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The Ultimate Guide to Soapy Massage in London: Techniques and Benefits

Soapy massages are one of the most fun and thrilling erotic massages. From the warm, luxurious shower to the sensual full-body massage, this unique massage will leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to a soapy massage in London so you can learn all the best techniques and benefits this fun massage provides. Get ready to get wet and wild!

What’s a Soapy Massage?

To start at the beginning, a soapy massage is an erotic massage that uses a shower and soap to give an incredible full-body massage. It begins with a warm, luxurious shower where your masseuse uses soap to lather your body. From there, you move to a special bed where more soap and oil are used to keep things slippery and fun. Soapy massage is a full body massage, so every single part of you, front and back, is massaged carefully by your masseuse. Nothing is missed. This erotic massage is relaxing and sensual and will leave you wanting more. You’ll be ready for another soapy massage before the first one ends.

What Do You Need For A Soapy Massage?

You need a few things for a fabulous soapy massage. First is access to a shower. Anything big enough for the two of you will do. Next is a wonderful high-quality soap. You want something that smells great and will nourish your skin. It should also get nice and foamy for extra fun! Finally, you need an area where you can do the massage part. A blow-up mattress works great, or a massage table. You want something that can handle getting wet and soapy without any issues. A few towels could come in handy later, some massage oil in case the soap isn’t working right, but you want to keep the fun going. But the great thing about soapy massage is that you don’t need much to give it a try!

How Should I Start A Soapy Massage?

Soapy massages should always start by getting naked. Then off you go into the shower. This is where the fun begins. You and your lover, or professional masseuse, will get wet and wild in a warm shower. Let your skin get nice and wet, then start sudsing up that soap you got. This is a great time for mutual massaging and getting to know each other’s bodies. But don’t forget; there’s a whole other part to a soapy massage, so don’t get stuck in the shower.

What’s the Massage Like?

The full body massage means that your entire body will be massaged. Soapy massages are incredibly sensual and erotic, so your ending may be more of a bang than you expect. Whoever gives you the massage will use the soap to eliminate friction as they glide their hands up and down your body. They’ll massage your muscles, work out any knots or tension, and focus on your more sensitive areas. Soapy massage is also an excellent body-to-body massage where the giver can use their own body to massage yours. Breasts, bum, legs, it doesn’t matter. Every part can do a little massaging when they climb on top.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Soap

A neat trick for soapy massage is having a little bowl of water and soap with you at the bed or massage table. That way, you can wet your skin again and make a little foam to keep things going. At worst, you can mix in some massage oil, but the whole point is that it’s soapy! Use your soap liberally to keep things friction-free and make it easy to slide your body up and down. Keep a towel handy for spills, and keep the water warm. No one wants icy water splashed on them during a massage.

Some Soapy Massage Techniques

Soapy massage isn’t overly complicated, but we’ve got a few special techniques to share to elevate your soapy massage. When doing this amazing massage with your lover, you want them to feel good and relaxed when all is said is done. No matter who is giving or receiving, these techniques will help out and make the massage even better.

Use Long Firm Strokes

When massaging large areas of the body like the back, bum, or legs, use long firm strokes with the palms of your hands flat. Use your body weight to vary pressure rather than pushing down with your arms. Let your hands start up at the top of their shoulders, then work slowly down their back, just above their bum, then back up again. Don’t rush; take your time, and adjust anything if they ask for harder or softer. These long firm strokes will help warm up the muscles and make them easier to relax.

Massage Knots With Your Fingertips

Have you ever felt those little bumps in your muscles when tense? Those are what get called “knots” in your muscles. When you feel them, take a moment to massage that area with your fingertips gently. You don’t need to press hard – they can be tender areas. Massage slowly in circles, first one way, then the other. You can also use short strokes to “push” the knot out and encourage the muscle to relax. Massage is about getting the blood flowing and muscles warm, so keep encouraging that through gentle fingertip massage. Eventually, the knot should come “undone”.

