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Lingam Massage Techniques and Tips for a Memorable Experience

Erotic massage should always be a fun and memorable experience. But if you’re exploring erotic massage, you’re probably looking for some great techniques and tips. We’ve got the scoop on all sorts of tips and tricks to make a lingam massage amazing.

What is a lingam massage?

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for “penis”. So a lingam massage is all about the penis, testicles, and surrounding areas. It can even include prostate massage. Lingam massage is all about honouring the masculinity that lives in this area of the body. It’s designed to help increase blood flow, and energy to improve a man’s sexual prowess. Lingam massages often end in orgasm, but that isn’t necessarily the goal.

Why you should explore lingam massages

If you’ve never had a lingam massage, you’re in for a great experience. Lingam massages are unique because they focus on one area of the body rather than the entire body. If you’re struggling with anything from erectile dysfunction to just feeling good about your body, a lingam massage will help you. Exploring lingam massages is a great way to reconnect to your masculinity in a pleasurable way.

How do lingam massages work

Lingam massages are all about massaging the penis, testicles, and surrounding areas. Essentially, your lover will slowly massage all of these wonderful places without necessarily bringing you to an orgasm quickly. Because this is a tantric massage, you should consider how energy flows through your body and what kinds of blocks you want to release. Lingam massages should feel good and reinforce that your lingam is important and worth being worshipped.

Doing lingam massage at home

You don’t have to hire a professional to experience a lingam massage. A willing partner is all you need. Lingam massages are a great kind of massage at home since it’s fairly simple and doesn’t require any training. It also means you’re in a familiar environment and can relax more easily than elsewhere. Share with your partner what you’re interested in exploring, and take the journey together.

Great way to connect with your partner

Intimate massages are good ways to connect and deepen intimacy with your partner. By spending time together in a sensual atmosphere, you’ll both be able to focus on feeling good together. A lingam massage also lets your partner know your body and what makes you feel good. Let them work their hands and fingertips all over you, watching you for little reactions. It’s sure to have you both ready for more afterwards.

Build intimacy and make it memorable

If you want to do a lingam massage with your partner, a great way to approach it is to make a full night of it. Have a wonderful dinner together, perhaps a glass of wine. Relax and unwind from the busy stress of the day and bring your attention to each other. Your partner can massage your legs and back before flipping you over to start massaging your lingam. Focus on what makes you both feel good, the scents you both like, and the music you enjoy. Building that intimacy is so valuable to a relationship and will benefit both of you in the long run.

Getting ready for a lingam massage

Getting ready for a lingam massage is pretty easy. Primarily, you want to have enough space to lie down and your partner to be able to sit next to you or between your legs so they can massage you properly. A bed works great! Massage oil is also essential since it helps reduce the friction of the skin and keeps things slick. You can lay down a towel to keep your sheets clean from oil. Take some deep breaths together and keep that focus right here and now. You’re ready for a lingam massage.

Setting the mood

If you’re doing a lingam massage in your bedroom, take a moment to tidy up before beginning. A clean space will be less distracting. Set out all of your supplies beforehand. Get some water bottles or other drinks and keep them nearby. Make sure your room temperature will feel good once you’re nude. You can also incorporate candles, low lighting, incense, and music. You want to build a warm and sensual atmosphere to help you and your lover focus on what is to come.

What to focus on during a lingam massage

If you’ve never had a lingam massage, you might end up laying there wondering what you’re supposed to be doing. Primarily, it would be best if you were focusing on the sensations your partner is giving you. Close your eyes and really feel the warmth of their skin, the strength of their grip on you. Ride the waves of pleasure as they come. Don’t chase them, don’t chase after an orgasm. But let the pleasure rock your body gently and with great enjoyment. Let your partner know if something is uncomfortable; otherwise, let them take the lead. They’re entirely focused on you, after all.

Tips and tricks for giving a great massage

Lingam massages are fairly simple to both give and receive, but we have some tips and tricks for giving a great lingam massage. This is great to share with your partner to discuss the possibilities.

