Top 5 Sensual massage oils

Essential oils can provide heightened pleasure during erotic fun.

Here are 5 top aromatic sensual oils boasting aphrodisiac qualities that are guaranteed to boost libido intensity and orgasmic intimacy.

1. Rose

Rose is a romantic fragrance that helps to enhance self-esteem and confidence. The floral scent stirs up feelings of lust and desire, reduces stress and tension, aids grief, and lifts depression.

Rose essential oil detoxes and purifies the blood, improves circulation and uterine function, and increases semen production.

2. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang effectively works on your emotions so that you feel a sense of balanced arousal and enhanced sexual anticipation. The sweet, slightly fruity and floral essential oil lifts the mood, lowers blood pressure and calms a racing heart.

Known for its sensually calming properties, ylang ylang is the oil to choose if you want to enjoy a profound experience.

3. Sandalwood

One of the oldest known perfume materials in the world, Sandalwood oil is an aphrodisiac that is highly beneficial in the relaxation of muscles and tension.

Sandalwood also has a powerfully potent fragrance that closely matches the scent of human sex hormones.

4. Jasmine

Boasting an amazing fragrance, Jasmine essential oil promotes a feeling of ecstasy and euphoria. To stir up the passion, massage Jasmine essential oil all over the body.

Whilst calming frayed nerves and relieving stress and tension, you’ll also boost confidence and optimism, and enhance sexual desire.

5. Rosewood

Rosewood is a great mood lifter that also boosts your sexuality. The mind calming scent instils positive feelings, elevates sensual passion and intensifies sexual fervour.

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