Our special Japanese nuru massage in London

This is a slippery sensual massage from Japan that you will truly enjoy

Come experience the best nuru massage London has to offer. If you have never tried this session before then you really should. It is essentially a body to body massage but done with nuru gel. 

This nuru gel is an extremely slippery substance that is made from organic seaweed. The slippery properties of this gel makes it perfect for a deep and intimate body to body erotic massage. We will talk more about this gel further on in this article.

This is a fantastic massage session, very sexy and an extremely erotic slippery experience. Our nuru massage in London simply must be tried.

Where does nuru massage come from

Before we explain what to expect in a nuru massage, let us give you a little background information. Japanese nuru massage was originally created in the red-light area soap-lands of Japanese cities. The massage was designed to creatively navigate the strict laws against prostitution.

While a nuru massage is not a full on sexual encounter, the intimacy and erotic nature of this massage will satisfy the customers sensual needs. This unique therapy has become well known because of the rise in adult online video websites.

So now the history lesson is over lets dive a little bit deeper. 

What happens during our London nuru massage session

First of all, you will be invited to take a shower. The masseuse will get into the shower with you and give you a delightful body scrub. The warm water from the shower will help relax your body. This is a great way to warm up and also makes sure your body is clean and relaxed. 

After the shower your sensual masseuse will escort you to my blow-up mattress. You will lay on your back. She will then proceed to cover her naked body in nuru gel and then cover yours, this in itself will feel great. 

The masseuse will then progress with a full on body to body massage which can get very erotic and intimate indeed.
She will use various movements and techniques to erotically massage and stimulate your whole body including your most sensitive areas.

The ending to this treatment is the best part and will feel fantastic. We will not spoil it by going into detail but let’s just say you will find it thoroughly enjoyable. You will have a big happy smile on your face at the end.

Beautiful females who want to massage you

There are many erotic massage agencies in London who claim to offer nuru massage. However most of these services hdo not offer the full Japanese style nuru session. We are fully trained in this adult massage therapy.

What is nuru gel?

As stated before, what makes this particular therapy different from the rest is the nuru gel itself. Nuru massage is named after the specially formulated gel that’s used to stroke your body into a state of bliss. Nuru is actually a type of seaweed that’s found on the coast of Japan and the gel is based on an ancient recipe.

Key fact: Seaweed is well known for its mineral content and detoxing capabilities so it’ll leave your skin beautifully nourished too.

The nuru gel is mixed with other detoxifying and moisturising ingredients such aloe vera. This all combines to create the indulgent slipperiness that ensures your nuru massage is the best you’ll experience.

This gel does not have a scent. It’s tasteless and because it’s a water-based gel it doesn’t stain clothing either. The gel lasts a long time so this ensures your skin is refreshed and revitalised during your piece of heaven. It can be easily bought online if you want to try it with your wife, girlfriend or secret lover.

Super slippery fun - what are you waiting for?

Our London nuru massage session is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It is one of those erotic body to body massages that is a lot of fun and should not be taken too seriously.

In tantra based sessions there is a need to employ certain breathing and mental strategies to enhance the experience. A Japanese nuru massage London style does not need to be serious. It is an encounter where you can get naked with a hot female and have some intimate steamy fun.

This session will truly get your pulse racing. The ending can only be described as magnificent. Imagine a volcano blowing it’s top and you will get the idea of what we mean.

Experience real Joy

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Why a nuru massage in London should be on everyone's bucket list

Experiencing nuru massage is a must. It’s a pleasurable experience like no other and everyone should try it. The sensations created by warm, slippery skin will rub away your anxieties and promote total relaxation.

This full body massage also soothes sore, tense muscles and releases toxins from your system. It boosts circulation and moisturises your skin.

Both men and women men are welcomed to enjoy a safe and sensual nuru massage in London. It’s open to everyone no matter what their sexual preference.

The gentle and sensual techniques our sweet ladies have mastered will bring you ultimate sensual pleasure. 

So come and relish exotic feeling of an all-over Japanese nuru massage. You’ll experience the ultimate in intimate pleasure that’ll leave you glowing, revitalised and stress-free.