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What is the Difference Between a Nuru Massage & Body 2 Body Massage

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between a Nuru Massage and a Body to Body Massage, this article will answer all of your questions!

If you have begun looking into tantric massage in London, you have no doubt come across Nuru Massage as well as Body to Body Massage. These are two of the most popular and most readily available forms of sensual massage. You will often see them offered as alternatives to other forms of erotic massage such as Aqua, Tantric, or sensual Couples’ Massage.  But what exactly are Nuru Massages and Body to Body Massages? Are they the same? Are they different? Is one superior to the other?  Let’s tackle these questions and answer the question: what is the difference between a Nuru Massage and Body to Body Massage?

Not all tantric massages are created equal

The world of a exotic and erotic massage is extensive. This is particularly true in a cosmopolitan city like London, where legislation allows for massages to have ‘happy endings’.  Neither a Nuru Massage or a Body to Body Massage needs to end with orgasmic release, but like most things, they are improved by it.  Whether you are examining their similarities or differences, both Nuru Massage and Body to Body Massage have earned their place in the pantheon of adult erotic massage. Each one is fun, sexy, and leaves you feeling great. So let’s unpack what each one is and see how they are similar and different from one another.

Body to Body Massage

Body to Body Massage also known as body on body massage is, you guessed it, a full body, full contact massage. During a Body to Body Massage the masseuse will use more than just her hands to perform the massage. She enhances the experience by using her hands, forearms, thighs, buttocks, and her body weight to enrich and extend the massage.  This degree of contact requires that your masseuse climb atop your reclined body, either face up or face down, usually both. This way she can access your entire body from head to toe. A Body to Body Massage is incredibly intimate and sensual. Often your masseuse will start slowly and avoid your erogenous zones and genitals until she arouses intense desire in you. This form of slow seduction, also known as edging, is guaranteed to increase sexual tension and anticipation.

Nuru Massage

The Nuru Massage is a Japanese form of Body to Body Massage. Just like plain body to body, the masseuse uses complete body contact between the two of you to maximise the massage. What makes it different and unique is the use of Nuru gel to lubricate your two bodies. The Nuru gel is derived from brown sea kelp, the very same seaweed that makes nori which wraps around your sushi rolls. This sea vegetable-based gel is more slippery and long-lasting than massage oils as it does not absorb into the skin as quickly. However, it is full of antioxidants and other skin healthy benefits that will leave you feeling soft and supple afterwards and keep things slick and sexy in the meantime.

Similar but not the same

It really is the Nuru gel that sets Body to Body Massage apart from Nuru Massage. How then, does one choose between the two? Ultimately it comes down to what you are interested in. Body to Body Massage will be conducted with a non-comedogenic massage oil for lubrication, whereas the Nuru Massage will involve the unique and novel Nuru gel. Rest assured that both these lubricants are odourless and flavourless, although one is slightly messier than the other.  Every massage session begins with a shower, and if needed or desired, your session can end with a shower as well. Don’t let the perceived mess of a Nuru Massage hold you back from giving it a try. It is a truly unique and titillating experience that is unlike anything else.

Still a quality massage

As sexy as they are, both Nuru Massage and Body to Body Massage are legitimate forms of massage. They both address aches and pains and can sooth ongoing chronic pain. Additionally they are both highly arousing and stimulating to the libido. Almost any form of erotic massage can stimulate the libido and help with erectile dysfunction or other sexual dysfunctions. Both Nuru and Body to Body Massage maximise contact, which for many clients increases the pleasure and excitement of the session. It really comes down to what you’re looking for and what you enjoy. Some clients enjoy more teasing with less steps to the massage others want a deep massage that comes with a little bit of teasing. However you want that balance to fall, whether it’s Nuru or Body to Body, simply let your masseuse know what you want.

Both are gaining popularity

There was a time when the average person did not know or understand what an erotic massage could entail. While both Nuru Massage and Body to Body Massage are still considered erotic, and therefore taboo, both are becoming more popular. Pleasure and excitement are hot commodities but they become even more essential to the human experience when we are facing pandemics, recessions, and other dark and depressing news in the world. While an erotic massage may not solve all the ills of the world, it’s certainly a fun and healthy distraction from the harsh realities of life. Escapism nothing to be ashamed of and certainly getting an erotic massage is truly a victimless crime, considering it is completely legal, aboveboard and harms no one.

