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The Benefits of Tantric Massage: Mind, Body, and Spirit Healing

When you’re looking for a great way to take care of yourself, look no further than the tantric massage. This sensual, spiritual massage is about caring for every part of your being. Nothing is left untouched. From your mind to your body to your spirit, tantric massage is focused on healing and promoting wellness across all three aspects. Let’s explore some of these amazing benefits of tantric massage.

Exploring what tantric massage is

Maybe you’re not sure what exactly tantric massage is. Maybe you’ve heard of tantric sex but not tantric sex. Or you’ve never heard of tantra at all. That’s perfectly okay; we’re going to get into what exactly tantric massage is and its benefits.

Tantric massage is a full body massage that utilises practices from the tantra philosophy. Tantra is an ancient philosophy with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism. It utilises mantras, breathwork, meditation, and more, to help people find peace and calmness. Tantric massage uses these things to help heal the mind, body, and spirit through the action of a body massage. This kind of massage includes every aspect of you, including your erogenous zones, typically avoided during a, traditional full body massage. But tantra is about caring for a whole person and tantric massage is no different.

What a massage is like

Tantric massage can look very similar to a traditional full body massage. It isn’t intense like a deep tissue or Swedish massage. But it does relieve muscle tension and ease any aches you may have. The tantric massage begins with a rub down with massage oils, and your masseuse will begin massaging your body. They use their hands to encourage your body to relax and help the blood flow better and more easily. These movements also encourage your energy to move around and break up any blocks you may have. This part of tantric massage is very important since it will help your spirit heal and feel better.

Tantric massage can be very sensual but not necessarily sexual. Erotic tantric massage exists, and tantric massage is centred on experiencing pleasure through your body. But traditional tantric massage isn’t focused on making you climax. It is simply about bringing pleasure to your body and letting you experience it in whatever shape that takes. Many times that does include an orgasm but don’t feel pressured to have one.

The mind-body-spirit connection

No matter your belief, you can probably acknowledge that the body influences the mind and vice versa. Add in spirit, and you fully understand what tantra is trying to take care of and heal. Each of these things affect one another and when one of them hasn’t been taken care of in a while, it diminishes the other two. Tantric massage is an excellent way of improving these connections and healing the paths between them.

Since the mind influences the body, tantric massage encourages the mind to be still and at peace. It helps the mind slow down, let go of anxieties, and focus on being in the present. And since the opposite is true, the body is being relaxed at the same time, working tension out of your muscles, and aiding your mind in finding that place of peace. When these two things are accomplished, your inner spirit feels calmer. You feel calmer. You may experience a settling of calmness or bliss over your body. This is the power of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Healing of the mind

Tantric massage is very beneficial for every part of you. But what does it do for the mind beyond bringing it peace and into the moment?

Many people may find that it helps with their anxiety disorders. Regular massage is known to help reduce symptoms over time. The practice of tantric massage means that a person can learn to still their own mind and focus.

It can also help you wipe away stress when you’re upset. By experiencing the stillness and peace of a tantric massage, you learn what you can do to reach those points without a massage. So when you are stressed, simply repeat the breathing techniques you learned in tantric massage or recall the feelings the massage brought you to chase away that stress.

Massage is also a wonderful practice for those who have trouble regulating their emotions, struggle with busy minds, and ease depression. Massage is known to lower cortisol (the stress hormone) and release serotonin (the happy chemical). Overall, you’ll feel lighter and brighter and less weighed down by heavy thoughts.

Healing your body

You may think you already know all the benefits of massage for the body. Releasing muscle tension, easing aches and pains, working out knots. These are the things we think of when we think of body relief by massage. And that isn’t wrong! Tantric does all of these things too. But did you know that it can help with your medical health?

Tantric massage is a great way to lower your blood pressure, improve your immune system, and sometimes even reduce symptoms of chronic illnesses. The techniques of tantric massage are also helpful for healing injuries or tender areas. As your masseuse massages you, your body will begin to feel better and be set on the path to healing.

