We know you’ll agree with us that a four hands massage is the best erotic massage you can try.

There’s nothing like being teased by two women

Surely we’ve said enough to convince you to get a four hands massage but, just in case, we want to tell you all about what it’s like to get teased by two of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen. Dressed in gorgeous luxury lingerie, each woman will be using their warm hands to rub every inch of her body. Perhaps they’ll use parts of their bodies to massage yours – doesn’t that sound incredible? You’ll get to chat and flirt with two amazing women all while they work you up to an aching frenzy and give you a tandem happy ending. There’s absolutely nothing like it.

You deserve the very best

We pride ourselves on having the best masseuses and our four hands massage is the best way to experience them. We know that you’re a hard worker and deserve a little indulgent treat now and again. Do yourself the kindness of making sure your next treat is a four hands massage. You’ll be thanking yourself again and again. Any pair of masseuses you work with are not just incredibly sexy but professionally trained so you’ll be getting the very best four hands massage in London. You won’t regret a single thing.

Every client is welcome

As long as you’re an adult, we welcome every single kind of client. Yes, this means you to ladies! Come have fun with two other gorgeous women and let them work your body all over. No one knows a woman’s body better than another woman, right? Either way, no matter your insecurities or concerns, our beautiful masseuses are professionals at taking care of everyone and will tend to your every need. You’ll be left feeling only admired and desired, the way it should be.

It’s a true professional massage

No matter the amount of sexiness and fun a four hands massage will bring, it’s also a true professional massage. There’s no skimping on talent here! Our masseuses are educated in the fine art of massage and will be bringing that knowledge to the table. You’ll be impressed by how well their hands work your muscles. You really will be getting the best four hands massage in London because our masseuses are just that good. We know you deserve the very best in erotic massage so we bring the very best. Just lay back and enjoy your professional, sexy and fun four hands massage.

Discretion is key

Nearly all of our massage appointments are done at our masseuse’s private flats. This means that you’ll travel to them but, don’t worry, we have masseuses conveniently located all around London. You’ll never have to travel far for the best massage. Getting a massage done in a private flat means that, to a nosy onlooker, it looks like you’re just visiting a friend. No one ever needs to know what you’re doing. We’re certainly not going to tell.

Out call appointments are done at select luxury hotels for our VIP clients. Come back soon to gain this status!

Locations all over London

As we said, we have many masseuses located all over London. Whether you’re in Chelsea, Hyde Park, or Fulham, there’s sure to be a beautiful masseuse near you. Many of our masseuses are even located near a tube station so you don’t have to walk far to get there. Whether you want a massage after work, while you’re out shopping or just a pick me up, we’re sure to have a gorgeous masseuse near you.

Appointments are all about you

Each of our appointments is a full hour long to give you as much time and enjoyment as possible. Appointments are very simple. You start with a quick chat about limitations or concerns you may have. You’ll pay your masseuses and then off to a warm luxurious shower to wash away the day. From there, your masseuses will lead you to a comfortable massage table and begin working together to take care of your body. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy the view of their lingerie-clad bodies. There’s no hard work involved.

Booking with us is simple

Now that you know all about four hands massage, we’re sure that you’re ready to book with us. All you need to do is give us a ring and we’ll help you find the best pair of stunning masseuses to take care of you. We’ll help you set up your appointment and make sure you’re set up to have the time of your life. Stress-free and simple, you’ll be on your way to getting the best four hands massage in London in no time.


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