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What to Expect With a Body to Body Massage

At B2B Tantric Massage, London’s best tantric massage agency, the Body to Body Massage is a frequent client request. We take great pride in how popular our body to body massages are. Maybe it’s because our masseuses are so beautiful, skilled, and such good company.  Beyond a gorgeous masseuse, do you know what to expect with a body to body massage? If you’re looking for an exciting and expansive sensual experience, Body to Body Massage might be right for you …

When a new client calls in for the first time they always have a lot of questions. The world of adult massage is a wide one, leaving many people feeling unsure of the terminology and what to expect. No one wants to show up to an appointment unsure about what is going to happen or what is expected of them. This article spells it all out so you know exactly what to expect with a Body to Body Massage.

What is B to B?

A Body to Body Massage is an erotic massage that uses the masseuse’s entire body to massage the client’s entire body. This allows for the client to experience the masseuse’s skills more fully, and partake in her beauty and the perfection of her body. A Body to Body Massage can be sensual and gentle, avoiding contact with the genitals. Or it can be erotic with full focus on the genital contact. Either way it generally has a steady build up to a mindblowing orgasm.  Here in the UK Body to Body Massage is perfectly legal and above board. Our agency is completely legitimate and we work with some of the finest masseuses in the world.

How it works

Outcall massage is available for guests of London’s premium hotels, but this is at the discretion of the masseuse. Out-calls to clients’ homes are only permitted for VIP clients with an established professional relationship with their masseuse. Safety and comfort is of the utmost importance for our employees and their clients!

We are very much committed to creating safe, comfortable, and sexy opportunities for our clients to connect and enjoy our beautiful masseuses. We also want our masseuses to love their jobs and feel safe and supported by us! Our masseuses work out of their luxurious London flats, with all the necessary amenities. We favour in call Massage for a number of reasons:

  • It allows for Less down time between sessions
  •  your masseuse will always be fully ready for you when you arrive because she hasn’t had to travel
  • Clients’ privacy and discretion is simplified

The all important consultation

Once you have booked  your session and you arrive  for your massage,  you will be greeted by your masseuse.  In-call massage is private and low-stress. Your masseuse can quickly and easily help you feel more comfortable if you are nervous. You will have a brief consultation to discuss your expectations for your session. Both of you will have the opportunity to express what your limits are.  When you have mutually agreed on what the session will entail, you will pay your masseuse directly. Once you have paid her you will  have a shower (required) and then your session will start.

The massage

When you emerge from the shower, your masseuse will be ready for you. She will begin by oiling you up. Your body will be warm and supple from the shower, making it the perfect canvas for an exquisite Body to Body Massage. This is a crucial step for achieving the luxurious glide that makes body to body so hot.  Luckily, we only use 100% pure organic cold-pressed virgin grapeseed oil.  (It is one of the lighter massage oils available. It is non-comedogenic, meaning that it will not clog your pores or make your skin break out. )Your masseuse will begin your massage using only her hands. She will work the muscles of your feet and legs, your calves and abdomen, slowly working her way across your whole body. 

The slow build-up

So much of the intensity and intimacy of Body to Body Massage is created by the pacing of the session. Trust that your masseuse. She knows what she’s doing. Allow her to take you on this sensuous journey. When you are slick with oil your gorgeous masseuse will position herself atop you. Using her whole body to further distribute massage oil, she will ensure that every inch of your body has been stroked and rubbed into relaxation. For most men it is important that they like what they see during intimacy. Our masseuses’ bodywork skills are impeccable. They also happen to embody the perfect male fantasy.  Many of our masseuses are of European or Latin descent, so there are many gorgeous brunettes, blonde  bombshells and fiery redheads.

Stunning and sexy

Each of the B2B Tantric Massage girls is fit, toned and gorgeously proportioned. They’re all into personal fitness and they keep themselves in peak physical condition. As you enjoy the sensations of her skin in contact with yours, you will have the best view in the city looking at her. Many of our masseuses are also models or have been models, so you will not be disappointed by what you see. But consider your session “look but don’t touch”. We leave that decision to the masseuse. Some of our ladies are happy to partake in mutual touch or mutual massage, others would prefer that you keep your hands to yourself. When in doubt, ask before touching!

End with a bang (and a whimper?)

As you enjoy the sensations of your Body to Body Massage, your masseuse will flirt and caress you while she works your tired muscles with her immaculate body. Body to Body Massage is sexy because of the teasing and the temporary denial. Your masseuse will have you in the palm of her hand from moment one. Then, your masseuse will aim you towards the finish line. By the time your session is coming to an end, your masseuse will be completely focussed on giving you the happy ending of your dreams. Once you are finished, you are welcome to have an (optional) shower before you leave. Since your masseuse was paid directly at the beginning of your session, you can simply say thank you and go on about your day.

Something for everyone

When Body to Body Massage is combined with lingam or yoni massage the pleasure is multiplied. If you are considering a Body to Body Massage, we would absolutely recommend that you include a yoni or lingam massage. 

For the ladies

A yoni massage feels incredible, like very sophisticated and deliberate fingering. It should always include plenty of massage oil for lubrication because dry fingers against a moist vulva don’t feel very good. Slowly and methodically the vulva is massaged and the vagina is gently penetrated. The touch used in a yoni massage is gentle and intentional. No part of a yoni massage should hurt, and no yoni masseuse should progress the massage at a pace the receiver is uncomfortable with.

For the gentlemen

A lingam massage requires very little effort or feedback from the person receiving it. He can literally lay back and just enjoy himself as the masseuse caresses and massages the stomach, thighs and pelvis. For the particularly adventurous, lingam massage can include prostate stimulation, which requires anal penetration. By no means is this a requisite for lingam massage, but many find that it is a pleasurable addition to the other hands-on techniques.

The best in London

When you get a massage with B2B Tantric Massage, you are getting the best that London has to offer.  There are many agencies offering Body to Body Massage in London but none who do it as well as we do. When it comes to spending your hard-earned money on a sensual experience, B2B Tantric Massage is your best bet. Choose your masseuse based on either her location, ooks, or the services that she offers. Each girl sets their own hours of operation as well as their own rates. The masseuse bios on our website contain all of the pertinent details. If you are booking with us for the first time, we recommend following your intuition. We want you to have the massage that you want and need. We have an evolving roster of absolutely stunning massage experts. What are you waiting for?


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