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Introduction to Tantric Massage: An Exploration of the Ancient Art of Sensual Touch

When you want to be touched softly, and sensually, give tantric massage a try. Tantric massage is the perfect option for sensual seekers. A slow, methodical kind of massage, this massage will leave you feeling refreshed and at peace. Let’s explore what tantric massage is and how this massage can help you feel better overall.

Tantric massage: an ancient art

Tantric massage is a wonderful kind of massage rooted in ancient tantric practices. It combines the art of massage with tantra. Tantra is a set of philosophies and practices, such as mantras, that are based on Hinduism and Buddhist practices. It’s a broad range of things, and the ideas have been applied to things like massage and sex. By combining the two, tantric massage opens up a whole new world of massage to people. It focuses on healing every part of your being, not just the body. The slow, intentional touch of a tantric massage helps your energy and blood flow through your whole body and brings you a new level of peace you may not have experienced before.

The tantric philosophies

Tantric massage uses tantra philosophies and practices, but what are those exactly?

One of the most common practices tantric massage incorporates is breathing exercises. This may be breathing in sync with your masseuse for several breaths or paying attention to your breathing as pleasure wracks your body. By letting your breath out rather than holding it during pleasure, you can experience it more deeply and intimately.

Tantric massage also incorporates the philosophy of focusing on the entire person. This means mind, body, and soul. Every part of you is tended to during a tantric massage through touch, breathing, and pleasure. The massage is designed to help your energy and blood flow more freely, calm your mind, and focus on being present.

The massage itself

A tantric massage is a full body massage that includes your erogenous zones. A tantric massage doesn’t shy away from any part of your body, although it’s main goal isn’t to be sexual. It’s a sensual massage that focuses on pleasure, not climaxing. A masseuse will massage your entire body, soothing your muscles and taking care of any aches or pains. It isn’t a deep tissue massage but a gentler massage that relieves muscle tension. Your masseuse will also focus on your erogenous zones, including the penis, breasts, and vulva. Just like the body massage, massaging these areas is designed to increase blood and energy flow. Climaxes can happen but they’re not the focus for most tantric massages.

It’s the not the same as tantric sex

You might be more familiar with this term – tantric sex. Tantric sex is very similar to tantric massage in that it uses the practices of tantra to enhance sex instead of massage. It can be easy to get the two mixed up but it’s important to remember that tantric sex is about the act of having sex. It’s all about sexual energy, sexual connection, and achieving orgasms. Tantric massage is sensual, and can have an erotic edge to it depending on the type, but it doesn’t involve intercourse and typically is about experiencing pleasure rather than chasing a climax. Don’t mix up the two or you and your partner will end up with very different expectations.

A tantric massage is all about sensuality

If you’ve never gotten a tantric massage, you might be wondering what it’s like. Many tantric massages begin with a full body rubdown with luxurious massage oils to help your blood and energy flow. Tantric massage also incorporates some specific tantric practices such as breathing techniques and direct eye contact. Extremely sensual tantric massages will spend time massaging and touching your erogenous zones, including your genitals. There are tantric massages just for these areas that will bring you immense amounts of pleasure and frequently end with a mind blowing climax. Tantric massages are designed to relax you, soothe you, and leave you feeling realigned in your mind-body connection.

The mind-body connection

Since tantra itself is a set of ancient practices rooted in spiritual practices, it makes sense that tantric massage explores some of these areas. This includes the mind-body connection. This connection is the way that our mind and body influence each other. Content, positive thinking can bring goodness and healthiness to our bodies while taking care of our bodies can bring peace and relaxation to our mind. Tantric massage is a wonderful way to feed this connection positively. With things like breathing techniques, mantras, and enjoy the sensual touch, you’re able to heal your body and feed your mind with positive energies.

How to explore tantric massage

If you’re interested in trying out tantric massage, there are two ways to try it out. The first way is to find a professional tantric masseuse. Many erotic masseuses offer this as a service and it’s a great way to explore tantric massages. Look for reputable agencies with well-trained masseuses and you’re sure to have a great time exploring tantra. The benefit of this route is that you’re hiring someone who is trained in this ancient art and knows exactly what they are doing.

