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What is Nuru Massage?

You may have heard of Nuru Massage, a popular form of Japanese erotic massage that is sweeping the nation. But what is Nuru Massage? What makes it so different from other kinds of massage, and why is it something you may want to try? We will unpack all of these answers and more in this article as we get down to the bottom of the question “What is Nuru Massage?”.

In the world of adult entertainment and erotic massage, Nuru Massage is seen as a sophisticated form of massage that it is not usually undertaken by novices. A Nuru Massage contains many elements which means the masseuse has many ‘balls in the air’  at once. It is a specific and highly sensual, tactile form of massage that is physically demanding, incredibly intimate, and very fulfilling for both masseuse and client.

What makes Nuru Massage so special?

Nuru Massage is a full contact, body to body tantric massage that is facilitated by a special, natural lubricant. During a Nuru Massage your masseuse will slather your body with an incredibly slick and slippery, unctuous gel made from 100% natural sea kelp. The kelp that Nuru gel is made from is native to the coast of Japan, and is the same sort of brown seaweed that is made into Nori which wraps your sushi.

Plant-based benefits

See vegetables such as kelp are rich in antioxidants and trace minerals, all of which can be taken into the system via the skin. Nuru gel is pleasant to touch, easy to wash off, and is filled with nutrients for the skin. After a Nuru Massage your muscles will not be the only part of you that feels significantly tenderised and supple! This natural kelp based gel is odourless, colourless,  and tasteless. It may sound strange to you to have your whole body anointed with Nuru gel, but your skin will thank you, and there will be essentially no friction between your body and the body of your masseuse.

The full Body to Body Massage experience only slipperier

A Nuru Massage is essentially a full body, full contact erotic massage but highly lubricated. You will still experience all of the benefits of a traditional massage and your masseuse will pay particular attention to any aches or pains that you point out to her. The difference between a Nuru Massage and a traditional massage is that your masseuse will be using more than just her hands. Much like a body to body massage she uses her hands, arms, legs, buttocks, and body weight  to enhance and extend your massage. Her focus will become more dedicated to your pleasure and your erogenous zones as the session goes on. She will theno skillfully lead you across the finish line to a triumphant and explosive finale.

Nuru is legit and above board in London

In some parts of the world Nuru Massage is considered too racy and too taboo. Luckily here in London, erotic massage with a happy ending, which includes Nuru Massage, is completely above board and acceptable. You don’t have to worry about there being any ramifications of your Nuru Massage experience. To that point, we primarily do in-call massage, meaning that you travel to your masseuse in her upscale luxury apartment. We have masseuses scattered across the city surveying every neighbourhood and Borough of London. Enjoy all the creature comforts of being in someone’s home and experience privacy and discretion like you’ve never had with a massage before.

What to expect from your  Nuru Massage

A quality Nuru Massage is a thing of beauty. You can expect that you will leave your massage feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and completely satisfied. During the massage you can expect that your masseuse will dedicate all her focus and energy on the massage itself and bring you to your desired climax. If you’d like to chit chat with her or flirt with her, that is completely acceptable, but please mind your manners, we expect that our clients will be gentlemen. Upon arrival you will have a brief meeting with your masseuse to discuss any boundaries or limitations either of you have. This is also a great time to ask her any questions. Once you have concluded that consultation you will pay her directly in cash, and have a quick shower. Even if you show up clean and fresh from the bath, you will still be asked to have a shower when you arrive.

The Nuru difference

A Nuru Massage is a special kind of massage. The use of the kelp based Nuru gel takes it from good to great and eliminates any unnecessary friction between your bodies. This allows for an extra slippery, extra slick and sexy massage that is less strenuous for her, allowing her to devote more time and energy to arousing and titillating you. Many of our clients have commented that they enjoy the glossy surface of their masseuses skin during a Nuru Massage. Likewise, having the opportunity to see a stunningly beautiful woman massaging you from head to toe is a unique and erotic experience unto itself. So if you like to watch, and you like wet or shiny textures and surfaces, Nuru could be a great choice for you.

