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If you keep a bucket list, a list of things you want to do during your life, experiences you want to have, and it doesn’t have “get an intimate massage” on it, then you should re-evaluate your list. Getting an intimate massage in London is the kind of activity that you have to experience as the rewards are so enjoyable. Imagine being alone in a room with a beautiful naked masseuse, devoting her entire attention to you. That alone sounds pretty amazing but it also has many benefits as it’s an incredibly relaxing type of massage. Not only is it relaxing it can make a tangible contribution to your overall mood and outlook. There are lots of ways in which an intimate massage can be beneficial, and they may not be the ways that you expect. Scroll further down the web page to read more or give us a call on +447 933 108 843 to book your intimate massage.

The Most Gorgeous And Intimate Girls In London

You will be delighted and enthralled by how gorgeous and lovely each one of our girls are. Each one of them is selected for their incredible good looks and impeccable figures, as well as their massage skills and people skills. Intimate massage is part fantasy, part reality, in the sense that the setting and the focused attention of your masseuse will feel like something from your wildest fantasies, but the results you feel in your body will be absolutely real. The massage may be intimate in nature but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be a weak rub down. All of our masseuses are fully trained in multiple forms of massage and all of them know how to deliver the kind of massage that you need.

Intimacy is necessary

The concept of intimacy, and being intimate with someone, is usually reserved for someone we are close to or in a romantic or sexual relationship with. A professional intimate massage may sound like an oxymoron however you will be surprised at how much intimacy and trust can be created in just one session. That’s a great thing because intimacy is something that every adult human needs, and not everyone has. The last few years in particular have put a spotlight on how important touch and connection can be. If you’re feeling like it’s been too long since you had some significant human contact, a session with one of our gorgeous masseuses will set you right again. They are respectful and professional, while also being boldly intimate.

Intimate or erotic?

It really is splitting hairs to compare intimate and erotic massage. For the most part these terms are used interchangeably, as both of them describe a massage style that focuses on sexual pleasure, not only sensual touch. With an intimate massage the objective is intimacy, and that is achieved through how your masseuse communicates with you, touches you, moves her body, and what parts of your body he focuses on. Generally massages start in a broad way, covering most of the body, and as time goes on the focus becomes more and more narrow. Your masseuse will be well-versed in all of the human erogenous zones and will be able to turn you on and tease you in the simplest and sexiest ways. No matter how far you go, your massage will be titillating and exciting, all while providing you deep relaxation and a sense of wellness.

Intimate Massage Benefits

The benefits of intimate massage are not strictly physical. When your body feels good and is getting what it needs, often your mind is more at ease as well. Both research and anecdotal feedback tells us that most of our clients sleep better for several nights after having an intimate massage and almost all of them report an improvement in their overall mood. An intimate massage feels incredible in the moment, but clearly has lasting effects. Much like exercise and meditation, intimate massage can be a viable part of stress reduction. Not only do you get the stimulation to your parasympathetic nervous system which helps us sleep better, improves cognitive power, etc., there’s also the endorphin rush of orgasm that is very healthy for physical and mental health.

Legitimate And Above Board

One thing that makes Jolly Old England so jolly is the fact that erotic massage is legitimate and above board, including the happy ending. When you book with us you’re not only getting London’s sexiest masseuses, you’re also getting London’s best massage. By the time your masseuse has taken you through the process and works all her magic, she will focus on the home stretch and take you ‘across the finish line’. You can expect it to be an especially ecstatic finale after all of the persistent teasing. Trust us, she will know exactly how to wind you up.

Gift Yourself A London Intimate Massage Today

What’s the delay, gift yourself a London intimate massage today. There’s truly no other way to experience the restorative benefits and arousing details of an intimate massage. If you’re feeling hungry for a little bit of TLC from an absolutely stunning woman, give us a call. We will walk you through all the details of intimate massage and get you set up with the perfect masseuse for you. If you’ve never experienced an intimate massage before, never fear, we get lots of first-timers here. We will make sure that you feel comfortable and prepared for your session and we know you’ll have a great time.Call us today and put some intimacy back into your life with an intimate massage!

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