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No matter what brings you to Kensington, there’s tons to see and do. All of the usual attractions are available to you: cafes, pubs and all manner of boutiques and big box stores, but there’s one thing in Kensington that you may not expect. Something saucy and just for the adults! That’s right B2B London Massage has moved into Kensington, lock, stock and barrel. Kensington has always had a lot going for it, and now it has even more. Our gorgeous masseuse are now offering body to body and tantric massage in Kensington. Spend some time shopping, walking, and eating, and finish your day with a sensual erotic massage by one of London’s greatest massage goddesses. It’s easy to book, call or message us on +447 933 108 843 to book a full service body to body massage in Kensington today.

Private Apartments In Kensington For You Only

If you find yourself north of Earl’s Court and east of Hammersmith, you are more than likely in Kensington. Known as one of London’s busiest and best shopping districts, Kensington High Street is the go-to commercial area for residents and tourists alike. Kensington is so busy that you may have concerns about privacy and discretion if you’re getting an erotic massage. Let us put your mind at ease because our locations are completely private and totally discreet. Each one of our amazing masseuses hosts sessions from her upscale five-star Kensington flat.

There’s no tacky signage or flickering neon, just a gorgeous apartment in an affluent neighbourhood, with a gorgeous masseuse. Nothing makes an erotic massage sexier than knowing that you can relax and won’t be interrupted or have to share space with other clients like you might have to do a massage “parlour”. Instead you can see your masseuse of choice in her private massage space or if you are a part of our VIP Club or a guest at London’s five star hotels, you can request an outcall massage where your masseuse travels to you. Whichever form of private massage you select, you will be transported to a world of perfect pleasure at the hands of a knowledgeable and enticing masseuse.

What Happens During A Kensington Tantric Massage?

If you’re in need of a rigorous massage but you’d like to have a little bit of fun while doing it, and erotic massage is your best bet. The benefits of tantric massage are many, and they can be especially positive for men with sluggish libidos. Spending time with a beautiful masseuse as she oils you up and rubs you down, bringing you ever closer to direct stimulation and release is good for your body, mind, and soul. There’s nothing more affirming than the rapt attention of an absolute goddess, as she works you over from head to toe, back to front, all over your body and your erogenous zones.

As the massage progresses she will narrow her focus to just your erogenous zones (including ones you didn’t even know you had) and then she will narrow her focus further to your lap. The direct stimulation that you need to experience a complete release is available to you and comes on the heels of an extensive massage that will leave your body feeling like melted butter. Each one of our masseuses knows not only how to make your body feel better, but how to caress your very masculinity. There’s nothing in the world that makes a man feel like a man quite like a tantric massage in Kensington. It truly is something that needs to be experienced to be fully understood.

Our locations in Kensington are easily accessible, and each one is just a hop skip and a jump from their local Tube Station. Once you select a massage style and a masseuse you’re excited to meet, give us a call directly and we will walk you through all the remaining details of your upcoming session and answer all of your questions. We want you to feel ready, excited, and confident about your session and about meeting your massage goddess. Call us today and see why we are the best new addition to Kensington, and just how good an erotic massage can be. Don’t hesitate, each of our masseuses books up quickly! What are you waiting for? Message or call us on +447 933 108 843 and you’ll be enjoying the most luxurious Kensington body to body massage in next to no time.

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Body to Body & Tantric Massage in Kensington

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