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What Are The Benefits of a Body to Body Massage

If you have ever wondered about the benefits of a body to body massage, this is the article for you. Not only is a body to body massage sexy and erotic, it is also a very relaxing way to get a high-quality massage that comes with therapeutic benefits. If the idea of body to body massage or other sensual massage types make you nervous, never fear. If you are in London, where we are headquartered, this form of erotic massage is totally legal and above board. There’s really no reason not to get a body to body massage especially if you’ve never tried one. So what exactly are the benefits of a body to body massage? Read on and find out!

What is body to body massage?

If you are unfamiliar with body to body massage, that’s totally okay! You do not need to be an expert to enjoy a body to body massage or to seek one out. Body to Body Massage massage is an extremely popular form of erotic massage, and it is performed as a full body, full contact massage. The masseuse uses their entire (nude or scantily clad) body to enhance the massage, and in some instances, as the massage itself. Hands, arms, legs and butt, and body weight all become tools of pleasure to make body to body massage an experience no one can forget!

More than entertainment

Body to body massage is the ultimate relaxation service because it is more sensual and exciting than a regular massage, but not as full-on as meeting up with an escort. You get the benefit of the titillation and nudity combined with sensual touch, but you aren’t going all the way. It may seem counterintuitive that body to body massage would have significant benefits, because erotic massage is often misunderstood. Many people fail to understand that it is helpful and therapeutic, not simply entertainment. While we cannot ignore or forget the intensity and allure of the massage’s entertainment value, it’s worth  remembering that it’s still a massage and still makes your body feel great. It may not be the same massage you get from a massage therapist or a chiropractor but all of our masseuses are fully trained in massage so you will indeed, feel the difference. 

Give yourself over to sensual touch

Achieving relaxation through massage is an obvious benefit, but body to body massage does more than just relax you, it helps you relax deeply. Body to body massage creates a perfect storm of stress release through the muscular massage, teasing and titillating, and the proverbial ‘happy ending’.  Yes, if you’d like to, you can indulge in the happy ending at the end of your massage. In many parts of the world happy ending massages are not allowed, but the local legislation in the UK says that it is very much permitted. The benefit of deep relaxation is gained in part by the terrific flooding of endorphins that your brain and body get when your masseuse pushes you across the finish line. After an hour of being handled by a gorgeous woman, most of our clients are more than ready, and more than happy to finish things with a bang.

You will be in good hands

Our masseuses are top-notch, the creme-de-la-creme and they bring  a combination of sensuality and skills to each and every body to body massage session. Most of our masseuses are models or ex-models, many of whom have worked all over the world. The masseuses on our roster are an international crew from far away and exotic places like Brazil, and less far-afield like Switzerland. In terms of aesthetics and types, all of our girls are gorgeous, fit, and  sexy. There are blondes and redheads and brunettes, each one with a perfect physique, dangerous curves in all the right places, and an air of confident sensuality that will make your toes curl.

Let’s talk benefits

Improve focus

The most common yet unexpected benefit of a body to body massage is the improved clarity and focus. When you allow your body to enter a state of deep relaxation and restoration, such as what a body to body massage provides, you can effect some very positive changes. This level of relaxation is healing to the parasympathetic nervous system and allows for the brain to operate more consistently and efficiently. The sensual aspects of body to body massage ensure that your brain also gets a slow and steady drip of happy brain chemicals throughout the massage and for hours, sometimes days, after. We receive client feedback all the time that after a body to body massage session they feel great from head to toe but also mentally and emotionally. If nothing else, professional body to body massage gives people away to live out a fantasy.

Walk taller, shine brighter

Spending time with a professional erotic masseuse is a great way to regain confidence and ‘get back in the game’. Since your appointment is professional and transactional, you have the benefit of conversing with a beautiful woman in an intimate setting without any strings attached. We have many clients who choose body to body massage as a way to unwind and put a spring back in their step after a breakup or a dry spell. It’s also not uncommon for clients to use our services as a reintroduction to intimacy after the loss of a partner.  Likewise, we get physically disabled clients who are looking for essential experience where their disability will be recognized  appropriately.  No matter what brings you in for a body to body massage when you go back into the world you will be walking taller and feeling better about yourself.

