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Nuru Massage Tips at Home

Looking to heat things up? Try these Nuru massage tips at home for a sensual and intimate date-night with your partner. 

Whether you need to make amends for an error, woo a new partner, or seduce an old one, an at-home Nuru Massage may be the answer. This article will help you prepare for and host a super sexy, slippery Nuru massage session at home with just a few easily acquired materials and supplies. Nuru is an easy and satisfying form of massage, originally made famous in the red light district of Kawasaki, Japan. Originally it was designed as a loophole to avoid increasingly stringent legislation around erotic massage but it has become a favourite of people all over the world. More intimate than a sensual massage but much less intimate than an escort, Nuru bridges the gap between naughty and down right dirty, giving you all the sexiness you want with a deep tissue massage. 

You have got to try it

In the adult entertainment industry erotic massage is defined as any kind of massage, full body or otherwise, which  focuses on creating arousal and excitement in the recipient. In the professional world, erotic massage sometimes has a happy ending or parlays into sex. How a professional erotic massage session ends has everything to do with the client, the masseuse, and the local legislation.  But, you and your partner at home can do  anything you want, provided you’re both enthusiastically into it. There are no rules beyond what you’re comfy with, making at-home Nuru Massage all the more fun.

What makes Nuru so special?

Of all the forms of erotic massage, Japanese Nuru Massage is by far the sexiest. A Nuru Massage may seem the same as any other nude or partially nude erotic massage. But Nuru Massage has one special ingredient that sets it apart from all other forms of erotic massage. A traditional Japanese Nuru Massage requires a special Nuru gel to keep your massage sexy and slippery. As a body on body style of massage, one or both people use more than their hands to provide sensual and erotic massage. They may use their hands, feet, forearms and elbows, thighs, even their body weight, to rub and arouse each other. Edging is another central concept in Nuru massage. Often considered a solo act, edging is a popular masturbatory technique, but it is also a great way to tease your partner during an erotic massage.  

Slipping and sliding: it’s all in the gel

If you really want to do something sexy and special for your partner, trying erotic massage at home is a great way to start. While there are many forms of erotic massage to choose from, Nuru Massage is straightforward and erotic. Nuru gel is an organic material made from seaweed extract.  More slippery than oil, this sea vegetable extraction is ideal for body on body massage; it reduces friction and creates a smooth glide, making body on body massage sexier and more efficient. Your partner will be delighted and impressed at the effort you’ve gone to and will no doubt melt at a body on body massage. Use the massage to smear your partner with gel and climb atop them. Likewise, you can stand over your partner to straddle them or give them a little bit of a show as you rub them down from head to toe.  

Accept the mess

An easy way to prevent spills and stains from distracting you during your massage is to prepare for them. Accept that Nuru Massage is a more messy form of massage because of the gel. However, it doesn’t smell or stain, so it’s not actually as messy as massage oil. Do your Nuru session on an inflatable air mattress if you want the cleanup to really be a breeze. Bed-sizes air mattresses inflate quickly, store away easily, and can be wiped down. If you don’t want to go the route of an air mattress, some dark coloured towels make a good drop cloth for a sexy, slippery, Nuru massage. 

Start and end with a shower

Having a shower before a massage is always a good idea because it primes your muscles and skin for the rub down as well as the massage oil, or in this case, Nuru gel. Since it’s made from sea-botanicals, Nuru gel is bursting with nutrients for the skin and trace minerals. It will be easily absorbed into warm, damp skin and will leave you feeling moisturised and refreshed. Additionally, a sexy shower with your partner helps set the tone for the massage session and get the blood pumping. 

Just see where it goes

It can be so nice to treat your partner to a full body massage, especially a sexy one like Nuru. But it doesn’t have to be one-sided, you can touch each other and massage each other in tandem and see where that leads you. The joy of at-home sexy massage sessions is that they can easily “devolve” into sex or making out, or oral sex. As long as both of you are enthusiastically consenting, just go with the flow. A professional massage may need to keep the lid on things but a personal one at home, between a couple, is a recipe for a super sexy time, no matter what you get up to. 


Allow us to set your mind at ease: an at home DIY erotic massage between two people who love each other does not need to be technically perfect.  If you don’t know the first thing about massage, don’t panic. Many people get caught up on massage being a technical activity, but at-home massage is about sensual touch not perfect technique. 

Here are a few guidelines to make the most of your erotic touch:

  • Start with your partner laying on their front so you have access to the back side of their body
  • Begin at the feet  and work your way up their calves and thighs to their lower back
  • Consider avoiding or ignoring their most sensitive erogenous zones at first  to build anticipation and prolong the massage
  • When using your hands put your weight into the heel of your hand and use the strength of your thumbs to work their muscles
  • Finish with the front side, again avoiding the genitals and other erogenous zones until neither of you can resist any longer

Eradicate friction

Whether it’s Nuru gel or just massage oil, you will always need more than you think. Do not skimp on how much Nuru gel you use. The objective of a Nuru massage is full body slipperiness and a friction-free glide. Nothing kills the vibe of a sexy, erotic massage faster than too much friction. Lubricating their body and your hands can be a sexy and erotic thing in itself. Use as much gel as you want, especially if you have gone all in and used an air mattress. You’ll finish the massage session with another shower together so go for broke and really make sure it’s slippery and sexy. Messy can be hot if you just lean into it and let go of the worry about being tidy. Sex and eroticism, including massage, is very human and very messy. Just give in and have fun! 

Go to the edge and stay there

Edging involves stimulating the genitals until the edge of orgasm is reached, before backing off and allowing the urge to subside.  When this process is repeated several times the urgency and anticipation of orgasm becomes dizzying. If you are the one providing the massage to your partner and you use an edging technique to arouse them, they will literally be putty in your hands. Edging has the incredible capability of making the human mind go to mush and  puts an almost obsessive focus on release. This combination of desire and denial  is a potent cocktail for any massage situation. The objective is to drive your partner wild and engage with them in a new and exciting sensual way and edging is a perfect solution.

When your Nuru Massage at home is complete we recommend that you do the following three things: 

  • Have a snack and rehydrate
  • Debrief about your massage experience
  • Cuddle up, say good night, and have sweet dreams about your sexy massage.

Too much? Call a Pro!

Visiting a professional tantric masseuse together seems counterintuitive but couples’ massage can help relationships. You will connect through the experience and begin to understand your mutual arousal more clearly. Likewise, you will glean skills from your masseuse that you can use together at home.  At our couples’ Nuru session is one of our most popular massages. Nearly all our couples have reported back that they had no regrets regarding their massage together.  In fact,  most of them shared that a couples Nuru massage put their relationship back on track and allowed them to connect on a new and more intimate level. 


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