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What to Expect With a Tie & Tease Massage

If you’re looking for something adventurous and fun, you should consider a tie & tease massage. These fun massages combine a little light bondage with some sexy massage and leave you completely satisfied. Let us tell you all about what to expect so you can have the best tie & tease massage in London.

If you’ve never heard of one…

If you’ve never heard of a tie & tease massage, you’re in for an incredible treat. Tie and tease massages are fairly self-explanatory. When the massage begins, your hands will be gently restrained so that you can’t touch your masseuse. She’ll slowly work her body on yours, teasing you with every inch of her smooth skin. You’ll be aching to touch her sexy body but have to be good and wait! The massage is absolutely incredible. Her hands will work absolute magic on your muscles. And, by the end, you’ll be ready for the best massage ending of your life.

It isn’t extreme at all

You might hear “restraint” and start picturing whips and chains but don’t worry, this is a very sensual sort of restraint. Nothing is dangerous or restrictive. Think about it more like a sexy striptease where you’re not allowed to touch the dancer but your hands are also tied behind your back. Your masseuse won’t tie your hands up too tight either. She’s an expert and knows exactly how to make you feel good. Have some fun being restrained and just enjoy the experience of an absolute goddess working her body on yours.

Tie and tease massages are massages

So far, it may sound like a tie and tease massage is just an excuse for a masseuse to rub her body on yours. That’s absolutely an element of it but there is a real massage involved too! Your masseuse will use her expertise to work her hands on your muscles, reliving tension and stress from every part of your body. She’ll take care of your body from head to toe and not miss a single spot. You’ll be feeling relaxed and soothed by the end of your massage. Tie and tease massages just add a fun, very sexy element to the massage!

You’ll get to just let go

We know that you work hard in your life and have to make so many important decisions. The great thing about a tie and tease massage is that you can just sit back and enjoy the show. You don’t have to do a single thing – in fact, you can’t! Lean into that feeling for an hour and let someone else make all those choices. You get to reap the benefits without any of the stress or pressure. It’s an awesome thing to experience and a great way to relax after a long day at the office.

A little submission never hurt anyone

If you’ve never played this kind of bedroom game, you might be in for a surprise! Since you get to be the passive person in a tie and tease massage, you get to have so many delicious things done to you. You don’t have to worry about a single thing but enjoying the sensations and sights. There’s no need to dive deep to have a little fun and submit to an insanely gorgeous woman. Let her take you on the adventure of your life!

Being teased is hot and fun

We all know how much fun it is to flirt back and forth with someone and build up that anticipation. Now just imagine a beautiful woman in amazing lingerie doing that with you for a whole hour. You’ll be absolutely aching for more by the end. Teasing and flirting is so enjoyable and just plain old fun! The air will crackle with sexual tension and you’ll be amazed at how hot you’ll get from this massage.

Have the best happy ending you can imagine

A popular thing to combine with a tie and tease massage is a happy ending and once you try one of these massages, you’ll see why! After an hour of an absolute goddess working your body all over, her soft skin gliding over yours, you’ll absolutely be ready for an explosive ending. Just imagine feeling every sensation heightened, warm massage oil dripping on your skin, soft hands slipping over your body. You’ll absolutely be ready for the best ending imaginable.

Enjoy feeling sexy and intimate

Feeling sexy is such a great feeling and you should embrace every opportunity to feel that way. A tie and tease massage is a perfect way to get there. You’ll feel desired and wanted by a beautiful woman who is doing nothing but paying attention to you for a full hour. Enjoy the undivided attention and every moment of being doted on. Your masseuse will have you feeling sexy and like she wants nothing more in the world than you in no time.

Have fun flirting with an absolute goddess

One of the best things about a tie and tease massage is the sexy flirting you and your masseuse can do with each other. Not only will she be wearing scandalous lingerie but she’ll know exactly what to whisper in your ear to get you going. There’s no better way to have fun flirting than with one of our masseuses who loves to hear anything you have to say. If you’re shy or not confident flirting, don’t worry. Just let your sexy masseuse take the lead and you’ll be honing those skills in no time.

