Enjoy the best Japanese Nuru Massage in London

Slippery, sexy, exotic, and unique

Nuru massage is a popular form of body to body massage that has a special, slippery element: all natural Nuru Gel.

Massage oils do a great job of softening and lubricating the skin, but Nuru Gel takes slickness to a whole new level. Made from organic sea kelp, this odourless, flavourless gel makes a head to to body to body massage virtually frictionless and extra sexy. Your masseuse will use the gel on your body and hers to reduce friction and increase contact between you, making the experience more erotic and intimate. 

Erotic and Exotic

Nuru Massage is one of the most popular forms of erotic massage in London, and with good reason. But in Japan, it began as an answer to increasingly strict legislation in the red light districts of major cities. It was a way to increase the sensuality and intimacy of erotic massage without breaking any laws. What started as awork around for masseuses and escorts soon became an international sensation and a mainstay in the adult entrertainment industry. 

Expect the best Nuru Massage in London

Your Nuru Massage session begins with a sensual shower to warm your muscles and soften your skin. This simple preparation makes your massage all the more enjoyable and allows the Nuru Gel to nourish and condition your skin with anti-oxidants. 

Join your masseuse and watch as she anoints her body, and then yours, with the incredibly slick Nuru Gel before mounting your reclining form. She will use her entire body to massage you; hands, arms, thighs, and buttocks. Nuru Massage is full-body and incredibly sensual, unfettered and intimate. It’s truly something that must be experienced to be fully understood. 

In the second half of your Nuru Massage your masseuse will narrow her focus to your most sensitive erogenous zones, circling ever closer to your lingam. By then you will be well on your way to a showstopping climax, but her focus and dedication to your happy ending will bring you swiftly across the finish line. 

After your massage you are welcome to shower again before saying goodbye to your masseuse. 

Meet our sexy Nuru Massage Experts

Each and every one of the stunning masseuses in the gallery below is fully trained in, and passionate about, Nuru Massage. Fully versed in this sensual art form, these women are the best in London when it comes to this delightfully slippery and sensuous massage.

The Nuru Gel difference

A Nuru Massage without Nuru Gel is not an authentic Nuru experience. We keep it real with traditional Nuru Gel and techniques because why fix what’s not broken? Nuru Gel is a treat for the skin, bursting with anti-oxidents and trace minerals to nourish and heal. Made from organic brown kelp (the same seaweed that wraps your sushi!) this sea-mineral gel is a natural moisturiser and astonishingly slick lubricant. 

Reasons you should come see us for a Nuru Massage
  • Because it feels good! What better reason could there be?
  • It’s fun and sexy and so are our masseuses.
  • Try something new! Nuru is a unique and in-depth form of massage unlike anything else.
  • You work hard and deserve at least an hour (or more) of pleasure.
  • Nuru Gel is good for your skin and will leave you feeling hydrated and supple.
  • Your body will thank you – Nuru Massage relaxes and rejuvenates, as if by magic.

Experience pure pleasure

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Nuru Massage is for everyone

Whether you’re a man or woman, no matter your orientation or preferences, a Nuru Massage with one of our beautiful and genteel masseuses will do you good. Relax in a serene and private environment with a seductive, attentive masseuse and bask in her undivided attention as she slips and slides up and down your entire body. All you need to do is unwind and enjoy the multi-sensory experience that is Nuru Massage. 


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