Experience intense prostate massage in London

The session will begin with a relaxing sensual deep tissue massage. We will then start to gently massage around your anus.

What we offer is possibly the best prostate massage London has ever seen. We will softly massage deeper into the anus and stimulate the male g-spot. While we are doing this we will also be massaging your shaft. As you can imagine this will have the potential to bring about a very intense orgasm.

Having a prostate massage London style is a fantastic sensual therapy to receive. This therapy helps unclog the stress and knots in this area of your body and your mind too.

A powerful prostate massage in London

A prostate massage is a massage specifically designed to stimulate the prostate gland. The prostate gland is small walnut sized gland located within the anal passage. 

It is extremely sensitive, so done correctly, a prostate massage can lead to extremely intense orgasms; some men report ‘whole body’ orgasms, similar to those experienced by women.

The great thing about prostate massage in London is that this is a erotic therapy that carries many health benefits for men. We will comeback to what these health benefits are further down the page.

It is a style of massage that can almost double the orgasmic rush, as both your erect member and your prostate are being massaged at the same time.

It is no surprise that after a short period of this type of stimulation brings about an body shaking orgasm. So we invite you to come try what is probably the most sensational of all erotic massages. Your body and mind will thank you for it later.

Amazing massage girls

We are charming young Asian ladies. We offer the best prostate massage in London. This session is extremely powerful, you will love every second of it. Come see us this week.

What happens during a prostate massage?

A prostate massage session will be undertaken by an experienced masseuse. Your masseuse will know exactly how to guide you through your first foray into prostate play.

At the beginning of your massage session you ill be asked to remove your clothes and lie face down, or on your side. The session will probably begin with a full body massage, to make sure that you are relaxed.

Your masseuse will then gently locate and stroke your P spot, while communicating with you to see how it feels.  Your massage therapist will do everything that they can to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your prostate massage session.

Where is the prostate located?

The prostate gland is located about two inches up the anal passage, behind the testicles. It is a small, rough feeling area, full of nerve endings.

The primary role of the prostate gland is to bulk out seminal fluid, and to reduce acidity within the vagina thereby aiding fertility. It’s more interesting role however is as a pleasure centre.

Sometimes known as the ‘P Spot’ the prostate gland contains millions of nerve endings, gentle brushing of which causes extremely pleasurable sensations and orgasm – sometimes even without penile stimulation. 

In order to best enjoy the benefits of prostate stimulation you need to be relaxed and comfortable and under the hands of a willing partner.

If you want to explore the sensations of prostate stimulation before visiting a masseuse you could use a prostate massage toy. These are now widely available and come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. 

You actually want one with a large ‘head’ initially; these may look as though they are designed for advanced users but in actual fact the large surface area is there to help you locate your prostate.

But people are always better than prosthetics! So to really enjoy all that your prostate gland has to offer your best bet is to book a session with an experienced masseuse in London.

Experience real pleasure

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The health benefits of prostate massage

Going for a prostate massage in London is an intimate, sexually fulfilling experience. Regular sessions can have other benefits by reducing the chance of prostate cancer and other prostate related ailments. Massage also helps reduce stress, and can help boost body confidence.

Booking a London prostate massage session may seem intimidating at first. However, be assured that the masseuse who guides you through your first session will be an experienced professional who will do their best to ensure that you enjoy your treatment. We will make sure you enjoy all that this hidden gland can offer.