Take things to a whole new level with a VIP tantric massage session

You deserve to be pampered and our VIP massage in London is one of the most indulgent and exciting ways you can treat yourself.

If you’ve been working hard, feeling the strain of life and just want to escape from it all our massage will transport you to another world of erotic stimulation.

So what does a VIP massage mean?

Our VIP massage session treats you to the complete works. This will include having a shared shower followed by an intimate mutual massage with lots of sensual pampering 😉

The massage is carried out by an experienced and talented therapist to ensure you enjoy every moment of pleasure.

It includes stimulation through words, mutual massage, and lots of erotic touch.

Our London VIP full service massage is the pinnacle of tantric experience, if you’re looking to indulge your senses you can’t choose better.

Lets drill down into the details - what you can expect...

A VIP full service massage is a tantric experience containing everything you’d expect plus much more.

It’s intimate, erotic, and sensual, and allows you to give and take pleasures.

For those who like to spend time getting to know someone. To those that enjoy listening to sensual whispers, our VIP massage is the most satisfying way to spend a few hours in heaven right here on earth.

The experience will begin with sensual massage. This will relax and de-stress your body and mind allowing you to fully experience further pleasure.

A gradual build up to sensual release means you are able to enjoy your time and really experience what a VIP massage is about – your sensual arousal.

This is one of our most popular packages designed to boost your enjoyment of tantric practice and make you feel like a king.

Amazing massage girls

We are charming young beautiful ladies. On offer is the finest VIP full service massage London offers. This session is extremely powerful, you will love every second of it. Come see us this week.

Are you ready to become a VIP?

Sensual pleasures are one of the most enjoyable ways you can take time out of your busy life to relax and unwind. This is because Asian tantric massage sweeps you away from a world of stress. It’s a session that will soothe your mind and release all your tensions.

Everyone deserves a healthy mind and body. Our VIP massage will leave you with a tension-free body. An experience where all the sensual pleasures you’ve been dreaming about will be explored.

A VIP massage London style is so much more

Everyone should experience the ultimate pleasure that a VIP massage offers. You can enjoy mutual massage, shared showers, head massage and all the aspects of closeness you want to experience.

Your therapist will indulge your senses in an array of sensual pleasures designed to make you feel on top of the world. It’s an erotic shared experience that will leave your mind relaxed, energised and full of life.

A VIP massage in London is available to all men and women who like to spend time with the most talented massage therapists. And who know how to help you unwind and feel good.

Experience real pleasure

Other sensual massages we offer

Nuru Massage

We will pour slippery nuru gel on your body. Then comes the erotic body on body massage.

Aqua Massage

Bubbly soapy intimate fun with a hot masseuse - come try this session with us.

Tantric Massage

Maximise your pleasure with a tantric massage in London.

If you’re in the mood for spending time with a beautiful girl, you might be wondering what options you have.

No1 it involves spending quality erotic time with a girl whose looks alone will turn you on.

Our masseuses offer an erotic massage body to body massage. That is their mandate and their focus.

You just lie back and let the masseuse do her job. The massage will lead to an orgasm, but that is not its sole purpose.

The intensity of the massage itself will lead to a particularly powerful orgasm, which you would not necessarily achieve during a session of sex or masturbation.

A masseuse won’t simply sleep with you, but will be sensual, and use her tantric skills to take you to a higher level. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy the pleasure.

Our masseuse can also help you achieve a powerful orgasm that you would not achieve alone or even with an escort. That is because the focus is solely on your pleasure and provides benefits for the mind and body.

You can also see a masseuse if:

  • Your body is tired and you want renewed energy.
  • You want to feel the touch of a beautiful girl.
  • Guys who want to learn new techniques to try with your partner.