Self-care comes in many forms

Taking care of yourself can feel like a never-ending task, and it is. Self-care is a word that gets used a lot and misinterpreted.  The idea of self-care is based on finding balance and harmony in your life between the things that you must do and the things that you want to do, the things that you want to eat and the things that you should eat, etc. It’s so much more than chamomile tea and face masks, as it is an opportunity to address physical and mental health, maintenance, and longevity.  One element of self-care that is often overlooked is sexual self care. The human libido requires regular maintenance, it is a use-it-or-lose-it situation. But keeping your libido healthy is not just about having intercourse. It’s about incorporating sensuality and eroticism into your life in a number of ways. Erotic touch and titillation such as a Nuru Massage serves your libido and helps keep that system healthy and running smoothly.

We know you will like what you see

We only work with the best, the brightest, and the most beautiful masseuses in all of the UK. These girls are absolutely stunning and they know how to make a guy feel comfortable. Unlike lesser massage agencies, we ensure that all of our masseuses are trained in as many forms of massage as possible. We provide intensive training and we encourage our masseuses to choose their own path and massage and learn the styles they are most interested in. By the time they are working with clients, they are completely ready to guide you through a massage session with grace and aplomb.  Each one of them is clever and classy and fun to be around, so no matter how hot and heavy the session gets, you will enjoy yourself and enjoy her company.

Deeply sensual and deeply therapeutic

As mentioned, a Nuru Massage is still a massage. It is more than just a fancy hand job and the aim is for you to leave with the benefits of receiving a massage. Whether you have worked out too hard at the gym this week or you are nursing an old injury, even everyday aches and pains are no match for the skilled hands of our masseuses. If you need a therapeutic massage, why not have it with a side of sensuality?

A Nuru Massage is good for everyone

Whether you are a man or a woman, of any sexual orientation, any age, or any fitness level, Nuru Massage could be right for you. Nuru is physically intimate and intense, but all of the work is done by the masseuse, not the client. You can simply sit back and enjoy yourself and reap the benefits of this unique and tactile form of Japanese massage. It can be a great pick me up after a breakup, a fun way to celebrate and achievements, or simply a sexy way to get a bit of relief for your sore muscles. A Nuru Massage is something that you have to experience to fully understand.

We make it easy and convenient

Most of our masseuses work six or seven days a week, meaning that in almost any part of London at any given time there is a Nuru Massage just waiting to happen. All of our massages last a minimum of 60 minutes. We have established that any less is too scant an amount of time and anything longer needs more planning. But a quick afternoon 1 hour session for a Nuru Massage is very possible, so long as your masseuse of choice has the availability. Our masseuses are legitimately the best in the business, so they are quite sought-after and quite busy. Their schedules tend to be chocobloc at best, so if you have someone in particular in mind, be sure to call us sooner than later to avoid disappointment.

Double your pleasure

If you really want things to get wet and wild, get a Nuru Massage but combine it with the Four Hands Massage. This is the ultimate combination of sexy slippery Nuru, plus not one, but two, gorgeous, sexy masseuses at your service. Enjoy watching the two of them share the load as they take you through your appointment.  When it comes to an erotic massage like Nuru, to is definitely better than one and  two pairs of hands can do a lot more than one. You will truly be in heaven both in terms of tactile experience, as well as the awesome beauty of watching two gorgeous women work in tandem. And it’s all for you!

There’s no reason not to

A Nuru Massage is a win-win. Not only do you achieve physical relief from the therapeutic aspects of the massage itself, you also get to enjoy unwinding and relaxing through the erotic ministrations of an incredibly beautiful woman. There’s really no downside. Certainly, some people have a moral quandary with erotic massage. They fear that it is exploitative and too much of a taboo to admit. Put in the context of adult entertainment as a whole, Nuru Massage is not particularly questionable at all. It’s more intimate than a lap dance at your local strip club, sure. But, it’s not as full-on as spending a night with an escort. Nuru Massage is incredibly sensual and deliciously sexy, but it is also a happy medium between the two extremes of adult entertainment.

What are you waiting for?

Pick up the phone, give us a call and ask us all of the burning questions that are running through your head. We are happy to walk you through the entire process and ensure that you know everything that you feel you need to before you arrive at your session. Erotic massage, especially Nuru Massage is incredibly enjoyable and comes with so many benefits, it would be a shame not to have one.  Now that you know all about Nuru Massage it should be apparent to you why they are so enjoyable and in such high demand. If you think that a Nuru Massage, with all its benefits and opportunities for pleasure, seems right for you, browse through our website and give us a call and we will set you up for a Nuru Massage session that will be sexy, slippery, and absolutely unforgettable.


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