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Lingam Massage: Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

There are many kinds of erotic massage, and you may have heard many stories about them. But what about the lingam massage? What do you know about this sensual massage, and what is just a myth? We will cover some myths and misconceptions about lingam massage and tell you the facts about this great sexy massage.

The Practice of Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is rooted in the ancient Indian art of tantra. This spiritual practice focuses on mind-body-soul connections for health and healing. Lingam massage is all about the male genitals and encouraging blood and energy flow for an intimate and healthy connection between the man and his lingam. It isn’t a very intense massage but focuses on celebrating masculinity and admiring the form of a man’s lingam. If you want to reconnect with your sexuality or maybe are experiencing some sexual dysfunction, a lingam massage may be perfect for you.

Myths and Misconceptions

Like many other practices rooted in tantra, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions about what a Lingam massage is. Word-of-mouth isn’t always the best way to get information. It can be hard to sort out the truth from these myths, so we’re going to tackle some of the biggest ones to help you understand more about the lingam massage. You’ll be ready to explore this ancient massage practice with your lover in no time.

It is about sacred sexuality

Tantric sex and tantric massage can be a little off-putting because of the spiritual component, but it’s important to embrace it instead of rejecting it. Your mind, body, and spirit all work together to keep you healthy and happy as you progress through life. Tantric massage is no different from other kinds of tantric practices. Sacred sexuality is about learning to love our genitals and erogenous zones. For women, the lingam massage is about learning to admire and become confident in handling a man’s penis. And for men, it’s about honouring their bodies and sexual capabilities.

It’s not intercourse

A lingam massage is about the lingam and the man’s pleasure. It isn’t a form of foreplay; however, the energy connection and flow generated between a man and a woman during a lingam massage may spur them on to having sex. But if you want to give just a lingam massage or are considering hiring an erotic masseuse to receive one, know that the lingam massage is all about hands on the body, not about having sex. It doesn’t even have to end in an orgasm!

It’s not a handjob

You might think a lingam massage is just a fancy handjob, but this isn’t true. Lingam massages are massages. The masseuse uses their fingertips, palms, and hands to massage the penis, testicles, and other areas. It’s not as simple as helping someone reach orgasm. The massage is slow and intentional because it builds that energy flow. Orgasms can happen with lingam massages, but they are not the point of the massage. The focus is celebrating masculine energy and giving a man’s lingam a wonderful massage.

It does help with blood flow

If you’re struggling with things like erectile dysfunction, a lingam massage can sometimes help out. The massage practice encourages blood to flow more freely through your lingam, helping you get a better erection for longer. Some men find that it takes several lingam massages to see results, so it may be worth experimenting with. It isn’t a cure but a wonderful way to encourage your body to feel rejuvenated and energetic sexually.

It helps with energy flow

Tantric massage is about opening up your energetic channels and helping energy flow through your whole body. You can do this through a lingam massage using special breathing techniques and purposeful massage. Imagine energy flowing from the crown of your head to the bottoms of your feet and back up again. And this energy will pool in your penis and testicles, building up sexual excitement and stamina. Energy flow is an essential part of taking care of your body and spirit, so a lingam massage is a great tool to use.

Breathing techniques

Tantric massage, in general, uses special breathing techniques to help you relax and sink deeper into the pleasure and eroticism of the massage. Lingam massages are no different. Using these special breathing techniques can help the lingam massage last longer or deepen the intensity of your orgasm. If you’re doing the lingam massage with your lover, it can also help create a wonderfully intimate connection between you. Breathing in sync is often very connecting and a great way to get things started.

Improve your stamina

Lingam massage frequently uses edging techniques to help prevent an orgasm from happening too soon. This is because an orgasm is technically the end of the massage, so you don’t want it to end too quickly. Edging techniques will help a man build up his stamina and ability to last longer in bed. Since you’re constantly being worked up to the edge of pleasure and backing off, your body is learning to get there without tipping straight over. It’s a great way to improve your sexual stamina.

It’s not a cure-all

While lingam massages can often help with symptoms of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, it isn’t a cure for these things. If you’re having genuine medical issues, check in with your doctor about different options. Lingam massages are great to use in tandem with medical alternatives. They can help you build stamina and improve your erections, but they may not entirely cure your problem.

You can do it yourself

If you’re shy or nervous about asking your partner for a lingam massage, it’s something you can do yourself. Ensure that you have plenty of private time and take the time to begin exploring your lingam. Try things that you haven’t done before. Go slower than you do when masturbating. Use your fingertips to massage up and down your lingam. Over time, you can try to do the lingam massage for longer, building up those waves of pleasure into an incredible peak. But it’s straightforward to give yourself your lingam massage and connect with your body.

Or with a partner

A lingam massage is a great thing to do with your partner or lover. It allows them to share how much they love and admire you and your lingam. Have a relaxing and intimate night together by moving from a wonderful erotic massage into a lingam massage. You can even end your lingam massage with sex if the two of you want to. Either way, lingam massages can build great intimate connections between the two of you and help solidify your relationship.

You can hire a professional

Many erotic masseuses offer lingam massages and are very good at it. This is a great route if you’re interested in lingam massage but don’t have a partner or don’t want to include one. You may have a full body massage before moving into the lingam massage, which will help your muscles relax and ease your mind into the right headspace. A full tantric massage is a wonderful one to take care of your body and get everything flowing correctly. Professional erotic masseuses are experts in this kind of massage and will be well worth your time.

Multiple orgasms

This one may feel more like a myth than a truth, but it is true! Through the practices of edging and semen retention, a man can experience multiple orgasms with a lingam massage. These orgasms are frequently non-ejaculatory orgasms meaning that they are full-body orgasms without causing a refractory or recovery period. The penis can remain hard and have another orgasm without the wait. Lingam massages are an amazing way to experience a lot of pleasure differently.

It shouldn’t be uncomfortable

Lingam massages are all about pleasure and celebration, so nothing should be uncomfortable or painful during it. If you’re experiencing discomfort, let the person giving you a massage know so that they can change what they’re doing. This is about feeling good and enjoying yourself, so don’t be afraid to speak up.

It isn’t just about the penis

It’s easy to see how you can think that a lingam massage is just about the penis, but the truth is that it’s also about the testicles, perineum, and prostate. You don’t have to explore all these areas if you’re uncomfortable, but the lingam massage is about all areas of the sexual male pleasure. But, to get the full experience, let your masseuse work for their hands all over your sexual organs and explore what kind of pleasure you’ve been missing out on.

You can explore prostate massage

If you’re interested in exploring more sensations, consider including a prostate massage with your lingam massage. Whether you explore this internally or externally is up to you and your comfort levels. The prostate is also known as the ‘sacred spot’ and can be an immense source of pleasure for many men. A gentle massage can sometimes give men orgasms without much effort. It’s a great thing to explore and see if it feels right for you.

They can be slow massages

Because lingam massages are about exploration and admiration of the lingam, they tend to be slower and more deliberate than a regular massage or handjob. Lingam massages help you feel good about your sexuality and the pleasure your body can handle. And it can take time to build and explore these feelings. So lingam massages tend to be slower and not something to rush through. You’ll miss out on many great things if you try to rush through it.

Lingam massages are fun

In the end, lingam massages should be fun for everyone involved. No matter who is giving or receiving, pleasure and intimacy should be the focus. Lingam massages are easy to share; anyone can do it with the right mood and intentions. Enjoy worshipping your lover’s body or having your body worshipped. Celebrate your masculinity and give your lingam the pampering it deserves.


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