Treat yourself: book a prostate massage in London

Experience the deepest, most satisfying pleasure.

A treatment like no other, the prostate massage is the final frontier of sensual massage. Enjoy the intense and gratifying sensations of gentle penetration as your masseuse strokes your member to completion. 

Enjoy a world-class prostate massage in London

All our massages are “happy ending” but the prostate massage is the happiest.

There is nothing quite like a prostate massage. Many claim that it is the secret to the most intense and incredible orgasms. Sadly, too many men shy away from prostate massage because it involves penetration. With a little patience and a lot of lube, prostate massage is not only comfortable but pleasurable.

Not every masseuse provides prostate massage, but those who do, do it very well. It is an erotic skill that not everyone possesses, making them unique among the rest of the girls. Your session begins with a thorough and sensual deep tissue massage. Your masseuse will slowly work her way to your posterior, teasing and relaxing you, narrowing in on your pleasure centre. Once inside, the prostate is within easy reach of her slim, slippery finger. The pleasure is intense and all encompassing, highlighted by sensual stroking of your lingam as she brings you to the edge of orgasm over and over. 

London's sexiest masseuses

Lovely, luscious, and ready to drive you wild, the ladies of B2B Tantric Massage are available now. What are you waiting for? Scroll through the photo gallery and select the masseuse that you most desire. Then give us a call and we will book you in for her next available session. 

Prostate climax is unique and spectacular

If you are new to prostate play, a professional session is a great way to introduce yourself to all its possible pleasures. Not only will you be in good hands with an expert, you can set aside any embarrassment since there are no strings attached. When you are ready to expand your horizons and try prostate massage, we will be here for you. 

The orgasms associated with prostate massage are bigger and better than those brought on just through penile stimulation. The prostate is brimming with nerve endings and is highly sensitive to firm but gentle touch, multiplying and maximising the pleasure you thought you were capable of. Sometimes a prostate massage is referred to as ‘prostate milking’ because of how voluminous and mighty the orgasms are. There is a particular satisfaction and pleasure to being completely drained, and that is a highlight of prostate massage. Emptying the testicles quickly and fully is a thrilling sensation, one that often overshadows the typical orgasm. 

It feels good and it's good for you

Whether through self exploration or in a professional setting, finding and stimulating the prostate is an exciting prospect. Located about 2 inches/5 cm into the rectum, the prostate is much more accessible than you might think. (You’ll know it when you find it because it will feel wonderful when touched and it will seem slightly rough against your finger.)

Prostate massage and the subsequent orgasms it provides are associated with prostate health and can improve a man’s chances of avoiding prostate cancer. Regular ejaculation is key, particularly when it fully ‘cleans out the pipes’ with the complete evacuation caused by prostate massage.  

Experience real pleasure

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Give yourself the gift of prostate massage

Are you ready to give yourself over to the talented hands of your masseuse? Experiencing the deeply satisfying pleasure of a prostate massage is a highlight of life that every man should enjoy. It may seem overwhelming but your masseuse will be there for you every step of the way, checking in, giving encouragement and reminding you just how sexy it is. The dual sensation of being stroked as your prostate is massaged will have you excited and ready in moments. She will bring you to the edge of orgasm several times before you finally explode, prolonging your pleasure and increasing the urgency and need to finish. 

The pleasure potential of prostate massage is massive and the way to get it is simple: entrust your masseuse to lead you through the most robust and fulfilling climax you have ever had. Go ‘all in’ with the remarkable sensations of safe, skilful prostate massage. 

There’s no need to hesitate, simply call us directly and we will set you up for an unforgettable prostate massage session in London with one of our best girls. 

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