Erotic Massage In London

The world of erotic massage in London is one of incredible pleasure and relaxation. If you’ve never had an erotic massage before you may be wondering what they are, what they’re all about, and what it’s like to experience. Read on to learn more or try an erotic massage for yourself.

Erotic massage refers to any form of massage that intentionally focuses on arousal, not just muscle therapy. In order to be considered an erotic massage it must prioritise arousal, and even climax, depending on the situation. Every erotic massage agency in London has their own approach, but most erotic massages go through a similar process.

We primarily focus on incall massage sessions where you travel to your masseuse’s location, instead of her coming to you. All of our masseuses work from their private, five-star apartments throughout London, each one with a dedicated massage area, equipped with everything she will need to give you a world-class massage. We also provide outcall erotic massage in central London for 5 star hotels and regular clients. To book a London erotic massage call or message us on +447 933 108 843.

Not all forms of erotic massage are created equal

Per the definition, almost any massage can become an erotic massage if eroticism and climax are pursued. But some forms of massage lend themselves to erotic touch better than others, and some have been designed specifically to be erotic.

Take, for example, the Nuru Massage. It was developed in Kawasaki, Japan as a loophole for escorts when local legislation was infringing on their business. A Nuru Massage is a body to body massage, highly erotic and arousing, as it involves the masseuse using her entire body to slip and slide against yours. She does this with the help of Nuru Gel, an organic sea botanical substance that has incredibly slick and slippery lubricating properties. It is odourless, flavourless, and non-staining, and it makes for a delightfully sensual and erotic massage.

If you’re looking for something a bit more deep tissue, an erotic Swedish massage or Shiatsu massage can be just what you need. In the case of these more common forms of Massage you will still reap the benefits of a serious therapeutic massage, but with the allure, titillation, and flirtation of an absolutely stunning massage goddess.

What Can You Expect From An Erotic Massage?

Upon arrival you’ll have a quick chat with your masseuse about what you’re looking for and what your limitations may be. She will explain the massage process and her boundaries as well. Then you’ll have a brief shower, think of it as washing away the stresses of life so you can relax into your massage, and then your massage will begin.

During your massage you can expect to have the full focus and attention of your masseuse and for her to adjust the pressure to suit your comfort. As the massage progresses it will become increasingly erotic and your masseuse will narrow in on your erogenous zones, eventually handling your genitals. All the while, you will both be nude or scantily clad and you will have the advantage of watching her perfect physique and she attends to all of your aches and pains from head to toe.

Erotic Fulfilment And Fantasy

Erotic massage is equal parts fulfilment and fantasy. The massage itself is top notch and will ease and soothe overworked muscles or stiffness. However, it also comes with a heaping dose of fantasy as well. Our masseuses are like a wet dream come true, they are simply stunning and open-minded, all whilst being professionals and using their hard-earned massage skills. You see, each one of our masseuses is a fully trained bodyworker, with not only knowledge and experience with massage, but talent and passion. Each of them is fully trained and able to provide as good a massage as you’d get anywhere, they just so happen to do it with next to nothing on, while looking like your hottest fantasies come to life.

Leave Felling Better Than When You Arrived

Erotic massage is the kind of thing that you have to experience to fully understand. Even if every detail was described at length, it will never be so clear for you how good erotic massage can be, until you’ve had one. There’s no reason to worry or hesitate, it is a wonderful experience and you will be treated like a king. Our aim is to have you leave your session feeling better than when you arrived, and we are confident that you will.

You've Got To Try A London Erotic Massage

To book a London erotic massage take a look through our masseuse gallery and see if anyone catches your eye. You may feel spoiled for choice because they’re all so gorgeous, but that’s not really a bad problem to have, is it? You can search by masseuse or their London location and when you have those details sorted out, give us a call directly and we will find you the next available session that accommodates your needs. All of our masseuses book up quickly each week, so give us a ring ASAP on +447 933 108 843 and you’ll be one step closer to the erotic massage experience you have been wishing for!

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