Tantric Massage In-call Locations

Visit our luxurious locations across London

Join us at one of our London locations to enjoy the privacy and convenience of a massage in a secure, upscale apartment. Each massage location is just a quick jaunt from the local Tube station and is completely discreet. 

We know that privacy and discretion are important to you, so all of our locations are anonymous and unmarked. To any passerby you’d just appear to be visiting the home of a friend. No flickering neon signs and papered-up windows here. You will find our in-call locations to be clean, private, well-appointed and very comfortable. Our masseuses make excellent hostesses and they will ensure that you are comfortable and calm for your massage, before spoiling you with their expert touch. No matter where you are in London, we are never far away! Call us today and arrange your next in-call massage session!

Visits to London’s finer hotels can be arranged. Home visits are only available to regular clients.

Remember: self-care is not selfish

There are so many reasons to partake in a body to body massage, including the fact that it counts as self-care. If the term self-care leaves you feeling flat, you’re not alone. But when you consider that self-care can be so much more than face masks and smoothie bowls, a whole universe of pleasure opens up to you. Taking care of our bodies (especially as we age) can be an overwhelming task. The maintenance required to keep yourself looking and feeling your best can be challenging to make into habit. Stopping in to see your favourite masseuse for a quick rub down is a easy and convenient and guaranteed to make you feel good. 

Body to Body Tantric Massage London

Enjoy everything London has to offer. Experience the peak of sensual sophistication with a sensual massage. 

Body to Body Tantric Massage is a tantric massage agency trusted by London’s most elite clients – but we’d never kiss and tell! We cater to the most discerning gentlemen (and ladies!), so privacy and discretion are always guaranteed. Each masseuse operates independently from a luxury apartment in a prime location in London, making it easy to fit a bit of self-care into your busy schedule. We even do Couples’ Massage, for those seeking the ultimate in sensual intimacy. 

You deserve the very best and at Body to Body Tantric Massage that’s exactly what you will get. Call us today to book yourself some “me time” for the sexiest VIP massage in London. Incall and outcall available.

We have various central London locations for incalls in South Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Vauxhall, Covent Garden, Westminster and Mayfair.