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How to Find a Body to Body Massage in London?

Body to body massage is a very special and erotic experience. If you’re based in London or a regular traveller, you may have wondered how to find a body to body massage. Luckily, we’re headquartered in London and experts in body to body massage! Interested in discovering this kind of massage, its benefits, and how to find a body to body massage in London? Read on!

What is Body To Body Massage?

Unlike traditional erotic massage, where the masseuse will use only her hands, in body-to-body massage she uses her whole body. Body to body massage can be an even more sensual and arousing experience than ordinary erotic massage. This is especially the case as it requires the masseuses to be nude or scantily clad! Body to body massages are one of the most popular services, and what we specialise in at B2B London. During body to body massage, your masseuse will slip and slide her body against yours. She’ll use tantra techniques to focus on your pleasure points, sensually working her way from your head to your toes. Using all of her body and her body weight, she’ll find and melt away the tension you’re holding.

What Are The Benefits Of Body To Body Massage?

Did you know that as well as the sensual and tactile benefits, body to body massage can improve your health? All our masseuses are fully trained in massage, just like a conventional massage therapist. Just like a conventional massage, body to body massage can give you improved circulation, relieve stress, and deeply relax you. As your masseuse works her magic, she’ll relieve muscle tension, melt away your stress, and calm your nerves.

As well as health benefits, body to body massage can boost your confidence. Spending time with a masseuse in a no strings attached professional environment can help you ‘get back in the game’. We find a lot of clients choose our body to body massage services after a breakup for this very reason.

What Makes Body to Body Massage Special?

We’ve already talked about the health benefits of body to body massage. This special experience can boost your immune system, improve circulation, reduce your stress and anxiety, and alleviate aches and pains. And, as we said earlier, it can help boost your confidence! As well as all these benefits, body to body massage also provides a unique service. While the proverbial ‘happy ending’ can happen during all kinds of erotic massage, body to body can be more titillating and exciting. At the same time, it does not feel as intense as meting an escort, while still allowing for full release.

What Are The Types of Body To Body Massage?

Body to body massage takes unique training and skill, and within it there are even more specialisations!

One of our most popular massage services is Nuru Massage. This unique Japanese style of massage doesn’t use conventional massage oil. Instead, it uses nuru gel, made from organic sea kelp. Massage oils help are great at keeping skin lubricated, but they have nothing on nuru gel! This flavourless and organic gel makes body to body massage almost entirely frictionless, increasing contact between you and your masseuse.

A specialist service we offer at Body To Body London is soapy massage! Very few agencies offer this luxurious full-body treatment, so if you’re interested in this fun, sexy experience, you’re in luck! You’ll start off by showering with your beautiful masseuse and enjoying mutual touch. Then your masseuse will lead you to an inflatable mattress with even more suds and water for a slippy massage.

Does Body to Body Massage Always Have a Happy Ending?

While this isn’t the case all over the world, ‘happy endings’ to an erotic massage are legal in the UK. Ending your body to body massage session with an explosive finish is always optional. While rarely turned down, some people do prefer to go without a happy ending. You may feel pressure makes climax more difficult, or may prefer than the tension from teasing remains after your session.

We’re happy to take your session in whichever direction you’d prefer, although be clear with your masseuse so she knows how to direct the session!

Is Body To Body Massage Messy?

As body to body massage involves plenty of massage oil to create slipperiness and reduce friction, it can get messy. If you choose the more exotic nuru massage, it can be even messier! All incalls take place at a fully equipped luxury apartment, where you’ll be able to wash off any unwanted slipperiness. But part of the fun of body to body massage is the messiness, so embrace it!

Why Should I Try Body To Body Massage In London?

Vivienne Westwood once said “There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere”, and we agree! Our central London locations are as beautiful as our highly trained masseuses. From Marylebone to Westminster, these discreet luxury apartments are the perfect setting for a titillating massage. Body to body massage offers an experience more sensual than a conventional erotic massage, while feeling less intense than meeting with an escort. A body to body massage will relax you more deeply than other massages, releasing a flood of endorphins.

Choose Body To Body London For Your Massage

Body to Body London is a boutique sensual massage service. Our masseurs are open minded and welcoming, and will cater each session to your specific needs and desires. You’ll have the full attention of one of our masseurs, who make excellent hostesses. If you choose a four hands massage, you may even have the attention of two!

