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Is a Body to Body Massage Erotic?

Body to body massage sounds wonderful by the name alone. A full body massage, B2B massage is all about sensual pleasure and relaxation. If you’re wanting to explore erotic massages, you may be wondering if a body to body massage is erotic. And what about it makes it erotic anyways?

What is body to body massage?

Body to body massage is when a masseuse uses their whole body to give a deep tissue massage. They start with their hands to prepare your muscles for a deeper massage. Slowly, they’ll begin using other parts of their body until they are using their whole body to massage you. Lots of massage oil is used to remove all friction and keep things slick and relaxing.

What is erotic massage?

Erotic massage is a massage with erotic elements. A regular massage is done by the masseuse using only their hands while an erotic massage often means the masseuse uses their whole body. They may be wearing lingerie or nude while giving the massage. Erotic massages have an atmosphere of pleasure and sensuality alongside relaxation and stress relief. It isn’t just about soothing your muscles, it’s about creating feelings of pleasure. Erotic massage is not legal everywhere but it is here in the UK. Every kind of massage we give is above board and legitimate.

So what makes body to body massage erotic?

Body to body massage is erotic for a few reasons. The biggest one is that the masseuse is nude too. A beautiful woman rubbing her whole body on yours is very sexy. The use of massage oil is helpful here since it helps keep all touching slick and sensual without any kind of friction. And body to body massage includes focusing on your erogenous zones, bringing you erotic pleasure with every touch. Body to body massages can also include happy endings after all of that buildup and tease.

Enjoy the art of the tease

Part of what makes erotic massages so appealing is the slow sensual pacing of the massage. Your masseuse will take her time spreading massage oil all over your body with her hands. She’ll rub and soothe all of your muscles, slowly using more and more of her nude body. You have a whole hour to enjoy your masseuse’s nude body on yours. The sensuality and eroticism can lead up to a big payoff at the end.

Benefits of erotic B2B massage

The great thing about body to body massage is that there are benefits other than the erotic ones. Full body to body massage helps soothe and calm your aching muscles. It melts away stress and anxieties by giving you time and space to just relax. Massages are also good for improving your libido, especially erotic ones. Other benefits can include improved sleep and energy, improved circulation, and improved immune function. Massages in general are great for your body and erotic massages just add an extra layer of care.

Boost your confidence and libido

Another great benefit to body to body massage is a boost in your confidence in libido. It’s quite an experience having a nude woman work her whole body over yours. Not only will your muscles and body be taken care of, but so will your confidence and libido. A body to body erotic massage will make you feel like a pampered king. You’ll feel confident and sexy after having your erogenous zones focused on by a beautiful woman. Erotic massages help you get back in touch with those confidence and sexy feelings and keep you feeling good for a long while afterward.

Revel in the intimacy

You may not think of a massage as intimate but having a woman touch every part of your body can actually feel very intimate. It’s important that we all experience intimacy in our lives. We may think that we can only explore intimacy with our partners but this isn’t necessarily true. Erotic massages are a great way to explore what that feels like. And if you don’t have a partner, an erotic massage is a wonderful way to feel intimacy from someone you trust. You may even learn a thing or two on how to bring intimacy to your own personal life.

The benefit of touch

Being touched by other people is important to all of us even if we don’t realize it. An erotic body to body massage is a great way to be touched all over in a sensual way. Being touched reduces our anxiety and stress levels. It even boosts our immune system and lowers blood pressure. Being touched by a sexy woman can help you feel good in so many different ways. You can see why experiencing a lot of touching, especially in an erotic way, can be very beneficial to you and your body.

Relaxation and sensuality

Massages are all about relaxation and erotic massages bring in sensuality. Lay back and enjoy being doted on by a sexy masseuse. Spend time relaxing in a sensual environment that is all about you and your pleasure. Enjoy candlelight, delicious scents, and soothing massage oils. All of your senses are going to be taken care of, not just your body. Body to body massages are incredibly sensual and erotic and you’ll be wanting to return to that feeling of relaxation and sensuality again and again.

Erotic massages are different and unique

If you’ve ever gotten a regular massage, you might be thinking that an erotic massage is the same, just with a nude woman. Erotic massages provide so much sensual pleasure that the two don’t compare. Your masseuse will give you just the right amount of muscle massage combined with erotic teasing and a sensual atmosphere. Erotic massages are incredibly relaxing and can bring you more stress relief than a regular massage.

Erotic massages aren’t just for men

The great thing about erotic body to body massages is that they aren’t just for men. We believe that women should be able to experience body to body massages too. Massages are about relaxation and being soothed which is for everyone. Our masseuses are always happy to work with female clients who want to indulge in something sexy and erotic. If you’re a woman interested in an erotic body to body massage, working with us is a great way to give it a try.

The happy ending bonus

We may think of erotic massages as being all about sex. But not every erotic massage ends in with a happy ending believe it or not. It’s up to the client whether or not they want to have one. It’s something you should think about before you go see your masseuse. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss with her your preferences and options. How you get there is up for discussion but it’s never required. You can be perfectly satisfied with just your erotic massage or have a glorious ending. It’s all up to you.

Why you should get a body to body massage

If all these benefits aren’t enough to convince you to get the best body to body massage in London, here are a few more reasons:

  • You deserve to relax and be taken care of. We all work hard and it can be difficult to take time to ourselves for a little rest. A body to body massage is perfect for that.
  • Body to body massages are erotic fun. Having a gorgeous woman sliding and massaging your body doesn’t have to be serious or stoic. It can be fun and sexy at the same time. When was the last time you had a little fun just for yourself?
  • Body to body massages are a full experience from beginning to end. Your whole body is taken care of with careful attention to detail. Our masseuses are professionals and want you to feel like you’re in the lap of luxury.

Try a body to body massage with us

If you’ve never had a body to body massage, try one with us. All of our masseuses are trained in massage and will give you a real professional body to body massage. Our erotic body to body massages will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered. Getting an erotic massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself. We provide not only a pleasurable service but a discrete one too. No one has to know about your erotic massage other than you and your masseuse.

What is an appointment like?

All of our massage sessions last a minimum of 60 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to discuss with your masseuse your preferences or any concerns you may have. You’ll take a quick shower before your massage begins. We want you to fully enjoy your massage so we provide plenty of time for you to be taken care of. Your masseuse is going to take care of all your aches and pains using her whole body. The sensual build-up may sound a little slow but it’s all about building you up to a wonderful finish, whatever that looks like.

Our masseuses are professional and beautiful

All of our masseuses are professional masseuses and are trained in the art of massage. And all of our masseuses look just like their pictures. Unlike other less professional companies, we don’t do any bait and switch here. We believe that you deserve to know who you are going to be working with. All of our masseuses are beautiful and ready to give you the best massage in London.

In call and out call services

We offer both in call and out call services with in calls being our most popular. Our masseuses are located in convenient places all around London in their own private flats. It simply looks like you are visiting a friend to any nosy people rather than entering a sketchy massage parlor. In call services offer plenty of discretion for those who need it. All of our masseuse’s flats are five-star luxurious and you’ll enjoy every moment of being there.

Out call massages are much more limited and are at the discretion of the masseuses. We recommend in call massages for the best massage experience in London.

Book an erotic body to body massage with us

Erotic body to body massages are full of wonderful benefits, especially erotic and sexy ones. If you’re new to massage, it is a great way to jump right in and get a full experience. Check out our beautiful masseuses and the services they offer. Then give us a ring and we’ll help you set up an appointment today. Our masseuses can book quickly so don’t hesitate!


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