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Tie & Tease Massage Tips to Try at Home

Tie and tease massages are a hot and sexy way to have some fun and incorporate massage into the bedroom. If you’ve never tried this kind of massage, you might be wondering what in the world to do. We’ve compiled some great tips to help you and your partner have an incredible time!

So what is a tie and tease massage?

Tie and tease massages are a very hot kind of massage. If you like a little light bondage and lots of flirting, this is the one for you. A tie and tease massage is very much what it sounds like. One person is tied up – gently, of course – and then given an amazingly flirty and sexy massage. The person tied up will have to be patient and let their masseuse decide when and where to touch them. It’s all about building up the tension and thrill between the two of you!

Doing it at home

If you’re trying to bring a little spice into the bedroom, a tie and tease massage is the perfect way to do just that. Both you and your partner’s blood will be pumping in no time flat. It’s a good massage to do together and a great way to get to know your partner a little more intimately. You don’t have to be a professional masseuse to have a great time. And you certainly don’t have to be a professional dominatrix to safely tie someone up.

Don’t get intimidated

Now, you might be thinking about whips and chains kind of BDSM but that isn’t the point of a tie and tease massage at all. A soft ribbon, rope handcuffs from your local adult store, these kinds of things are sweet and sensual. Make sure you don’t tie anything too tight and keep a pair of scissors near by just in case. But don’t worry, your lover will be squirming underneath you, aching for your touch in no time flat.

Make it a date night

A tie and tease massage is a great date night activity. Set aside an evening for yourself and your partner with no distractions and have a good time. Have a nice cozy dinner then go shopping for sexy supplies together. Spend time really focused on each other and ignite that spark between the two of you. You’ll be feeling the intimacy and sensuality before anyone takes a piece of clothing off.

Have fun getting supplies

If you’re new to soft bondage, a sexy trip to an adult store is a great way to introduce your lover to the idea of a tie and tease massage. Pick out beautiful and luxurious ties that makes both of your skin tingle. Get some delicious smelling massage oil – many shops carry warming candles that melt into luxurious oils. You can even shop the sex toy section and see what sensations might make everything more thrilling. Make it a date and have fun picking things out that you both want to try.

Set up your bedroom

A great way to do a tie and tease massage is to have one person lay on the bed with their hands tied to the headboard. Decide what position is going to make the most sense for you and is comfortable. Set the mood with nice smelling candles, setting the temperature just right, and dimming the lights. Make the atmosphere sensual and attractive for both of you. Have any supplies you need on hand so that you’re not looking for things in the middle of your massage.

Think about what to do afterwards

It can help to think about what you want to do once the massage is done. Does a warm shower sound nice or cuddling? What would you need to have ready for those things? Don’t fret too much, keep it simple. Your lover will have had a wonderful time no matter what. But a little preparedness goes a long way. It’ll give you less to think about and stumble over at the end.

Help your partner get into position

Add a little bit of sexiness by helping your lover get undressed. Give them soft kisses as you do so. Gently lay them on the bed and tie their hands up just so. That extra bit of attention will ramp up the tension between the two of you and set the mood for the evening. This is also a great time to check in and see if they have any sore spots they don’t want you to massage. Keep things soft and sensual and you’ll be ready for your own ending.

Massage slow and sexy

As you begin your massage, don’t rush things. Slowly touch your lover all over. Warm your hands with massage oil and rub it slowly into their skin. You can take as much time as you want to explore their body. The great thing about doing a tie and tease massage with your partner is that you can get even more intimate. Kiss them softly here and there. Press your body against theirs. Make the massage as sensual and intimate as you possibly can.

Incorporate sexy toys

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, a tie and tease massage is a great thing to incorporate sex toys into. Vibrators have a wide range of sensations that can be used all over the body. Soft fabric or feathers bring a new feeling to the massage. Think about what would make your partner feel good and tingle all over. This is about getting them to feel great so stick to things you know they like.

