The Body Rub London Experience

The weekend has arrived and you're asking yourself 'what should I do?'

You have worked long hours all week and now you want to relax. So what’s the perfect weekend for you, a beer with your friends, a stroll around Hampstead Heath with your girlfriend? Or do you experience the best body rub London has to offer.

A good old fashioned body rub with a very attractive masseuse – that’s what you need. This has to be the perfect way to start the weekend. You will feel re-energised ready for whatever you do next. 

The session will start with me giving you a splendid calming deep tissue massage. My hands will work their way around your body. So far it will mostly be traditional massage that will prepare your mind and body for the next part.

The second half of the b2b massage is where things start to get a little more intimate and erotic, with much more focus on your erogenous zones. This will turn into a super sensual body rub London style which I guarantee you will very much enjoy.

I won’t talk to much here about the ending, you will have to make a booking with me to see how fantastic that is.

Come on you know you want to. Join us for a special tantric massage in Baker Street. You will be glad you came.

Super sexy masseuses

To experience a special body rub massage in London you must choose a qualified masseuse. The erotic massage sessions we offer you and second to none. You will leave our studio apartments feeling fully refreshed and relieved.

We have everything in place to provide you with a first class sensual encounter. From an expert masseuse, to fragrant sensual oils, to fresh towels, shower and refreshments. Everything is fully designed to maximise your pleasure.

All you have to do is lay back and let a talented tantric goddess sensually massage your whole torso for the ultimate body rub London style. Let our hands roam all over your naked body. 

Call us today and book your session. 

5 Common Concerns

It is natural for any first timer to erotic massage to be a little nervous. However let us put those concerns to rest one by one.

Mutual Massage

Mutual massage is your chance to massage the masseuse. This session can be a great deal of fun.

Shared Shower

If you love to share a romantic shower together with a female then why not come share a shower with me?

Sensual Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a practice that combines essential oils with massage. The aim is to use special oils that help the skin rejuvenate, refreshed and to feel young.

Sexy Lingerie Massage In London

There are five senses in the body which are touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. All five of these senses contribute to fantastic sensual massage.

Aqua Massage

Those of you who have viewed many massage websites may have come across a sensual therapy called Aqua Massage. This is a massage, as the title may already suggest, is one that revolves around water.

Deep Tissue

If you have aching muscles and sore joints then perhaps a therapeutic deep tissue massage in London will do you wonders.

Erotic Head Massage

You might think that the head is the last part of the body you would associate with erotic massage in London, however the brain is the best sexual organ there is.

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