They say the best movies have happy endings, well let's be honest so do massages.

However there are many different happy endings. Some are done very quickly and may feel nice but do not go anyway near the full potential of a professional happy ending.

The full potential I am talking about is when after you have ejaculated your whole body will be shaking for many minutes afterwards.

When you experience this you will wonder why you used to go down to those massage shops in Soho for a boring quick hand job, its like the difference between driving an old banger of a car to driving a Rolls Royce. 

Personal Focus.

I make sure to spend at least the last 20 minutes of the session to focus on your erect member. Known as a lingam massage, this is essentially a massage of the male penis and testicles, and once you have experienced this you will never want to have a rushed and limited ending to a sensual massage again.

There are a variety of hands techniques employed to make the lingam massage a very special happy ending. I will not go into the deep details about these techniques, as it might seem a little graphic, but as you can imagine it will feel very nice indeed.

Come see me for a sensual massage in London and I will show you what I mean.

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