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Why Should I Have a Tantric Massage?

The simplest answer to the question “Why should I have a tantric massage?” is that it feels good. Beyond feeling good, tantric massage is healing and relaxing and comes with many benefits. If you are unsure if a tantric massage is right for you, it’s worthwhile considering what you will gain from the experience.  Tantra and tantric massage are often misunderstood and this misunderstanding means that some people miss out on the opportunity to experience this powerful wellness tool.  Read on to learn more about tantric massage and how it can improve your life.

Before embarking on the sensual adventure that is tantric massage,  you will want to understand what this erotic form of massage is all about, what it involves, and what you can expect in terms of its benefits.

It is very important to ensure that you are working with a reliable agency like us, and not some common charlatans. Many lesser agencies will have you believe that a tantric massage is the same old rub and tug With some exotic ambience. Tantric massage is so much more and the best tantric massages are performed by tantric Bodywork specialists who have studied the tantric Arts. Because tantric massage is a more holistic approach to massage you may find that it is deeper and more impactful than you expect oh, but the benefits do not end there.

What exactly is it?

Tantric massage is one arm of Tantra, an ancient holistic wellness practice that originated in India and Tibet during the 6th century. It was a time of political and social unrest and a group of scholars came together to form a wellness doctrine for clean living and longevity that was a series of documents called the tantras. These doctrines outlined a long and healthy life that included political pacifism, vegetarianism, meditation, and sexual equality and freedom. Although Tantra has been practiced all over the world ever since, it has remained mostly on the fringes, particularly in its migration into the West. Because western health and medicine is structured for-profit, not human wellness, holistic approaches like Tantra have never become the norm.  Modern-day  tantric massage requires no religious affiliations or beliefs and can be practiced by anyone.

How can a massage be so misunderstood?

Tantric massage is considered quite taboo by most people within our culture. Firstly, it’s an erotic massage which is more than some people would ever consider partaking in with a partner, let alone a professional. Secondly the concept of paying for pleasure in our society is quite taboo and looked down upon. Tantric massage is at an interesting crux between the overtly taboo and the somewhat naughty. Think of a tantric massage as a happy medium between going to a strip club and  hooking up with an escort for the night. If these are the two extremes of the adult entertainment spectrum, tantric massage falls somewhere near the middle.  But, as we know, taboo is delicious. It’s hard to resist something that is shrouded in mystery or titillating.  No wonder the popularity of tantric massage has skyrocketed!

Life is short, get the massage

As mentioned at the top of the article, the simplest reason to get a tantric massage is that it feels good. It may seem like an indulgence, but tantric massage is actually a very sound investment in self care.  Yes, it’s erotic and sensual, but it is also a therapeutic massage that works for aches and pains and will leave your body feeling relaxed and refreshed. Life is stressful, and massage can help. Add to that the erotic element and you’ve got a really good time on your hands! Spend an hour or more with one of our masseuses and press the reset button on your energy levels and your general outlook on life.

Good for body mind and soul

A tantric massage is a physical, hands-on massage. It is a full body massage that tackles both aches and pains as well as plumbing deeper depths. The massage itself will relax your body which in turn will help you relax your mind.  Breathing with intention is something that your masseuse will guide you through during your session. The tantric breath is deep and soul cleansing and helps to magnify the results of the massage.

Experience something ancient and exotic

The roots of tantric massage are steeped in the rich histories of Hinduism and Buddhism. Although they require no particular membership, you may sense the exoticism and intensity of this ancient practice deep within yourself. For some, tantric massage is deeply healing, for others it is simply a method of massage like any other. How deeply tantric massage touches you is up to you. We recommend going into your session with an open mind and an open heart, and a willingness to come out improved.

Game some skills

As the recipient of a tantric massage your only role is to lay back and surrender yourself to the pleasure you are being given. That doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a thing or two from each and every session. Clients often comment that they have picked up great tips and tricks for giving massages to Partners and lovers based on what they have experienced at the hands of our masseuses. Likewise many have shared that the process of tantric massage helps them become more articulate about their needs and desires.

Touch is a human need

As human beings we require touch. Many people these days are touch starved due to social restrictions of the pandemic, etc. While dating during these strange and unusual times can be stressful and difficult to make connections, a professional masseuse is always ready to meet you where you are in terms of your needs. Tantric touch is really something special, because it involves such intentional font and focuses so deeply on pleasure. Not only will a tantric massage give you the human contact that you may be looking for, it will leave you feeling relaxed and complete again.

 Sexy is a sexy does

Science tells us that the human libido is based on  a “ use it or lose it”  system. This means that if you do not feed your libido and acknowledge your sensual needs and desires, you will slowly lose the capacity to have them. Ignoring your sensual and sexual desires is not considered particularly healthy. Learn more about yourself, what you need, and what you want through sessions with a tantric masseuse. She will be able to guide you through the experience in such a way that you can feel your feelings and express your needs without shame or rejection. By the end of your session you will feel seen, heard, and touched all over, inside and out.

Expect to have an awesome experience

The tantric massage experience is unique and special. A session with a professional tantric masseuse will leave your body and your mind feeling calm,  relaxed,  and refreshed. A tantric massage is an excellent way to:

  •  end a difficult week
  •  celebrate an achievement or promotion
  •  relax and unwind after a period of stress
  •  recover more quickly from injuries
  •  increase and maintain a healthy libido
  •  live the fantasy of being pampered  and cared for like a king
  •  gain personal insight for personal growth
  •  improve sexual dysfunction or premature ejaculation

Your tantric massage session will be calm, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Your masseuse will go to Great Lengths to ensure that you are comfortable, and receptive to her ministrations. Communication will flow easily she will ensure that you are completely at ease from start to finish.

Give it a try

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself why should I have a tantric massage? Hopefully these concepts will inspire you to take the leap and give it a try. Erotic massage, such as tantric massage, is so much more than the sum of its parts. It truly is more than just a naughty rubdown, if you allow yourself to explore the depths of tantric massage it will reward you tenfold.


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