How to get the most out of your massage

Luckily, both Nuru Massage and Body to Body Massage require little-to-no preparation on your part. Additionally, during your massage, there’s little for you to do than lay back and relax. Regardless of these low expectations, most first-time clients are nervous and wonder about how to prepare. Here are a few tips for getting ready for your massage.

Keep things light

Not surprisingly, we do not recommend that you eat an entire roast beef lunch before you go to an erotic massage session. However, that doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. We recommend that you eat a light, protein-based meal 2 to 3 hours before your appointment begins with a light snack right before if you feel you need it. We also recommend that you be as well rested and well hydrated as you can be before your session. We understand that sometimes lack of energy and lack of sleep are reasons to get the massage, so you don’t have to show up as the best version of yourself.  Do your best to not have a full stomach and not be over stimulated by sugar or caffeine either. Ultimately you want your body to be comfortable and relaxed so that your mind can also become comfortable and relaxed, during your massage.

Mitigate interruptions

Nothing ruins the mood or breaks your stride like having to take a pee break in the middle of a sensual massage.  Your stomach and pelvis will be touched by your masseuse, so this is not the time to have a full and aching ladder.  Nor is it the time for your bowels to be giving you the ‘call of the wild’. For best results, ensure that you have used the bathroom before your session begins so that you don’t have to interrupt the proceedings to dash off to the loo.  If you do need to stop your session for a moment’s refreshment, it will be fine, simply excuse yourself and don’t forget to wash your hands.

If your love language is touch, these are the massages for you

Some of us need more physical contact than others. Whether this is something you’re lacking in a relationship, or you’re single and not receiving the affection and touch you require, Nuru and Body to Body Massage are great choices.  They are the two forms of erotic massage that have the most physical contact and they are the most interactive.  Many of our masseuses are open-minded when it comes to mutual massage, meaning you massage them as well. Although it may be tempting to return the favour and touch your masseuse as she is touching you, always ask before you touch her. Consent is an essential part of the massage experience and just as your consent will be valued and honoured, so should hers be. If the energy of the session feels right, she may allow for mutual massage but if she doesn’t, that should be the end of it.

Your inner voyeur  will be delighted

Do you like to watch? Most people do. Most people enjoy seeing themselves or someone else in a sensual or sexual context. In the case of both Nuru Massage and Body to Body Massage there is a ton of direct body contact, but there’s still lots to see. Since you will be more or less stationary as your masseuse works on you, you can simply take in the sights and sounds of your masseuse. Our masseuses are all incredibly beautiful and we do hire for more than just good looks. That said, when we say they’re beautiful, we are not exaggerating. Just a quick browse through our masseuse profiles will show you that this is a roster of ladies who are absolutely stunning. Each one is gorgeous and fit with beautiful feminine features and silky hair and skin.  There’s lots to see with either of these popular forms of massage and we know that you will enjoy the view.

Slippery? Sexy? Or both?

Nuru Massage and Body to Body Massage are two of the absolute sexiest forms of erotic massage. Both are incredibly sensual and tactile and both provide titillating stimulation that leads up to a triumphant release. A Body to Body Massage massage is a great way to up the ante from other forms of massage as it is more sensual and requires so much more contact. If you want to take things a step further and enjoy the adventure of a Nuru Massage, you will have all of that plus slippery Nuru gel.  Whether you’re looking for a reliable experience filled with intimacy and intensity or a new and exciting experience that is fun and unique, you can’t go wrong with either one. Both Nuru Massage and Body to Body Massage are excellent choices for anyone looking for a deeply sensual and erotic experience.

No strings attached

As always with professional massage, there are no strings attached, so you can have a pure experience. An erotic massage like Nuru Massage or Body to Body Massage is an indulgence and a treat but it’s also really good for you. Let yourself enjoy the fantasy of being rubbed from head to toe with the gorgeous body of a sexy masseuse. Give yourself 1 hour to experience being pampered and catered to by a stunning woman in a clean, safe, and sexy environment. We want you to leave each and every session feeling better than when you arrived, and we are confident that every single one of our masseuses can do that. Whether you choose a Nuru or Body to Body, or some other massage, you will never regret the time you spend with us and you will always be back for more.

Call us directly

Now that you know the ins-and-outs of Nuru Massage and body to body massage, you’re ready to decide which one you will try first. If you have further questions, don’t forget to ask them when you call us to book your session. When you call for your booking we can go through all of the details and ensure that everything you are wondering about has been resolved.  What are you waiting for? We are always ready to take your call and set you up for a toe curling session with a gorgeous masseuse near to you.


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