Body Rub London

The weekend has arrived and you're thinking 'what shall I do?'  

You have worked long hours all week and now you want to relax. So what's the perfect weekend for you, a beer with your friends, a stroll around Hampstead Heath with your girlfriend? 

What about a good old fashioned body rub with a very attractive masseuse like me...?  

This has to be the perfect way to start the weekend. You will feel re-energised ready for whatever you do next. 

The session will start with me giving you a splendid calming deep tissue massage. My hands will work their way around your body.

So far it will mostly be traditional massage that will prepare your mind and body for the next part.

Let my hands wander all over your body.

The second half of the massage is where things start to get a little more intimate and erotic, with much more focus on your erogenous zones.

This will turn into a super sensual body rub London style which I guarantee you will very much enjoy.

I won't talk to much here about the ending, you will have to make a booking with me to see how fantastic that is. 

Come on you know you want to...