Tie & Tease Massage In London

If you’re familiar with what a tie & tease massage entails and you want to learn more, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve experienced an erotic massage, then you will know that it is both the most relaxing and stimulating way to treat yourself. But what if you want a new erotic massage experience that is just a little bit different, just a little bit racier? There are many forms of erotic massage like tie & tease that are incredibly intimate and put you and your masseuse up close and personal.

For instance, Nuru Massage is slick and sexy because of the Nuru Massage gel that’s used, and a Soapy Massage is also riotously sensual and exciting, where you and your masseuse bathe together before the massage. There’s also the classic tantric massage where body, mind and libido all come together for an intense session and an even more intense finale. Whether you are looking for some physical gratification, a chance to spend some time with a gorgeous woman, or you sincerely need a rigorous massage, there’s no wrong way to go about it. So many forms of massage accomplish all of these things, but none of them does quite what the Tie & Tease massage does. It is unique and special and a lot of fun! Surrender your self to a gorgeous masseuse and book a tie and tease massage in London today by calling +447 933 108 843.

Tie & Tease Is Exciting And A Lot Of Fun

If the tying and teasing sounds good but you’re concerned about the quality or intensity of the massage, allow us to set your mind at ease. Just because it’s exciting and fun doesn’t mean that it’s not a quality massage. All our masseuses are highly trained and deeply talented in the art of sensual body work. Not only will you enjoy the view as she works you over from head to toe, you can exalt in the gentle power dynamics of being her captive audience.

The Tie & Tease massage is a great alternative to the usual forms of erotic massage. Perhaps you have already tried other kinds, or perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more playful and interactive. If this is the case, Tie & Tease is for you. Prepare to be unspeakably titillated and aroused as your masseuse pulls out all the stops to entertain, relax, and stimulate you.

What Happens In A Tie & Tease Massage?

The name ‘Tie & Tease’ is fairly self-explanatory. In this exciting and edgy form of massage, your gorgeous masseuse will spend the first few minutes of your session seductively putting you into light bondage. If your imagination has already run away with you, let us assure you that this is not a whips and chains sort of scenario. Think of it sort of like a lap dance: she will be moving over and against you but you will not be touching her back because of the light restraints.

With some preliminary touch and flirtation, your masseuse will excite you and inspire you to relax and sop up all of the sensuality and pleasure she’s about to give you. The degree to which you’re bound is up to you, but generally it’s about restraining your wrists and giving you just a little bit of resistance while your masseuse moves around and over your body. She will use her hands as well as other parts of her body to ensure that you experience the most sensual and riveting massage of your life.

It's All About The Chemistry

So much of the Tie & Tease experience hinges on the rapport and chemistry between you and your masseuse. Your masseuse will be stunningly beautiful, perfectly fit, and more sexy than you can imagine. She will also be a great communicator, an incorrigible flirt, and she will lead you through the session gracefully, so all you have to do is be present and enjoy yourself. While not all of our masseuses provide Tie & Tease, the ones that do are excellent at it and enjoy the fun and flirtation of this form of massage. If you’re looking for something new and sexy, try Tie & Tease. We are absolutely confident that you will find the exact right masseuse for you and you will be beyond satisfied with your results.

What Are The Benefits Of Tie & Tease Massage?

No matter your underling need for a massage, booking a London Tie & Tease massage is a unique experience all its own. Whether you’re a little bit kinky or you simply enjoy sexual experiences that are a little offbeat, this may be the perfect sort of massage to entertain and relax you. Our aim is for you to leave your session feeling better than when you arrived, both physically, and mentally.

Massage is so good for relaxation and for clearing the mind, releasing stress, and allowing the body to heal. You’re Tie & Tease massage will be fun and intimate, and it will finish with a bang, so to speak. While not all of our clients opt for a happy ending, most of them do, because after an hour of being tied up, titillated, and rubbed all over, you will more than likely be ready to blow!

How To Book A London Tie & Tease Massage?

If you like the sound of this kind of a London tie and tease massage, give us a call today and we’ll set up an appointment for you with one of our well-equipped and gorgeously beautiful masseuses. We mainly book incall massage, meaning that you travel to your masseuse’s location, each of which is an upscale five star flat in a safe and desirable neighbourhood. If you’re looking for an outcall massage, where your masseuse comes to you, that can be arranged in certain situations, for our VIP clients. When you call in we will review all of the options for you as well as answering all your questions about your session. We want you to feel excited, confident and eager to meet your masseuse and have the Tie & Tease massage of your lifetime! Don’t hesitate, spots fill up quickly. Call us on +447 933 108 843 to book a London Tie and Tease massage, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

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