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What is a Tie & Tease Massage?

Are you looking for an exciting and salacious new erotic massage? We recommend our tie and tease massage, it’s one you absolutely won’t forget. Let one of our gorgeous masseuses take care of you from head to toe in this sexy massage and have a blast at the same time.

Have you ever heard of a tie and tease massage?

If you’ve never heard of this kind of massage, you’re in for an incredible experience. Just imagine your tantalizingly beautiful masseuse lightly tying your wrists so she can move and slide her body all over yours without you being able to touch. This massage is so sexy and erotic, you’ll be drowning in pleasure. This isn’t hardcore BDSM, don’t worry. A tie and tease massage is all about feeling good, a mind-blowing massage, and building that anticipation to a fantastic finish.

Still not sure if a tie & tease massage sounds fun?

In case you’re still not quite sure if this sounds right for you, let’s explore a little more about what a tie & tease massage is. You’ll never be asked to do something you don’t want to do and you’ll never be forced to do something. This kind of massage is about making you feel good and ensuring you have an incredible time. Your masseuse will gently restrain your hands so that you can’t touch her body but you won’t be completely immobile. So don’t worry, this isn’t all whips and chains but a seductive introduction to flirty teasing that will have you feeling pleasured all over and ready for an incredible finish.

Getting a tie & tease massage is an adventure

If you’ve never explored this kind of erotic massage, you might be feeling a little nervous. Don’t worry, our wonderful masseuses want you to feel good and have a great time. A tie & tease massage is an exciting kind of adventure and one you won’t be quick to forget. There’s nothing like one of our gorgeous goddesses sliding their body all over yours while you’re just aching to touch their silky skin. You’ll be left wanting in the best way possible.

Being teased makes for better happy endings

There’s nothing like sexual tension and build up to make for an amazing happy ending. A tie & tease massage is the perfect recipe for an absolutely explosive finish! Just let your masseuse work her body all over you in this incredible massage. Revel in the pleasure of her skin sliding against yours. Delaying that gratification bit by bit will give you a bigger, more intense, and more pleasurable happy ending.

Revel in feeling the surrender

There’s a reason people love to be told what to do in bed – it’s hot and sexy. So just imagine what it’s like for a stunning masseuse to spend a whole hour paying attention to you and flirting with you. With your hands lightly tied out of the way, you’ll have to surrender to her charms and sexuality without resistance. There’s nothing to stop you from drinking in the gorgeous goddess that is working her body all over yours. Enjoy an intensely erotic session without a second thought and have an amazing finish as a result.

Enjoy the benefits of massage in a new way

The great thing about tie & tease massages is that you’re getting all the benefits of a massage, just in a different sort of format. Massages are absolutely amazing for your body, mind, and overall health. You’ll get better sleep, be more relaxed, lower blood pressure, and it can even help out your libido. Who needs more reasons than that? You’ll be feeling the bliss for days afterward and reaching out the next time you need a little break from life.

Be present in the moment

It can be hard in this busy day and age to be completely present in the moment. The amazing thing about tie & tease massages is that they get your attention quickly and keep it. With no distractions, you’ll be forced to enjoy watching a beautiful woman and enjoy the incredible sensations she’ll bring to your body. Enjoy the feeling of all of your senses zeroing in on your beautiful masseuse, the scents of her body, and her touch on your skin. You’ll forget the outside world even exists and just spend time in pleasure. Doesn’t that sound like an incredible break from the world?

Give up decision making

Speaking of taking a break from the world, wouldn’t it be nice to stop making decisions for a minute? Just take an hour out of your day to stop thinking about what to do next. Let someone else take charge for a little while and make all the decisions for you. Enjoy yourself as our perfectly sexy masseuses take charge and decide just how to make you feel good. You don’t have to worry about a thing, just enjoy the waves of pleasure. She’ll slide her hands and body all over your body, whisper naughty things in your ear, and you don’t have to ask for a single thing. Take a break from being a boss in your life and let someone else handle the decisions for just a little while.

Have fun flirting with a beautiful woman

Tie & tease massages are great for folks who just love to flirt. Our sexy masseuses are expert flirters and you’ll be having a great time in minutes. If you’re nervous about flirting, don’t worry. Your masseuse will gracefully lead you through the massage; all you have to do is enjoy yourself. Admire your masseuse’s gorgeous body and have fun with the sexy banter.

Tie & tease massages are absolutely worth trying out

Maybe you’ve had other erotic massages and are looking for something new or maybe you just have an adventurous streak. A tie & tease massage is absolutely perfect for you to try. Get ready to be absolutely aroused by the power dynamics and sensuality of our perfect masseuses. It’s exciting, fun, and different, and you’ll have an incredible time. Give it a shot and we’re sure you’ll agree that tie & tease massages are worth every single moment.

Get a tie & tease massage no matter who you are

Our beautiful masseuses are always ready to take care of you, no matter your gender, what you look like, or anything else. Adults only, of course, but we love our wide variety of clients. Yes, that means you too, ladies. Come have fun with a seductive masseuse and explore your submissive side. Get teased and aroused by our gorgeous goddesses – you’ll be ready to come back again and again!

Real massages by real masseuses

This isn’t just all about being teased but about being massaged too. Our professional masseuses are trained in the art of massage so come see their skills up close and personal. Their hands will work your muscles into submission and having you melting underneath them. All of your aches and pains will just slip away as your masseuse takes care of you. All you’ll be aching for at the end is an incredibly happy ending.

Convenient locations for you

Now that you’ve read all about tie & tease massages, you’re probably wondering where you can get one. The great thing is that we have masseuses located all over London and there’s sure to be one located close to you. Many of our masseuses are located near tube stations so you can be sure that you won’t have to travel far for an amazing tie & tease massage in London.

Our appointments are all about you

Each of our massage appointments are an hour long and are entirely focused on making you feel amazing. From beginning to end, your masseuse will have all of her attention on you and your pleasure. Appointments begin when you arrive but don’t worry about watching the clock. Your masseuse will ensure you get every minute. You’ll have a conversation about limitations or concerns, pay your masseuse, then off to a warm soothing shower to wash away the day. Then your sexy tie & tease massage will begin. You and your masseuse will get lost in the sexual pleasure in no time.

Private and discrete

There’s nothing wrong with getting an erotic massage but we want to offer you the very best in privacy and discretion. Our masseuses work out of beautiful private flats so that you’re never having to enter a storefront with signage everywhere. It’s no one’s business what you’re doing after all. Every flat is decorated to five star luxury and you’ll be appreciating the atmosphere just as much as the privacy.

Get a tie & tease massage today

After reading all of this, surely you’re just aching to try out a tie & tease massage now. Well, don’t worry we keep it easy to book an appointment. Browse our amazing catalogue of stunning masseuses and decide who you’d just love to tie you up. Who you pick is who you’ll get! Then give us a ring and we’ll help you set up an appointment. You’ll be on your way to an hour of bliss in no time flat.


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