One of the most enjoyable ways to spend an hour is byhaving a sensual soapy massage session.

A massage that has made it's way to the shores of the UK all the way from Japan's infamous soap-lands. 

There are not too many masseuses that offer soapy massage in London but luckily for you I am one of them.

If you are a fan of erotic massage but have never experienced the wonders of this treatment then I suggest you try it. 

Fun in the shower and then on the bed...

Having a hot girl lather you up and then give you a sensually superb b2b massage is a treat to behold. 

The fun will begin with a shared shower where I will cleanse your body of any grime and secretly builds up on the skin, this is especially true when walking around London.

This of course is the perfect way to start the soapy massage session, as I will make sure that every part of your body is clean and ready for the body to body action that is about to take place.

The shower gel that is used is organic and has many healthy nutrients inside it which will make the skin feel young and rejuvenated.

Once this part of the encounter is over I will escort you to the blow up mattress where the next phase of this sexy experience will take place.

Blow up bed for the complete blow out

Rolling around on a blow up mattress with a naked lady is an awful lot of fun and some guys ultimate fantasy.

It's a great deal of fun for the masseuse too as she gets to be close and intimate with the receiver and can see the excitement build all over your body.

The procedure to this erotic massage is very similar to a regular b2b session but with lots of soapy everywhere including all over yours and the masseuses body.

Just picture the image in your mind of soapy shower gel dripping off my body.

If this sounds like your kind of fun then why not call me now to make a booking.

Phone me now to find out exactly what happens in this fun-filled aqua session

0777 8999 150