Our luxury incall locations are scattered across central London, each convenient to reach from the nearest Underground tube station. Our masseurs are all professional, charming, and fully trained. Let these world-class tantric goddesses wow you with their expert touch!

Body To Body Massage London Location
Our incall locations are located across London’s most famous and affluent neighbourhoods. From Baker Street and Bond Street to Chelsea and Knightsbridge, our locations are close to Underground tube stations. We also have locations in Earls Court, Gloucester Road, Holborn, Marylebone, Mayfair, South Kensington, Victoria, and Westminster.

If you’re based or staying in London, there’s a location for body to body massage near you! Completely discreet and unmarked, you’ll find our locations to be very welcoming.

If you’d prefer, we can also arrange outcalls to London’s finer hotels. Home visits are only available to regular, VIP clients.

Discreet and Luxurious

Each of our London locations are private and discreet, while being just a quick jaunt from the nearest tube station. Our apartments are secure and upmarket, with nothing that would make passersby think you weren’t just visiting a friend. Clean and private, you’ll find our locations very comfortable. Our masseurs are excellent hostesses. They may even set up music and incense for your visit, making it easy to lose yourself in the experience. Wherever you are in London, there’s sure to be a Body to Body London location close-by.

Not All Massage Is Made Equal

Unlike lower-class ‘rub and tug’ establishments, all of the masseurs who work at Body To Body London are experts. Fully trained in multiple forms of body to body massage, they can accommodate your desires. No matter what style of massage you crave, your masseuse will be able to lead you through the experience. Utilising her deep understanding of tantra, she’ll use her hands, arms, thighs, buttocks and body weight to give you the body to body massage experience you deserve. Our expert masseuses know that all erotic massage is about the journey, not the destination. She’ll craft your session to help your mind and body fully relax and unwind, coaxing your body to climax.

What To Expect From A Body To Body London Massage

Whichever location you choose, your masseuse will be professional, friendly, and welcoming. Fully trained, these women are educated, worldly, and stunningly beautiful.

You may feel shy or nervous about a body to body massage, but there’s no need! Regardless of your body type, fitness level, or level of physical ability, our masseuses are happy to see you.

Before your session, your masseuse will have a brief discussion with you about your wants, needs, and limits. For example, there may be parts of your body you love being touched or particular muscles that ache.

Can I Have A Body To Body Massage If I’m A Woman?

Absolutely! At Body To Body London, we love having female clients. Erotic massage between women is a beautiful experience, and many of our masseurs are very happy to see female clients. As an agency, we’re committed to women’s sexual wellness. We can ensure that your masseuse will be empathetic and understanding towards you as a woman.

As well as lesbian and bisexual women, we see a lot of bicurious female clients. For those exploring their sexuality, talking intimately with beautiful women in a professional, no-strings environment can feel liberating. We even have straight female clients, who enjoy the intimacy of body to body massage with another woman, regardless of attraction. Our masseurs understand that many women may experience body image issues or conflict around nudity, and are completely understanding and welcoming. Whether you’re a nervous first-timer or confident and experienced, we’d love to see you as a client!

How To Get The Most From Your Massage

We’re really happy that you’re considering booking a session with one of our body to body massage therapists in London! We favour incalls to help you get the most from your experience, as your masseuse and the space will always be fully ready for you when you arrive. But the choice is yours! Whether you experience one our luxury incall locations or an outcall at a high end London hotel, a few tips can help you get the most of your experience.

We recommend you have a light protein-based meal 2 to 3 hours before your massage session. If you feel you need it, add a light snack just prior to the session. We don’t recommend arriving to your session with a full stomach, or having consumed too much sugar or caffeine . Don’t be afraid to let your masseuse know what your preferences are during your initial chat. She’ll let you know hers too! Some of our masseuses are happy for mutual massage, while others would prefer you keep your hands to yourself.

When you’re being massaged, let yourself enjoy the journey and not just focus on the destination. We want you to have the massage that you want and deserve.

Book Today!

Now you know how to find a body to body massage in London, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! Browse our incall locations or take a look at our massage therapists. And don’t hesitate to in contact with us directly if you have any questions. At B2B London, we’re always ready to take your call and set you up for a session with a gorgeous and talented massage therapist.


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