  • Use plenty of massage oil. Warm it up if possible so that you aren’t pouring it cold on to your lover’s skin.
  • Sit between your partner’s legs or next to them. You’ll have better access to everything this way.
  • Massage from the legs and thighs up to the lingam. You don’t have to start right away with the lingam.
  • Use your hands to slowly massage the penis and testicles, varying pressure and stroke length. Pay attention to what makes your partner react in pleasurable ways. It’s okay for him to not get an erection right away.
  • You can use the palm of your hand to slide up and down his penis. Grip him gently and slowly stroke up and down. Don’t rush but keep the pleasure flowing.
  • Take your time. Explore the area. Back off and slow down if your partner seems close to orgasm. It’s okay if they have an orgasm – lingam massages often still feel wonderful afterwards.
  • You can end a lingam massage with his orgasm or move into intercourse. Whatever feels right for both of you.

Be present in the moment

So much about tantric massage is about learning to be present in the moment. Focus on enjoying what you’re feeling right now. Let go of any worries or concerns floating in your mind. This is the time to be thinking about your lover, their hands, and the pleasure that is filling your body. Being present will help you experience the lingam massage more fully and build intimacy between you and your lover.

Ride the waves of pleasure

If you’re new to this kind of massage, you may be wondering how to experience pleasure without immediately peaking. Tantra uses breathwork to help a person stay focused and grounded in order to feel pleasure without getting too focused on orgasming. Take slow deep breaths with your eyes closed. Pay attention to what you can immediately feel. Don’t stress about doing it right the first time – let the experience be what it is.

Strengthen your stamina and libido

Lingam massages are a great way to strengthen your stamina and libido. Because you can do edging with lingam massages – meaning bringing you to the brink of orgasm than backing off – you can slowly build the amount of pleasure you can handle before having an orgasm. Lingam massages will also increase your libido by reminding you how much you can enjoy yourself in bed again. You’ll be thinking about sex more and more after frequent lingam massages.

Allow yourself to be doted on

These kinds of massages are all about you, gentlemen. Let yourself be worshipped and doted on by your lover. Be appreciated for your masculinity through a lingam massage. It’s so important that we all take time for ourselves and take care of our bodies. Your lingam is no exception. Give it the special treatment that it deserves with an amazing lingam massage.

Combine lingam massage with full body massage

You can very easily combine lingam massages with full body massage. Spend some time getting a full body massage first which can help relax you and ease your mind into a welcoming state. A full body massage doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy but should last long enough to empty your mind. Then your lover can move into a more focused massage with your lingam. You’ll be feeling amazing all over.

Explore prostate massage

Lingam massages can also include prostate massages. If that intrigues you, make sure to do some reading on how to safely practice this. The prostate is a sensitive gland located just under your bladder, behind your penis. You can gently stroke it from inside, encouraging an erection and perhaps even an orgasm without ejaculation. Prostate massages can be absolutely wonderful to explore.

Lean into tantric techniques

Since lingam massage is a tantric massage, it’s very easy to use tantric techniques to improve the massage. As mentioned before, deep breathing is a common tantric technique and can help you stay focused in the moment. You can start off with breathing in rhythm with your partner before moving into your massage to help forge a connection. Focus on the energy flowing through your body and releasing blocks and tension in your muscles. Tantra is a whole practice and well-worth learning about to fully enjoy.

Enjoy yourself and the massage

We’ll keep saying it – lingam massages should be enjoyable and memorable. Both you and your lover should have a great time exploring your body and learning what makes you shudder with pleasure. Exploring lingam massage at home should be a fun and exciting experience and not something done with dread or reluctance. Make sure both of you are in a headspace to have a great time and dive into it with fun and no expectations about what will happen.

Explore lingam massage with a professional

If you’re not sure about trying out lingam massage at home, you can always hire an erotic masseuse. Many erotic masseuses are well-trained in the art of tantric massage and know exactly what techniques to use to help you feel incredible. Getting a professional lingam massage will also show you what kinds of things you can try out at home. It will also give you a safe and sensual environment to practice letting go and relaxing.


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