Soapy Massage In London

Very few massage agencies offer the soapy massage in London – lucky for you, we do! Known as soapy massage, bubble massage, or aqua massage, this luxurious full-body treatment is fun and sexy and plays out in two parts. Your session starts in the shower before getting horizontal, and super sexy.

Craving an intimate shower and soapy massage with a gorgeous and beautiful masseuse? You’re in luck as all the ladies in this gallery are certified soapy massage specialists, ready and waiting to show you a good time. Pick up the blower and give us a tinkle on +447 933 108 843 to book the ultimate soapy massage in London.

Which Massage Follows A Soapy Massage?

The second portion of the massage takes place on a bed with oils and is more akin to the classic tantric massage. You could opt for it to be Nuru, prostate, erotic and more. The choice is yours.

As with any other massage you will begin face down as your masseuse massages across your back and shoulders, over your buttocks, and down your legs to your feet. She will use her hands, arms, thighs and buttocks to intensify your massage. With grace and ease, she will slide and grind along the length of your body as she rubs out the knots and tension in your major muscle groups.

Your masseuse will then have you roll over so she can attend to the front side of your body, massaging your arms and legs before straddling your hips and chest. Using oil to slide against you without resistance, you will feel her soft skin and the warmth of her body through the soapy foam. The tension and anticipation will build as she handles your lingam with an expert’s touch, bringing you to a mind blowing finish.

Soapy Massage Starts And Finishes In The Bath Or Shower

Ask any man and he will tell you that showering with a sexy woman is one of life’s most perfect of simple pleasures. That is precisely how a soapy massage begins.

Enjoy sensual mutual touch during the shower and watch as the silky lather and warm water flows over every perfect curve of her body. Using a skin-nourishing, top-shelf liquid body wash, your masseuse will cleanse your body from head to toe as you touch and caress each other. Leaving no part of you untouched, your masseuse will lead you from the shower to the massage space, prepared in advance for a soapy massage session. Your mind may be racing with filthy thoughts but your body will be perfectly clean after your masseuse has thoroughly soaped you from head to toe.

A Flirtatious And Fun Experience

Soapy massage doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is something fun and freeing about enjoying a sensual connection with a beautiful and flirtatious masseuse in a bath or shower and covered in frothy foam. Despite being more whimsical than some forms of erotic massage, it is still very much a sexy and sensual experience. It’s easy to lose sight of how much lighthearted fun a massage can be but a soapy massage is a good reminder. Our masseuses love the soapy massage sessions for this very reason and are always keen to play dirty as they get clean.

Book A London Soapy Massage Today

Now that you’ve got to this paragraph you must be dying to try a soapy massage in London for yourself. Not only do we have the most gorgeous masseuse in London, they don’t kiss and tell. Why not kick back and have some sexy fun with one of our stunning masseuses? Whomever you select, she will guide you through your session and ensure that you have the time of your life. Booking a London Soapy massage is easy, call us on +447 933 108 843 and we’ll fix up your appointment. Welcome to soapy heaven, you’ll remember this experience forever.

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