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Soapy Massage 101: Understanding the Basics and How to Give One

Sometimes, we need a little fun with our spice, and a soapy massage is a great way to do that. A slippery, sexy massage, a soapy massage is easy to do. You’re sure to have a great time participating in this erotic massage with your lover. And you’re both going to come out feeling sexy and refreshed, ready to take on the bedroom. We’ve put together this great 101 guide to soapy massages and how to give one. Let’s dive in!

Soapy massages originated in Thailand

This fun and erotic massage originated in Thailand’s massage parlours. Beautiful Thai masseuses use warm water and soap to cleanse their clients from head to toe before using their nude bodies to massage them. Thankfully, this great massage has been brought to the UK, and many professional masseuses have a great time giving this fun massage. But it’s also one that you can do at home with your lover!

Soapy massages are incredibly sexy

Soapy massages start in a warm, luxurious shower where you start with a slick massage using yummy smelling soaps. Since both of you are naked and pressed up against each other, there’s no way you want to feel the sexual energy sparking between the two of you.

The second part of this massage is a wonderfully sexy body-to-body massage. This means the massage giver uses their entire body to massage the receiver from head to toe. Just imagine your lover’s nude body slipping and sliding up and down your nude body. That’s sure to make things hot quickly!

And they’re tons of fun

Soapy massages are great if you want a little more fun and a few more laughs with your erotic massage. You’re sure to slip and slide against each other in the shower or on the bed and get a few giggles out of each other. No matter who is giving or receiving, soapy massages are a fun way to reconnect and touch each other’s bodies. Adding a little fun to your spicy bedroom time will only make it more memorable and enjoyable.

All the benefits of massage in a sexy package

Even if it’s the furthest thing from your mind with this sexy massage, soapy massage offers many significant benefits. Your muscles are sure to be friendly and relaxed afterwards. Any stress and tension you are carrying will be washed away. And doing it with your lover will bring you both closer. Whether sensual and soft or sultry and erotic, you’re sure to have an incredible time. Enjoy the erotic tension between the two of you until it finally bursts, and you have to take them to bed.

Get luxurious with it

Soapy massage is so customizable! You will have a great time if you use a shower or bath to start it off. Pick out your favourite soaps together with scents that drive you both wild. It’s also a great time to splurge and try a super fancy soap you’ve wanted to try. Get something nourishing to soften and smooth your skin. You’re going to be covered in soap, might as well make it something great!

Set the mood just right

Take the time to set the mood of your soapy massage. Whether that’s with lots of lit candles and soft music for a romantic time or dim lights and a sexy playlist to turn the heat up, take a few minutes to get it right. You can throw towels in the dryer for a few minutes to warm them up at the end of your soapy massage. A nice robe might be the way to go afterwards, too. You’re doing this with your lover, so make it memorable. A little thought goes a long way.

Grab anything you might need for afterwards

Because the soapy massage can be scorching hot, ensure you’ve got whatever safer sex items you prefer on hand. Please keep them within arm’s reach so you can smoothly transition from a slick and soapy time to a fiery hot romp in the bed. This way, there’s no pause, no hesitation, or worry about what’s where and if you have it in the first place.

Snacks and drinks are also great to prepare beforehand. Little chocolates, nuts, or fruit are great finger foods. Water is always a good idea, but consider seltzer water for something a little fancier. Or if you both drink, cold champagne might be the right idea.

Who’s giving and who’s receiving?

The great thing about a soapy massage is that it doesn’t have to be strict on who is giving and who is receiving the entire time. Soapy massages are amazing for mutual touch and massage! You can run your hands all over each other’s bodies in the shower, gently massaging and caressing anything you touch. And when it comes to the full body massage, it’s easy to flip one person over and take your turn sliding your nude body all over theirs. Let your imagination go wild.

Should you use a shower or a bath?

Starting a soapy massage in a bath is a great option. You can sit in a couple of different configurations and touch each other slowly in the warm water. One of you can sit between the other’s legs and be rubbed all over with a warm soapy cloth. Or sit facing each other and caress each other’s bodies in turn. If you don’t have a tub, no problem, a shower works just as well. Keep the temperature nice and warm, use soap you both love the smell of, and have a great time.

What to do in the shower

Set the water temperature to something comfortable for both of you. You don’t want anything scorching hot or icy cold. Have your soap already set up and ready to go. Then strip and jump on in! Get all nice and wet, lather up that soap, and start rubbing it all over each other. This is a great time to feel each other’s bodies under your hands and enjoy your lover. You can massage it here; the shoulders are nice and easy. And then slip into the second part of the massage whenever you’re ready.

The body to body massage

The second part of the soapy massage is the full body to body massage. A great way to do this is on an inflatable air mattress, so there’s no problem when it gets wet and soapy from your massage. Another option is to throw a plastic sheet over your bed to protect it. You can also have a bowl nearby to keep warm water and soap to reapply when needed.

The massage receiver should lay down on their stomach so that the back, butt, and legs can all be massaged. The giver will slowly use their entire body, from breasts to stomach and butt, to massage the receiver from head to toe. You should be able to slip and slide back and forth several times but add more water or soap as needed. Then flip the receiver over and start again. This part gets very sexy very fast!

Embrace the heat

Soapy massages are meant to be incredibly sexy and hot, so don’t shy away when the heat turns up between the two of you. Grab your lover to bring them close. Slide your body slowly up and down theirs, teasing them a little. Deep kissing is another great addition to this massage. Whatever feels right at the moment keeps that heat climbing higher and higher. Besides, who can resist their lover after they rub their nude body up and down yours?

Cleaning it all up

You might need to jump in the shower once more to rinse off any soapy residue. Or grab a soft washcloth to wipe each other down. All this will depend on how much soap and water you use for your massage. Get yourselves some nice fluffy warm towels or robes and cuddle up on your bed or couch for a little reconnection and cool-down time. The ending of your soapy massage is almost as important as the message itself.

Have fun with it!

Soapy massages aren’t meant to be a serious kind of massage. It’s all about fun and sexiness! Let go of your expectations of what a massage “should” look like and enjoy yourself and your lover. Crack jokes, slip off each other, and play with soapy bubbles. Things can always flow from laughter to scorching hot kisses in no time. So don’t stress about getting things perfect or right. As long as you’re having a great time, you’re doing good.

Give it a shot today

Now that you know all about soapy massages, you can jump in and explore them with your partner. Go pick up some luxurious soap, get fluffy towels, and set your bed up. Then grab your lover and get into that shower! You’re both going to have a great time no matter what. Don’t hesitate and explore a soapy massage today.


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