Mutual Massage In London

If you like to massage your masseuse then you should try a mutual massage.

Sensual massage should be about relaxing and recharging the body but it should also be fun. When you have a sexy nude masseuse giving you a highly erotic body to body massage it can be hard not to resist the urge to touch the masseuses body. 

This is natural, it would be like putting candy in front of someone with a sweet tooth, it is very difficult to resist that candy.

If you want to turn the tables and massage your masseuse this is known as a mutual massage. This sexy therapy can really power the pleasure levels for both the masseuse and her client. 

The masseuse may even show you where on her body she likes to be touched. Of course it helps if you are polite and courteous, make sure you ask for the masseuses permission before putting your hands all over her body.

Maximum Pleasure.

It can feel great to have your hands all over each others body, sensually pleasing each other and touching sensitive parts of each others torso. It is also a great way to take your mind off the orgasmic feeling that is building in your own mind and body, as you can concentrate on pleasing the masseuse, giving you time to calm down a little. 

If you like the sound of trying a mutual massage in London with a sexy tantric masseuse then call me, if you are nice guy perhaps I will let you touch my body in intimate erotic ways.

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