Regular massage is also very beneficial for areas of your life such as sleep and your libido. This is especially true for tantric massage. Because tantric massage doesn’t ignore your sexuality, but includes it, your libido is attended to in the same way your body or mind is. Through sensual touch, you experience pleasure without pressure and can enjoy the sensations without feeling forced to have an orgasm. Tantric massage is a wonderful way to reconnect to your body sexually without worrying about reciprocation.

Healing the spirit

Because tantric massage is rooted in a spiritual practice, it makes sense that it attends to the spirit too. One of the important parts of the mind-body-spirit connection, it is often forgotten about in a world that is centred on beauty and body care. Put your ideas aside of what this looks like and experience the healing aspects of tantric massage for what they are.

Part of tantra is about balancing energies in the body, helping the energy flow freely, and removing energetic blockages in your body. These blockages prevent your energy from flowing correctly and it can stagnate and linger in places. Tantric beliefs say that these stagnated places are what can cause problems. For example, if you have energetic blockages around your penis and testicles, you may be struggling with erections or your libido. A tantric massage will help break this up and free up your energy.

Tantric massage is also about restoring a feeling of peace and calmness to yourself. It’s about helping your emotions regulate and calm down so you can allow that feeling of peace to flow through you. Great tantric massages will leave you feeling like you’ve slid into a pool of warmth and serenity, holding your body gently. This is the healing of your spirit.

Why you should seek out these benefits

You might be thinking that this sounds like a bunch of nonsense but that’s the furthest from the truth. Tantric massage really does work and will truly help you feel restored and balanced.

If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, a tantric massage will help. You will balance your body, spirit, and mind and leave feeling refreshed.

If you’re struggling with health issues, a tantric massage will help soothe tension, release stress, and reduce issues you may be having. If anything, it’ll certainly help you sleep better which helps with everything overall.

Seek out tantric massage because you deserve to be taken care of in the very best ways. Tantric massage takes care of every part of you and no stone will be left unturned. Allow yourself to experience the highest of sensual massages and enjoy the pleasure as it overtakes you.

Feel good about yourself again

We can’t say it enough – tantric massage will make you feel good. Healing those connections will help you feel more confident and more at ease with yourself. You’ll understand your body better, feel like you understand yourself better, and generally feel like you are a whole person again. Tantric massage is so much more than a full body massage. Every part of you is truly taken care of and when it all comes together will have you feeling confident and assured about who you are as a person.

A touch of eroticism

Tantric massages are very sensual and can be erotic. Because they don’t ignore any part of a person, your sexuality is taken into account and explored. Tantric massage isn’t the same as tantric sex – there’s no intercourse – but it does mean that your erogenous zones are gently massaged too. Known as a lingam or yoni massage (penis and vulva respectively), these massages help the blood and energy flow in these areas just like the rest of your body. They are sensual, teasing, pleasurable. They can result in an orgasm but if all you do is lay back and enjoy the sensual touch, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Enjoy sensuality for the sake of sensuality

If you’re not interested in the erotic elements of a tantric massage, that’s okay. You can still enjoy the sensual soft touches of a tantric massage. Sensuality is about connection and feeling pleasure for what it is and not chasing anything. A tantric massage is perfect for that. You can simply enjoy the pleasure of being massaged and not feel like you need to do something in return. If your partner is massaging you, you’ll both be drawn closer together through the nature of intimate sensual touch. Your connection will deepen and your intimacy will improve.

The power of touch

It’s important for all people to be touched on a regular basis. Massages are an excellent way to have that need fulfilled and a tantric massage especially so. Having every part of your body gently and sensually touched will absolutely fill that need for human contact. No matter who is giving you the massage, you’re sure to enjoy their touch over and over again. Tantric massage brings you that skin to skin contact that we sometimes hunger for and it is a great way to fill that need while healing our inner selves at the same time.

Reap the benefits

You can get so many different kinds of benefits from tantric massage that it almost seems silly to not get one. From healing your mind-body-spirit to enjoy sensual touch, a tantric massage does so much good for us. Whether you’re just wanting to relax or feel pleasure for the first time in a while, a tantric massage is an excellent choice. You’re going to feel blissful and relaxed at the end, no matter what. Enjoy the benefits of better sleep, improved libido, and relaxed muscles. A tantric massage can seem mysterious and foreign but, truly, there’s nothing better for a person wanting to take care of themselves.


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