Get a glow about you

In order for a massage to feel truly incredible it needs a great massage oil. We like to use 100% pure organic cold-pressed grapeseed oil. it is incredibly pure, flavorless, and odorless, and it absorbs into the skin easily. Grape seed oil is the ultimate massage oil because it is non-comedogenic which means that it will not clog your pores or make your skin break out. The last thing you want after a relaxing, sexy massage is to be covered in pimples the next day! Pure grape seed oil is a magic elixir for the skin, supporting it with antioxidant benefits and deeply penetrating moisture that will leave you feeling sexy, supple, and soft.


Make your muscles happy

Massage can make such a positive impact on the maintenance and care of your body. Body to body massage has the added benefit of being so sensual and erotically exciting, however it is still a physical massage. As with any form of massage you will leave feeling like a well tenderized piece of steak and you will more than likely feel it the next day. Body to body massage may not be as intense as some other forms of massage but it will certainly give you the relaxation and improved circulation you should expect. It is truly a feast for the senses and something that has to be experienced to be fully understood.  A good quality body to body massage gives you a wonderful and lingering sense of euphoria, both from the physical intensity as well as the sensual intensity. The option to climax at the end of your session will ensure that your body gets the full benefit of the massage leading up to the finale.

Learn to be the best lover you can be

It’s almost inevitable that you will pick up some tips and tricks along the way as you receive a body to body massage. If you see your masseuse on a regular basis, you will get an entire education on massage just by osmosis! You may pick up a technique here or there but  becoming a better lover is about more than mastering technique. It can be very hard for men to let go of power and control, especially in intimate or vulnerable situations. With a professional masseuse, you are in her capable hands and your role is to enjoy the massage, not to control or direct it. Your masseuse knows what she’s doing, and she is a consummate professional who will lead you through the entire process from end to end. We have had many clients share with us that they learned things about themselves by going through body to body massage and other forms of erotic massage. Many of them stated that they felt more articulate about their needs and desires and were able to better share with their partners. Others reflected and shared with us that they learned the value of being pampered and cared for.

Rack up some self-care points

Self-care is a term that is bandied about with wild abandon in popular culture. It has been used so prolifically for the last few years that it may be hard to take the concept seriously. If it feels like self-care is something that is marketed towards women and involves pedicures and face masks, you’ve missed the point. Self-care is maintenance. In the same way that you need to perform preventative and acute maintenance to a vehicle, so you must treat your body. With the pace of Modern Life, the stresses of public health, and all of the agitation you experience from life in general, you have more than earned yourself a sensual, exciting, body to body massage.

Get a great sleep

There’s nothing like the pure, deep sleep after a tantric body to body massage. Not only will your muscles and joints feel like jelly from your masseuse’s touch, the explosive finish to your session will prime you for sleep as well. There is a significant stress release associated with body to body massage that triggers the part of the brain that controls the desire and ability for sleep. When this part of your brain is sated,  quality REM sleep comes more easily. No, you won’t leave your session feeling groggy or overly tired. You will leave your session feeling refreshed and resplendent, but later that night you will sleep like a baby.

Give your body what it needs

As you can see the benefits of a body to body massage are many. Body to body massage possesses the perfect combination of intense musculoskeletal therapy as well as being a sexy buffet for the senses. No doubt you need the calm and relaxation of a body to body massage, and your libido won’t argue either. If you have issues around erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, body to body massage can be a great way to work on those  issues without embarrassment or feeling like you have upset or disappointed a partner. Not surprisingly, our masseuses have seen and heard it all so they are ready to help you through whatever comes of your appointment. Likewise if some conversation and companionship is what you’re looking for along with your massage, our masseuses are sweet and friendly and can accommodate.

These benefits can be yours

If you’re looking for a reason to experience a body to body massage it may be better to ask yourself why you would not pursue the benefits of a body to body massage.  As we have laid out in this article, there are mental, emotional and physical benefits to receiving a body to body massage from a skilled professional. Give us a call today and we will set you up for your next body to body massage session and get you booked in with the masseuse of your dreams. Trust us, you will be glad that you made the call and that you experienced all of the many benefits of a body to body massage. Call us today!


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