Incorporate sexy food

If you and your lover are into incorporating sexy foods into your love life, a tie and tease massage is a great opportunity. You can feed them sweet strawberries or chocolates off your fingers. Don’t pick anything too messy since you need clean hands to massage their body. But a fun little treat here and there can ramp up the sexiness between you. Seeing them lick chocolate off your fingers will have you aching and excited to massage them.

Don’t stress about the massage

You absolutely don’t have to be a professional to give a great massage. Use gentle pressure, keep your hands flat, and move in long stroking motions. Listen to what noises your partner makes. Any kind of groaning or moaning means you’re doing a great job! Make sure you use plenty of warm massage oil to keep things slick and fun. If your partner offers a little guidance or asks you to focus somewhere for a minute, do so. There’s nothing like pleasing your lover.

Work up to an incredible ending

Like the rest of the massage, don’t rush the end. Go nice and slow as your hands slide down their stomach and rest between their thighs. Take your time exploring them intimately here and give them the ultimate pleasure. They’ll surely be aching for your touch by the end of your tie and tease massage. This is a great way to figure out what kind of touch your lover likes. Don’t ignore any feedback!

Spend time together afterwards

Once your tie and tease massage is done, gently untie your lover. Hold them if they would like that or help them to a warm bath. Whatever their preference is, stay close and keep that connection going. Taking care of them after an intense experience can be very important and help them feel good about themselves. Both of you will be feeling wonderful and ready to connect over and over again after giving a tie and tease massage a try.

Take turns

Whatever combination you do one night, switch places your next date night. You may be surprised to find out that you prefer to be tied up! A tie and tease massage is all about that wonderful sexy exploration of each other’s bodies and what makes each of you feel good. Each of you can have a night devoted to your pleasure. All you have to do is lay back and have a good time.

Explore a tie and tease massage with a professional

A great way to learn even more about tie and tease massages is to experience one yourself. We have some gorgeous masseuses who are experts in this kind of massage ready to help you try something new. If you’re really not sure what a tie and tease massage is all about, come give one a try. Your masseuse would love to introduce you to this fun and sexy massage. You’ll learn so much and be ready to give your lover the ultimate experience.

Discreet and private

No matter your situation, we are focused on giving you as much discretion and privacy as possible. This means that our masseuses primarily work out of private flats. There are no obvious storefronts to deal with and no one on the street will guess what you’re doing. It’ll simply look like you’re visiting a friend. All of our private flats are kept to five star standards. You won’t be missing a single thing.

Authentic tie and tease massages

Our masseuses are all wonderfully educated in the art of massage. You’ll absolutely be getting a real massage from a professional masseuse. And, even better, they know exactly how to give the best tie and tease massage in London. You won’t be getting a masseuse whose half-interested or barely paying attention to you. Instead, a radiant goddess will work your body all over with her skilful hands and having you aching in the best way possible.

Hour long appointments

All of our appointments are a full hour. This gives you an amazing amount of time to get to know your masseuse, shower, and dive into your tie and tease massage. You won’t lose a minute of time to anything distracting. And your masseuse will keep things flowing so you can savour every second of sensuality.

Located everywhere you go

No matter where you work, play, or live, we have beautiful masseuses ready to take care of you. Our masseuses are located all over London in very convenient locations. Many are even near tube stations so you don’t have to travel far! Visit a different part of the city for even more discretion or stick close to your home for easier travel. It’s all up to you.

Make an appointment today

If you’re ready to have the best tie and tease massage in London and learn so many tips and tricks to take home to your lover, give us a ring. Browse our catalogue of gorgeous masseuses and see who you’d love to have tie you up. We’ll help you set up an appointment and get you on your way to the best massage. You’ll be ready to book another appointment before your first one is over!

Book your tie & tease massage today

Now that you know what to expect with a tie & tease massage, you’re more than ready to book one. All you have to do is browse our catalogue of sexy masseuses and decide who you’d love to have tie you down and rub her sensual body on yours. Then give us a ring and we’ll help you set up an appointment and prepare you for the best massage in London. You’ll have the time of your life and get the best massage at the same time.

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