A taste of the east

Experiencing Japanese massage in London is a must try. It truly is a unique therapy. Having been cut off from the rest of the world for a long period of time before the 19th century began. Japan had the chance to develop it’s unique culture, which is very different from other world cultures.

From tea ceremony to Samurai warriors, Japanese culture is very special indeed. It is no wonder then that Japan has developed it’s own unique massage styles such as Shiatsu massage and nuru massage.

Shiatsu massage is a style where the masseuse or masseur apply pressure to certain pressure points in the body using just their fingers to do this. Pushing on these pressure points in a certain way helps relieve aches and pains across the whole body.

This is a very therapeutic massage, and definitely recommended to those people who have physically active lives. It is great for those people who sit in a chair all day in an office too.

The nuru massage, as you probably already know, is a highly erotic massage. As explained on our nuru massage page, the masseuse will cover your body in nuru gel and then give you a very intimate body to body massage.

This is a wonderful experience and is becoming increasingly popular with the gentlemen across the world. 

So thank you to Japan for creating some fantastic and creative massage styles.

Tantric Japanese massage in London

As you have probably already gathered by browsing the massages we offer here at Body to Body London. Every session we do is sensual. So we have created a tantric twist to the traditional shiatsu Japanese massage.

What will start off with certain deep tissue acupressure massage techniques, will end in a full blissful tantric massage. We don’t know of too many services in London who offer this unique fusion style.

So come try the only tantric Japanese massage London has available. Your body, mind , and soul will feel fantastic once the session is over. All the knots, stresses, strains, will disappear. You will be left in a blissful dreamy state.

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