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Sensual Healing with Nuru Massage: The Power of Touch and Connection

If you’re exhausted or stressed from the chaotic mess we call life, you may need a bit of sensual healing. You’ll feel restored and refreshed in your mind, body, and soul through the power of touch and connection. A Nuru massage is the best way to seek this kind of healing. This unique, exotic massage is an incredible way to experience a healing touch and let go of everything bothering you. Let’s explore Nuru massage to discover how this sensual massage brings various benefits to the table and can heal you, inside and out.

Nuru Massages Are Unique

This fascinating massage is an exotic one that originated in Japan. It uses a special gel made out of seaweed called Nuru gel, where the massage gets its name. Nuru gel helps eliminate all friction between you and your masseuse. This is especially important because a Nuru massage is a full and body-to-body massage. Your masseuse will massage you from head to toe and use her entire body to massage yours. She’ll work her breasts, stomach, and arse all over your body to relax and massage your muscles. She’ll slide up and down your body to help you release every bit of stress and worry you’re carrying.

Nuru Massage is a Sensual Massage

It’s an incredibly sensual massage with a bit of fun and sexiness added in. Sensuality is all about pleasing the senses and experiencing pleasure. It doesn’t have to be about sexy – you can experience sensuality by eating chocolate. As long as your senses are attended to, you’re experiencing sensuality. Nuru massages do just that. Between the slickness of the Nuru gel on your skin, the weight of your massage on top of you, and the soft music playing in the background, your senses will surely be pleased. Enjoying sensuality is a great way to learn to be present in the moment and pay attention to how your body feels rather than getting caught up in getting through the massage as quickly as possible.

What is Sensual Healing?

Sensual healing is the idea that sensual energy or sex can heal the body and emotions. Exploring with a partner can help repair or deepen the relationship between the two of you. It’s an excellent way to build a connection with another person since sensual healing is about slowing down and enjoying the moment. You need to be focused on the sensations you’re receiving and pay attention to the pleasure of caressing your body.

Sensual healing is not a cure-all or a replacement for medical intervention. But it is a wonderful tool to use for many conditions and can often assist in speeding along healing or starting the healing process. Sensual healing through massage is one of the best ways to experience this, and a Nuru massage is the perfect way to explore.

The Power of Touch

One of the most sensual things we can experience is being touched. Touch is extremely powerful and necessary to not only our mental health but our physical health too. Humans use touch to communicate in many different ways. Think of what you’re expressing when you shake a business person’s hand versus caressing a lover. Different emotions are being expressed in those different kinds of touch.

Touch is extremely powerful. It helps us feel connected and loved by other people. We experience feeling appreciated and wanted all through being touched by others. Touch helps regulate our nervous system and makes us feel more calm. Being touched regularly can help improve our blood pressure and, depending on the kind of touch, soothe anxiety and depression. Massages are a powerful tool because of the power of touch. When crossed with sensuality, it just gets better and better.

What Does Touch Do To Us?

If touch is so powerful, what does it do to our bodies when we experience it? And what about when we don’t experience enough of it?

Basic touching can soothe our cardiovascular system. As mentioned, it can lower our blood pressure and regulate our heartbeat. Being touched in different ways can do different things. For example, a hug from a loved one helps release lots of oxytocin, the bonding hormone. This little hormone is what helps us feel connected to other people. Massaging touch encourages our muscles to let go of tension and helps us relax. It encourages our mind to slow down, stop worrying about things so intensely, and reflect on our body’s feelings. Nuru massage does exactly this.

We can experience touch starvation when not touched enough. This phenomenon can show up as depression or loneliness. We crave being touched by other people. A massage is one of the best ways to begin healing from touch starvation. There’s no pressure to interact with your masseuse in a certain way, but you get all the benefits of being touched. Her hands on your skin will help you feel better and reconnect with other people. And since Nuru massage is a body-to-body massage, it increases the touch you get at once.

