Finish off your erotic massage with a head massage

Sensual head massage in London is taking off in popularity as people are becoming aware of the benefits of having an erotic head massage.

A sensuous head massage normally comes at the end of the massage session as a way for the recipient to gently ease back down from the highs of a full body tantric massage. The masseuse will run her fingers through your hair, moving her fingers sensually across your scalp, making every hair in your body stand on end as there are many nerve endings in the scalp.

Your erotic masseuse will start to grip your scalp a little harder, and rub it firmly, which is very good for treating migraines. Rubbing the hair also stimulates the blood supply, which can increase hair growth.

You might think that the head is the last part of the body you would associate with erotic massage in London, however the brain is the best sexual organ there is.

Once your sexy massage therapist has finished with your scalp, she will run her hands over your facial area, cupping and stroking the face, to make sure that you feel completely relaxed before running her hands to the from of your head and rubbing your pressure points to get ride of any stress. 

As the endorphin’s in your brain start to recede this is the perfect way to end your tantric massage session. I conclude every session with a head massage to help wind you back down after the ecstatic high.

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