Don’t Ignore Any Body Part

Soapy massages are full body massages, and we mean the full body. Let your hands glide over every inch of your lover, or enjoy the hands of your professional masseuse in London as they work your muscles. Caress bums and breasts, and let those fingers linger between their thighs. If you are giving a massage to a female lover, be careful not to irritate any private areas with soap, and certainly don’t slip any soapy fingers inside. A quick wipe of a towel is worth it. Either way, take the time to enjoy a soapy massage and touch fully or have touched every single bit of the body with nothing left untouched.

Climb On Top

As we mentioned, soapy massages are great for body-to-body massages. When the recipient is warmed up, you can climb on top of them to use your body to massage them. Straddle their lap as you massage their chest with your hands. Lean down and massage their stomach and groin with your chest. There are lots of different techniques and positions you can explore here. Try things and do your best to use your body as much as possible. Remember that soap is the key to keeping things slippery; you’ll want plenty! Slide your entire body up and down theirs, and they’ll feel the pleasure in no time.

Soapy Massages Have So Many Benefits

Believe it or not, this fun and sexy massage is full of amazing benefits for you and your body. Since it is a real message, it has all the benefits of one. A soapy massage will encourage your body to function better from better sleep to better blood pressure. Its erotic elements can even help improve erectile dysfunction or libido issues. And, of course, there are the nutritional elements of soap and water for your dry skin. Soapy massages aren’t just for fun – they’re truly beneficial for you.

Eliminate Stress

Stress is terrible for us; we all know this. But do you take enough time every week to get rid of it? Do you take a few moments to release the tension in your body? Probably not. That’s why a soapy massage is a perfect solution. It’s all you can focus on for just one hour.

Let your masseuse or lover wring the stress out of you with their hands or give your lover the gift of stress elimination. Feel the tension melt away as hands are worked on bodies and muscles are coaxed into relaxing for the first time in a while. Stress does nothing for us, so get rid of it with a soothing, relaxing massage.

Improve Your Mental Health

Massages have been proven to help with various mental health symptoms. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or loneliness, a soapy massage can help you feel better. From the intentional touch to the connection between you and the other person, you will feel important and enjoy the attention lavished on you. Soapy massages are a great way to relieve symptoms for a while and can even help improve them over time with regular massages.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

Soapy massages aren’t just great for your mental health but for your physical health. We briefly mentioned a few of those benefits above, but let’s dig deeper.

Massages are great for helping with chronic illness symptoms. Suppose you struggle with joint pain, muscle aches, or fatigue. As a result, a soapy massage can sometimes relieve and reduce those symptoms.

Soapy massages greatly improve your blood pressure and heart health. They help you relax and encourage blood to flow freely throughout the entire body. Through the soothing movements, your circulatory system is warmed up and enabled to function better.

They can even help with any sexual issues you may be having. Thanks to their wonderfully sensual and erotic nature, soapy massages can often encourage men who have been having trouble to have great erections. The lack of pressure helps so much, and all you have to do is enjoy the sensations that are going on. Soapy massages can also help perk up a sleepy libido and get you ready for the bedroom.

Nourish Your Skin

Soap can sometimes dry, so we think you must pick out a high-quality soap that will nourish your skin with vitamins and minerals instead. Pay attention to the soap you’re considering using and find one with healthy things rather than nasty chemicals. Also, find a scent that both of you enjoy. After all, you’ll be smelling it up close and personal for a while. Please take advantage of this time to moisturise your skin since you’re probably not doing it enough after a shower. Soapy massages do more than relax you!

Explore A Soapy Massage in London

If you’re unsure about doing a soapy massage at home, why not explore one in London? Some beautiful masseuses are skilled in the art of soapy massages and who are more than happy to take you on this adventure. Find a reputable agency and browse their website. Give them a ring to set up an appointment, and you’ll be on your way to one of the most luxurious and relaxing soapy massages you’ve ever had. Whether you live in London or decide to make a special trip, you will absolutely enjoy yourself.


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