Get real massage benefits

Since a tie and tease massage includes a real massage, you’re going to get so many incredible benefits. Not only will tension and stress just melt out of your body, everything from your sleep to your libido can be improved. Massages are a great way to take care of yourself. They really help your body be restored and rejuvenated. Since our masseuses are real masseuses, you’ll be getting every single benefit that you would get with a regular massage. There are just some better benefits with us!

Let go of all of your stress

Massage are renowned for getting rid of stress from our bodies. It’s such a great way to literally work it out of your muscles. The wonderful thing is that every part of a tie and tease massage will help that stress ebb away. From the sensuality of your beautiful masseuse all the way to an incredible happy ending. You’ll be wondering what you were stressed about in the first place. Tie and tease massages are not just a great way but a fun and exciting way to let go of everything.

Our masseuse love all of their clients

Every client that visits us gets treated like absolute royalty. No matter your age or gender, size or height, as long as you’re an adult, your masseuse will give you nothing but impeccable service. There’s nothing to hold you back from getting the best tease and tie massage you can imagine. Book your tie and tease massage today!

Ladies, you deserve to have fun too

If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal with another beautiful woman, this is your opportunity, ladies. We love our female clientele and want you to have an incredible experience like anyone else. Your masseuse will absolutely love to tie you up and tease your body. Whether you adore the female form or are curious about having fun with another woman, a tie and tease massage is an amazing and intimate way to get up close.

We use only the best products

Your skin will feel so incredibly soft and smooth after your massage. We use only the best premium massage oils to take care of your body. Your masseuse knows exactly how to work that warm oil into your skin, making you feel pampered and stress free. You don’t have to worry about parabens or any other nasty stuff. Our massage oils are top shelf because you deserve the best massage in London.

Hour long appointments

Every one of our appointments are an hour long. This means that you get a good amount of time with your masseuse and can really relax into the massage. Our appointments are structured simply. You’ll arrive at the private flat of your masseuse and be welcomed inside. You and your masseuse will have a chat about limitations or concerns and then you’ll be whisked off to a warm luxurious shower. Rinse the day away and get your mind focused on what’s to come. Then your tie and tease massage will begin!

Elegant professional masseuses

All of our beautiful masseuses are just stunning to look at but did you know that they are also real professionals? Every masseuse has trained in the art of massage and is an absolute expert at what they do. Their hands will work your body in the most soothing ways imaginable while you get to admire their hot bodies. You’re going to be getting a real massage from a real masseuse with all the bonuses.

Location, location, location

We have masseuses located all over London so no matter where you work or play, there’s a gorgeous masseuse nearby ready to take care of you. You won’t ever have to travel far or out of your way for the best massage in London. In fact, many of our masseuses are even located near tube stations so you can hop off the tube and head straight to your massage. We keep it easy and convenient for you to get an incredible tie and tease massage.

Private and discrete apartments

Our massages happen at our masseuse’s private luxury flats. This gives you the ultimate amount of privacy and discretion since no nosy onlookers will know what you’re doing. It simply looks like you’re visiting a friend! There’s no signs, no posters, no windows. Every flat is kept to five star luxury standards and has a private massage area so your secrets are always safe with us . 

Outcall massages are done at a masseuse’s discretion and primarily for VIP clients. Only the best hotels are used for outcall massages.

Book your tie & tease massage today

Now that you know what to expect with a tie & tease massage, you’re more than ready to book one. All you have to do is browse our catalog of sexy masseuses and decide who you’d love to have tie you down and rub her sensual body on yours. Then give us a ring and we’ll help you set up an appointment and prepare you for the best massage in London. You’ll have the time of your life and get the best massage at the same time.

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