The Power of Connection

We all want to feel connected to other people. Feeling lonely is a terrible feeling and one we often try to avoid. We seek out other people to chit-chat with, go to busy restaurants surrounded by people, or sit in a park and people-watch. We naturally seek out connections with other people – how often has a friend said that they’ve experienced something similar and told you a story to try to relate to your experience? It’s a common thing we do because we want to feel a connection.

It’s easy to see that connection is powerful and important. Humans naturally want to feel connected to other humans. We’ll seek it out in any way we can. And a perfect way to do just that is through massage. Since massage uses the power of touch, it can help build a connection with another person, even if it’s just for a little while. Whether you get a professional massage or explore with a lover, you will experience a deep connection for some time and feel fulfilled.

The Powerful Combination of Touch and Connection

Together, touch and connection through Nuru massage are extremely powerful. All of the touch you get from the massage helps you feel connected. These things help you feel assured, desired, and like you belong. Nuru massages take advantage of touch and connection through body-to-body massages. The entire massage is about touch and connecting with another person for a while. You’re unable to focus on or think about anything else. This powerful combination will help heal your body in so many ways and leave you feeling confident and assured of your place in the world. The sensual healing that comes from touch and connectivity is incredible and one you must experience.

The Mind-Body Connection

We’ve discussed many ways Nuru can help heal you. This is all because of what’s known as the mind-body connection. Things that affect your mind can affect your body and vice versa. If you’re stressed and worried about something, your body gets tense and can sometimes hurt. So when you’re enjoying a Nuru massage and your muscles are losing that tension, your mind lets go of those worries.

The sensual healing of a Nuru massage means that it’s helping your body, mind, and emotions. You’ll be able to release powerful emotions you’ve been holding on to by letting your masseuse work her hands over your muscles. As your body is attended to, your mind is also, and you will surely have a lifted mood afterwards.

Sensual Healing With a Lover

You can easily explore Nuru massage with a loved one in the privacy of your own home. If hiring a professional masseuse isn’t your thing, or you’re just not sure about it, give Nuru Massage a try with your partner or lover. The connection you experience will be deeper because of it and help the bond between you. As the Nuru massage goes on, you’ll both experience the flood of oxytocin and feel more connected than ever. Both of your bodies will relax, and you’ll be able to be vulnerable and trusting with your lover. All of this creates an incredible sense of intimacy. If your relationship is struggling a bit, exploring a sensual Nuru massage may help it begin to heal and forge a better connection between the two of you.

All you have to do is lay down some towels, grab some Nuru gel, and get naked. Take your time with the massage, explore each other’s bodies, and you can even take turns. Nuru massages are all about slowing down and enjoying the experience. Have a good time with each other and let go of any expectations or pressure.

Sensual Healing With a Professional

On the flip side, you can seek a professional erotic masseuse to give you a Nuru massage. These women are experts in their craft and can give you one of the best massages possible. They know exactly how to set the mood just right to appease all of your senses. The connection may not be as deep as with someone you know, but it will still be there. You’ll have a wonderful experience through the massage as they help your body relax and touch you with your entire body. Healing of your body and mind will begin and be steadily encouraged throughout the whole massage. Exploring Nuru massage with a professional massage is an excellent way to explore sensual healing as a whole and see if it’s right for you.

Give Sensual Healing A Try

If you don’t think you have anything to heal from, you may actually be surprised by your experience with a Nuru massage. You’re probably carrying around more tension and stress than you think. And, almost certainly, your mind is busier than necessary. Give Nuru massage a try, and let the sensual healing flow through you. Your body will appreciate the attention no matter what, and it’s a great way to spend some quality time with yourself or a lover. Experience the true power of touch and connection through an excellent Nuru massage, and be amazed by everything it does for you. Sensual healing is a great method for caring for our bodies, no matter what. Take the time for yourself, slow down, and enjoy the sensual nature of a Nuru massage.


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