The other option to explore tantric massage is to try it out at home with your partner or lover. Either one of you can give or receive the massage and you can even take turns if you’d like. Learn a few basic massaging techniques, set the mood, and off you go. Since tantric massage is about the sensual and the pleasurable, keep your focus on those feelings and try to not get too distracted by your lover’s body. Give the massage that they deserve and you’re sure to feel connected and intimate by the very end.

Connecting through tantric touch

We may not think of touching each other as something that can bring benefits but, in fact, touching and being touched is incredibly beneficial for our bodies. When doing it with a lover or partner, sensual touch increases intimacy between the two of you. It strengthens bonds and deepens your connection. By spending time being vulnerable and exploring each other’s bodies, you’re expressing your desire and interest in your lover. Tantric massage is a great way of expressing this need and will help with that intimacy and connection.

Sensual touching feels good

Sensual means feeding your senses with physical and sexual pleasure. It is something we all love to indulge in. It’s a frequent part of our foreplay or other intimate activities with our partners. Cuddling up in a soft blanket with your lover is engaging in sensual touch with them. Sliding a cube of ice followed by your warm mouth is sensual touch. And tantric massage is an ebb and flow of giving and receiving sensual touch. As the receiver, you’ll be able to lay back, close your eyes, and just enjoy the sensations of the massage for what they are with no pressure to react any certain way.

Enjoying pleasure with no expectations

One of the things that many people experience in the bedroom is pressure. Pressure to perform, to orgasm, or to do certain things. And it can be hard to just enjoy the pleasure of sex and sexual energies if you’re so focused on these things. The great thing about tantric massage is that none of these pressures exist. You’re simply meant to lay on a table and relax. Enjoy the feeling of your masseuse’s hands on your body and let them take care of you.

Pleasure is something we should all be getting more of and a tantric massage is the perfect way to get it. Let the waves of pleasure, whether they’re sensual or sexual, move through you and enjoy them for what they are. There are no expectations here, no needs to fulfil. Just your enjoyment.

Massage and touch for better health

Sensual touch is also beneficial to our general health. It is very relaxing and stress reliving which is a great thing alone. We all know that stress is bad for our bodies and getting rid of it is very important. Stress can contribute to many things include higher blood pressure, bad sleep, and making illnesses worse. Getting rid of it means improving these things and feeling better. Massage also improves the immune system, minimising your chance of getting sick. It’s also known to help improve things like anxiety and help with chronic symptoms. Massage brings many things to the table to help you feel good and be better.

Balancing your energies

As previously mentioned, tantric practices are about the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. This means that part of tantric massage is about getting your energy to flow freely and removing any blocks you may have. Massage, moves your energy around your body, back to where it belongs.

By doing this, you’re balancing the masculine and feminine energies that reside in us. According to tantric teachings, these energies must balance. Only then can we move through life in harmony and love. Your masseuses hands are physically encouraging these energies to flow and balance each other out as they massage your body and especially when they massage your genitals.

Feel more at peace with yourself

In the end, tantra is about becoming tranquil and peaceful in your mind, body, and spirit.

Tantric massages will leave you feel peaceful and more connected with yourself than a regular erotic massage. You will be happier with yourself and your life, ready to handle any challenge that comes at you because you know that you are a capable person. Tantric massage has taught you that.

Explore the sensuality of tantric massage

Tantric massage is a great massage for everyone. From the sensual nature to the healing processes it encourages, tantric massage is sure to leave you feeling blissful and at peace. Enjoy and absorb the care and tenderness as waves of pleasure crash through your body over and over again. You’ll feel relaxed and taken care of. Enjoy the sensual touching from your masseuse, professional or partner, and know that it is taking care of your body. Sensual touch is so important for us to experience and a tantric massage is the perfect way to receive it.


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